What causes a window glass to streak?

It’s  true that every property owner likes to have spotless perfectly cleaned windows. Well-cleaned windows allow more natural light into your home or office and also offer you a better view. But sometimes it can be challenging to keep your windows perfectly clean all the time.

Streaks are one of the most stubborn things for cleaning on window glass. It can spoil the look of even the most perfectly cleaned building.

They are especially visible during a warm sunny day. No matter if you own a commercial or residential building, regular and proper window cleaning always improves the appearance of your property.

What causes a window glass to streak?

Regular window cleaning is important for the proper maintenance of every property no matter what type is. Window cleaning is an important factor for keeping a building in good shape. Every property owner will agree that spotless windows always make a good impression and improve the appearance of a building.

Cleaning exterior window isn’t too complex. You just need to have the right supplies and window cleaning products to make sure your exterior windows are perfectly clean.

Proper and regular window cleaning helps you maintain the beautiful appearance of your property and even protect it from damage. When done effectively window cleaning provides you with numerous benefits.

Besides dirt, grime, streaks, scratches, mineral deposit streaks are truly the enemy of window glass. They are one of the first things we notice on windows unlike dirt and grime which are often overlooked.

What causes a window glass to streak?

Window streaks can be quite annoying and sometimes even after a thorough clean-up they are likely to appear. They are especially visible during a sunny weather. Streaks can be sometimes difficult to remove and they require a specific approach.

One of the most commonly used ingredients for window cleaning is vinegar one part of distilled vinegar to 10 parts of distilled water. Pour this solution in a spray bottle and use it for cleaning your windows.

What causes a window glass to streak?

What are the main things that cause window streaks?

Your window cleaner product

When searching for the right product to clean your windows without any streaks, you should know that not all window cleaning products are created equal. Some commercial window cleaners are believed to help you get rid of streaks but that’s not actually true.

Avoid ammonia or alcohol-based commercial window cleaners. Most multi-purpose window cleaners offer good results in window cleaning tasks but they are still likely to leave streaks afterwards.

This happens because of the evaporation rate of the window cleaning solution. If you choose to clean your windows with a multi-purpose window solution during a warm summer day, the liquid part of the window cleaning product will evaporate quickly. And the result is streaks.

Another cleaning method that can cause streaks is when you don’t clean completely the window cleaning solution. To get a streak-free result, try to clean your windows in a quick and proper way and always remove entirely the window cleaning solution residue from the window glass.

What causes a window glass to streak?

When  you are using commercial window cleaning products, there is a chance that a thin film  will appear on the surface of your windows. This thin layer has the ability to attract moisture and dust which requires you to clean your windows for a second time.

So, if you want to save time and get shiny streak –free windows, you don’t need to use window cleaning products that are sold at household stores.

For especially difficult spots you can use solvents. A really great thing to use is acetone which acts like a solvent. You can also use rubbing alcohol. Apply the solvent of your choice directly on the dirty spot.

Get a clean cloth, dip it into the solvent and start rubbing the dirt spot. When you remove all of the dirt, dry it with a dry clean cloth and then you can continue cleaning your windows in the usual way.

Another great way to avoid getting streaks on your windows is to use a homemade cleaning solution. One such really effective homemade cleaning solution is a pre-mixed cleaning solution with vinegar.

It’s great that you can make your own window cleaning solution just from two ingredients without going to the local store.

How to make yourself an effective DIY window cleaning solution?

Mix white vinegar (also called distilled vinegar) with pure warm water. The recommended ratio is 10 parts warm water and 1 part white vinegar. Get a spray bottle and pour the vinegar solution in it.

Now you need to get a soft lint-free microfiber cloth or you can also use a paper cloth instead. Use your cleaning towel or cloth to remove the dust on the surface of your windows and prepare them for the main cleaning step.

What causes a window glass to streak?

So, for the main cleaning step you need your spray bottle filled with the DIY vinegar solution. Spray the entire surface the window glass.

Now get a lint-free soft cleaning towel and apply a generous amount of the vinegar window cleaning solution so that it works in an effective way against the accumulated dirt. Start rubbing vigorously the window glass with it. Work the towel into the dirty areas of the window glass.

Be careful if you have surfaces made of wood, fiberglass or vinyl frames near the windows you are cleaning. Using any type of cleaning solution can lead to discoloration of the finish of these surfaces.

Vinegar is effective in removing different kinds of dirt from window glass. Its amazing effect is mainly achieved by the vinegar’s acidic composition. It can break down the streak film on your windows.

Now it’s time to dry your windows. Get a dry clean cloth and dry the window glass properly after you finish with the cleaning. Do it in a quick way to avoid the appearance of streaks.

If you need to clean more than one window, you should clean them one at a time instead of spraying all of them at once with the vinegar cleaning solution.

What causes a window glass to streak?

The last step is to use plain water to rinse the glass. This will help you minimize the risk of getting streaks after the cleaning process is finished.

If your property has large size windows and you won’t be able to clean them with just a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle, there is a good solution for you.

You need a standard size bucket and more vinegar cleaning solution. Mix 10 parts water and 1 part vinegar.

Now get a cleaning sponge and dip it into the bucket. Put the sponge on the window glass and moisten the dirty area you want to clean. You should complete this step quickly too to avoid getting streaks.

The last step includes the use of squeegee. Dampen a squeegee and wipe the cleaning solution from the window glass. Work from the top part of the window to the bottom. Don’t forget to clean the blade of the squeegee after each swipe. In this way you won’t get any water drips.

Tips for choosing the right commercial window cleaner

If you prefer to use a commercial window cleaning product for your window cleaning task, stick to a brand that you trust. Vinegar-based window cleaning solutions work wonders when it comes to window cleaning tasks.

The use of harsh cleaning tools or products

Avoid using things like razors, blades for scraping off stubborn dirt spots. Objects like these can leave permanent scratches on a window surface.

Consequently, these scratches can make the glass of your windows more prone to damage in the future. So, if you want to save your windows from breaking, use cleaning supplies that cannot damage their surface.

What causes a window glass to streak? 

Not using the right type of cleaning towel/cloth

Soft microfiber cloth that is lint-free is perfect for cleaning window glass without streaks. Lint is another common enemy to window glass and you should make sure that the cloth you use for window cleaning don’t leave lint.

Another good option is to use a soft and clean paper towel to clean your window glass. Work with your microfiber cloth or paper towel in a gentle way.  While cleaning try to rub the window glass from different directions to avoid the appearance of streaks

What causes a window glass to streak?

Not using the power of water

Streaks are likely to appear even after applying a rigorous cleaning method. If you still see streaks on your windows, then you need to rinse them with plain water.  This step is needed to remove the window cleaning solution.

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