Trash chute cleaning is much more important than we suppose. It is a process that consists of several steps. Most of the residential buildings around the world have trash chutes and they provide advantages to the building’s inhabitants.

Trash chute cleaning services

If a building has more than a couple of floors, it needs trash chute cleaning. This offer convenience and efficiency to the inhabitants. A chute allows the tenants of the building to get rid of their entire household trash in trash bags in a very convenient and time-saving way that saves a lot of effort.

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Instead of carrying their trash down the stairs or use the elevator for this purpose, they can use the trash chute. There is a dumpster at the bottom of the chute where all the bags filled with trash land.

Trash chutes are real life-savers for people living in high rise and mid rise /multistory/ residential apartments and condominiums /condominium buildings/. They can throw in a trash chute different types of household waste-food waste, eggs, baby diapers, building materials-everything you can think of.

Trash chute cleaning services

Trash chute cleaning services

Some of this waste is flammable such as construction materials that include paints, glues and thinners and they can be dangerous when left uncleaned for a long time.

Some types of waste stick to the sides of the trash chute which the trash pick-up services miss to clean and it builds over time. This waste needs special treatment as it’s more difficult for reaching than the waste located at the bottom of the chute.

Trash chute cleaning services

Unfortunately, these trash bags sometimes start leaking as they travel down the trash chute and this creates a problem. Some people throw trash without bags which isn’t recommended. As it is the case with all types of trash, an unpleasant odor emanate from the trash chute which leads to complaints from the tenants of the residential complex or condominium.

When some part of the trash bags inside the chute are leaking , the bad smell increases too as they build up over the . At some moment the whole building ends up smelling badly. The bad smell is extra strong on warm days. It spreads through the entire building- around stairwells and hallways.

Our professional cleaning company is specialized in cleaning trash chutes in high-rise or mid-rise buildings with different number of stories. They can be either with four or forty stories.

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Trash chutes can be cleaned in a variety of ways. They can be cleaned from the top of the building given the building has a roof access or from floor to floor. There is a trash door on each floor and this allows the company’s crews to access the trash chute of the property.

Why trash chute cleaning is important?

Trash chute cleaning services

Garbage chute cleaning services are vital for any type of high rise and mid rise building at some point. When a disposal chute is left uncleaned for too long, this poses a risk to the health of the inhabitants. The regular trash chute clean-up improves the indoor air quality and prevents pest, cockroach and rodent infestations inside the property.

Because there are organic waste ingredients in trash that these chutes contain , they create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive as well as organisms that cause diseases.

So, uncleaned trash chutes can not only bring unpleasant smells, but they contain harmful pathogens that can lead to the appearance of asthma and even life-threatening diseases when they enter our respiratory system. To prevent these harmful organisms from spreading, we need to make sure that our trash chute is well-cleaned.

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Another thing that can result from uncleaned trash chutes are grease fires. When the harmful waste compounds are removed from the sides of the chute, the risk of fire is decreased.

Trash chute cleaning services

Regular trash chute cleaning also prolongs the life of the trash chute, its compactor and bin and also saves the building form structural damage. It ensures that the trash chute functions properly.

It’s recommended that we get our trash chute cleaned twice a year. Professional cleaning companies offer services that definitely save us valuable time, effort and money.

Main advantages of trash chute cleaning

  • Reduced health risk for tenants and employees
  • Elimination of bacteria and viruses build-up
  • Removal of bad odors
  • Lowered risk of fire
  • Preventing pest and bug infestations
  • Reduced risk of mold development and structural damage
  • Longer life for chute, compactor, and bin

So, don’t hesitate to contact SkySWC if you notice that your trash chute starts smelling. They will use special equipment to deeply sanitize your trash chute.

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Common trash chute cleaning methods:


Professional cleaning companies use de-greasers in order to pre-soak the trash chute system.This process helps to loosen up organic and inorganic waste debris and speed up the removal of the waste materials that have adhered to the sides of the chute.


During the washing process the cleaning companies use steam wash with strong disinfectants and hot water to kill all the bacteria build-up in the trash chute system. These disinfectants are odorless and have no harsh chemicals. Their formulas contain natural microbes that remove all the germs and bad smells completely.


This process includes the use of an enzyme treatment to the trash chute that eats the waste bacteria and after that a deodorizer is used to make the air fresh again.

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