What is trash chute cleaning?

We throw trash everyday but we rarely think what happens with the trash after we dispose of it. Trash chutes make our daily lives easy and they actually play an important role for a building. They are easy to access and save us both time and money.

Trash chute is a large tube with an opening in a wall where residents of residential, commercial or office buildings throw their waste bags. The chute’s tube leads to a big trash bin which acts as a central collection point of the building. And this tube goes all the way through the building.

What is trash chute cleaning?

Most trash chute types have a rectangular or square door that can be opened just like the door of an oven or a kitchen drawer. As we discard our trash bags, some of them tend to rip and open. The wet contents of the bag that go out stick to the walls of the trash chute. And when this garbage stays stuck on the walls, it starts to smell and attracts pests and insects.

This waste is difficult for cleaning as you can’t reach it easily in comparison to the waste that is at the bottom of the trash chute. That is why trash chutes should not be left uncleaned for too long as they become a place where bacteria grows.

That is why trash chutes should not be left uncleaned for too long as they become a place where bacteria grows.

Trash chute cleaning method

Trash chute cleaning is the removal of waste buildup from the interior surface of the chute. The cleaning also includes the clean-up of each door for trash disposal.

Trash chute cleaning should not be neglected if we want a clean building. Regular trash chute cleaning guarantees that your building is a safe place for your tenants or employees.

It’s important to keep the trash chutes of your building clean regularly as this brings essential benefits. No matter of your building is of high rise or mid rise type, trash chute cleaning is one of the key steps for the right maintenance of a building.


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Benefits of trash chute cleaning

Prevention of bacteria/fungi growth

Trash chutes can quickly become place where germs and pathogens thrive. Dirty trash chutes can also lead to mold development and this can lead to potential structural damage for the building.

As these harmful microorganisms can travel through the air, every time you open the door of your trash chute, it goes out and creates the risk of infections and diseases development.
The best way to ensure the good health of a building’s inhabitants is to make sure the trash chute is clean.


Prevention of pests spread

When a trash chute in a property has dry or wet waste build-up inside and it stays for a long time, this can lead to the appearance of different pests or insects as they choose it as a home or nesting place.

These can be rodents, mice, flies, cockroaches, spiders, etc. They can be the source of diseases, so you should not allow your trash chute to become a breeding ground.

Less bad odors

Any type of waste, either wet or dry smells bad. When a trash chute isn’t regularly cleaned, the bad odors coming from it can spread through the entire building’s interior, hallways and stairwells at some point. Regular trash chute cleaning stops this from happening.

Lower risk of fire hazard

Sometimes people throw flammable waste substances into the trash chute such as paints, glues, thinners and other construction waste that can become the cause of fire. Greasy trash build-up also increases the possibility of a fire accident.

Longer life-span for the trash chute

If you keep your trash chute in a well-cleaned condition, it will perform its function for a longer time than if you neglect it. That’s because the compactor and the bin can get damaged over time if you don’t clean your property’s trash chute.

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Why SkySWC?

If you don’t own the necessary equipment and tools to clean your trash chute , then you should consider contacting a professional cleaning company. SkySWC is a certified cleaning company with rich experience specialized in trash chute cleaning services. They use professional trash chute cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove all waste compounds in a quick and effective manner.

How we do it?

Our trash chute cleaning services include these main cleaning steps that ensure the most effective and safe cleaning of a trash chute.

1. Step: Presoaking

Our teams use degreasers to presoak the trash chute system. This helps to loosen all the waste debris that is stuck on the trash chute’s walls.

2. Step: Steamwashing

We use steam and hot water to wash the trash chute. This is done in combination with a strong cleaning solution for disinfection and a degreaser. In this way all the dangerous bacteria is effectively killed. The disinfectants’ powerful formulas are eco-friendly and effective in removing waste build-up.

3. Deodorizing

We apply enzyme treatment to the trash chute to get rid of waste residue and bad odors.

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