Skyscraper Window Cleaning is among the leaders in building envelope maintenance in Seattle, offering a variety of professional design services. They repair the exterior building envelope of Seattle commercial buildings, which includes replacement and repair of the brick, concrete, terra cotta units and sandstone. The goal of the company is to provide customers with a stable construction that will last for decades.

Why this service is important?

Miscellaneous Building Envelope MaintenanceThe exterior envelop of a building makes the first impression on people regardless of the purpose they enter the building. If it is not well maintained, they will think the same of your business, too. Skyscraper Window Cleaning is able to restore the great look even of very old buildings, which will allow the building owners to add value to them.

Skyscraper Window Cleaning takes into account a few factors into account before starting the process of repairing., which are revealed during the building initial assessment.

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Assessing the building condition

The company will make a thorough inspection of the building to find the cause for the visible deterioration. This is made to avoid any risk of repair failing, taking into account the customer’s aims. Skyscraper Window Cleaning LLC has to ensure that the repair is achievable, safe, and reasonably priced. Sometimes, assessment of the building condition might require using a thermographic scan to see what is condition below the exterior cladding.

During this inspection, the company advices the customers about the possible preventive measures that could be taken to avoid deterioration of the building condition.

How different outer factors affect the concrete?

Although concrete is known for its durability, overtime it can get cracks caused by irregular building envelope maintenance. Factors like temperature and moisture make the concrete to expand and contract and both active or passive cracks might appear. After an analysis, Skyscraper Window Cleaning will determine what kind of cracks your building has and will take the necessary measures to provide the needed control and repair. This maintenance will prevent water penetration, enlarging of cracks or unexpected movements.

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How different outer factors affect the brickwork?

Brick cladding is among the most durable cladding systems and when it is properly applied, it provides a great protection against the elements. Yet, factors like temperature and moisture changes, building frame movement, freezing thawing, etc. can affect their integrity. As a result, vertical cracks might appear. Skyscraper Window Cleaning is able to repair them by replacing the cracked bricks with new before the cracks affect the other bricks on the line.

Other services included in Miscellaneous Building Envelope Maintenance

These include stabilization and strengthening of the building with the proper enhancement techniques, window and caulking replacement that will not only improve the exterior of the building, but will optimize operating costs, repair of the deck balcony and siding to remove damages caused by water that if left neglected could compromise the building foundations.

All commercial buildings in Seattle can rely on the Skyscraper Window Cleaning’s building envelope repair and maintenance services, to ensure their buildings are completely structurally secure, safe, and beautiful.

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