Skyscraper Window Cleaning Company is specialized in commercial and residential high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise window cleaning in Seattle and its surroundings. Our services cover all business buildings, stores, office buildings, apartment buildings and much more. The customers make their first impression about the business by looking at the windows. That is why maintaining the windows dazzling clean is very important to give the right impression on every client.

Skyscraper Window Cleaning LLC cleaned a building in Everett, this is Key Bank Tower.Knowing all this, we provide risk-free window cleaning of top quality. We use a special machine with remote control operation that will wipe the outside of all windows, along with all the exposed sills and frames. Then, we will take care of the windows inside part. To complete the impression of perfect cleanness, all the screens will be also wiped for long lasting shine.

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Advantages of Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service has multiple benefits, which include:

  • The whole work is done by trained and experienced window cleaning professionals.
  • A special equipment and machine guarantees perfect results with no risk involved.
  • The clean windows are proved to improve the productivity of the employees who work in the building, as they provide less distraction, more sunshine and the feeling of cleanness, which creates a great working environment. The whole building will look brighter, and much more appealing and presentable when professional window cleaning is performed.
  • Regardless of the business, customers are not inclined to enter buildings with dirty windows neither to have anything to do with them. They feel that their business practices and employees might be the same. On the other hand, the buildings with clean windows create an impression on the clients that the business located inside is well organized and reliable. Statistics show that such businesses attract much more new customers compared to the others.
  • Professional window cleaners know how to deal with all kinds of pests and remove the insects that can enter inside.
  • We are armed with the right cleaning products that make the windows really clean and prolong their life.
  • Taking advantage of professional window cleaning is a great way to maintain the building. If the business is leasing that building, this might be a condition included in the lease. This will definitely promote positive relationships between the property owner and the renting business and will lead to lease renewal.
  • When professional window cleaning is done, the cleaning specialists might notice a need for window repair that has to be done before the damage grows further. This could be a window that is ill-fitted to the frame, an insulation problem, a draft or another common mishap that the property owner cannot see.

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Why to Choose Skyscraper Window Cleaning for Professional Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning?

At Skyscraper Window Cleaning Seattle, we have trained window cleaning experts with special skills that enable them to perform this job at the highest level. We use a proper technique and equipment, which allows us to reach places that are beyond the reach of people. Both utmost client satisfaction and cleaners’ safety are our top priorities, that is why we invested in the latest technology, a self-climbing HighRise™ window cleaning system. Using it, we prevent all types of unwanted accidents and windows damage and guarantee top-notch cleaning results.


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