Maintaining a commercial property is crucial for the curb appeal and business attractiveness of your building. The cleanliness and upkeep of the windows are an essential part of that. Dirty and streaky windows impact the aesthetics and reduce the natural light entering working spaces. It directly affects workers’ productivity and sense of work satisfaction.

Unkept commercial windows potentially give off an unprofessional image. Every successful business knows appearance matters and is part of branding. Clean windows signals care for the overall message and your workers. They enhance natural light and brighten working spaces. 

That’s why choosing the right commercial window cleaning company is vital for ensuring sparkling clean windows that enhance the appeal of your establishment.

The following guide delves into essential considerations to help you select the perfect fit for your commercial window cleaning needs.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company?

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Think about the commercial building and its size.

Building size is important for determining the scope of the service and the cost, which is directly related to choosing a company that will clean your windows. 

When evaluating commercial window cleaning services, consider the dimensions and specific features of your property. 

High-rise buildings, for example, require specialized expertise and the right equipment. This is why professional cleaners who specialize in high-rise window cleaning are better suited to delivering the perfect service.

When looking for a professional cleaning company, assess if the technicians have experience in dealing with properties of similar size and complexity. Take a look at their website, services, and reviews to get an idea of their scope of work.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company?

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Are there any special considerations?

Before choosing a window cleaning company for your commercial property, you need to make several additional considerations. Those will ensure that your choice aligns with your specific needs and requirements.

For example, if you own a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or a clinic, you probably need to adhere to specific health and safety standards and protocols. In such cases, it’s best to select a company with experience in medical settings to prevent any cross-contamination risks and ensure that the cleaning agents are non-toxic.

On the other hand, if you own an apartment complex or a hotel, you will need the cleaning company to come at specific hours to minimize disruption to residents or guests. That means you will need to ask the company specifically if you can schedule their service for particular hours or maybe even holiday days. 

Industrial settings are an entirely different story, where specific considerations might include the use of specialized cleaning agents suited for removing industrial residues, such as grease or chemicals.

If you are a property manager who owns several commercial buildings and needs a scalable cleaning service for all of them, you need to choose a company that you can rely on for a consistent window cleaning schedule and regular maintenance. They will need to have enough manpower and equipment to cover all your needs for several locations.

If the commercial building has ornate windows or special glasses and frames, you need someone experienced in such kinds of tasks. Delicate architectural features are a key consideration to take into account when choosing your cleaning company. 

Look for commercial window cleaning experts who have experience dealing with such challenges and can tailor their services to meet these specific needs. 

How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company?

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Does the company have the necessary expertise?

Look for evidence of extensive training, expert staff, and certifications demonstrating their knowledge and skill in the field. 

Check whether the company adheres to all local regulations and can provide the necessary permits for executing the job. They should also be able to provide all the necessary guarantees and insurance for a professional scale job.

The company must be fully insured to protect both parties in case of accidents or damages during the job. Their safety protocols should be robust and comply with industry standards. The way they conduct your inquiries is also evidence of their professional approach. 

Does it have a good reputation and reviews?

To assess the expertise and qualifications of professional window cleaners, you can research and read testimonials and reviews. Recommendations from previous customers are also a good indicator of a reputable company. Satisfied clients are what builds the reputation of a company.

For example, high-rise window cleaning is a specific service, which makes a good reputation harder to achieve. Only proven professionals who are dedicated to impeccable results receive customer satisfaction that makes them recognizable. 

Do they use innovative tools and modern equipment?

High-rise buildings require special tools, equipment, and safety gear to ensure proper window washing. When researching different companies, check what they utilize for window cleaning. 

Remember that dirty windows are a general term that describes smeared and stained glass, but streaks can have various origins. Birds, rain, dust, and other debris can dirty your windows, requiring different cleaning methods.

Modern techniques and innovative tools can improve efficiency and results. Ask whether the company of your choice uses technology that ensures a streak-free and polished finish, especially for high-rise windows.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company?

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Does their quote fit your budget?

Professional window cleaning services can be cost-effective in several ways. They save you time and provide efficiency and quick results. Professionals advise how often to maintain your windows to prevent serious issues and wear.

Most importantly, you need to know what you are paying for. Ask potential companies for detailed quotes and explanations on all the included services as well as any additional costs.

Prices are a factor in choosing a company, but they shouldn’t be the one determining the choice. However, if you are on a tight budget, obtain several quotes until you get one that fits your financial situation.

Look for transparent pricing structures that encompass the frequency of cleaning, additional benefits, and any specialized services.


While money, scalability, equipment, and expertise are the key factors in determining which company to choose for cleaning your building’s windows, there are several additional factors to look into.

Choosing the right commercial window cleaning company will depend on the specific characteristics of your property and additional factors such as working hours, type of business building (e.g., industrial, healthcare, etc.) and more. 

Always remember that industry experts will approach you with transparency, clear communication and prompt response times.

Frequently asked questions

Which company should I choose for high-rise buildings?

Look for a company with a proven track record in high-rise cleaning, as they need to use specific tools, safety gear, and techniques. Additionally, verify that the company has extensive training and appropriate certifications and adheres to all safety standards to ensure the job is performed safely and effectively.

How do you choose a window cleaning company for a healthcare facility?

Look for a company with experience in medical environments, knowledgeable about using non-toxic cleaning agents, and who follows strict hygiene protocols. 

What should you consider when choosing a cleaning company for industrial settings?

For industrial properties, it’s important to select a window cleaning company that can handle the specific challenges posed by such environments. This includes the use of specialized cleaning agents capable of removing tough industrial residues like grease or chemicals.

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