The laundry dryer is an amazing appliance for our home that saves us considerable time and effort. Lint, thigh, is the most dangerous enemy of the dryer itself, so cleaning it is of huge importance.

The laundry from our washing machine that we put in the dryer vent has a considerable amount of lint in it, which consists of tiny particles of fiber and cloth that fall from the clothes during the washing.

Lint, dirt and debris accumulate over time inside dryer vents and that is inevitable.

Regular dryer vent cleaning is very important for its good condition and proper function during the long time of usage. Accumulation of lint, dirt and debris over time inside it is inevitable. Every dryer has a removable lint trap that serves for collecting all particles that tear out of the clothes during laundry and can eventually clog the machine.

Unfortunately this filter cannot capture the whole amount of lint and some of it passes through. This way it gets stuck in the crevices inside the lint filter trap, sticks to the entire length of the dryer ductwork and reaches the outside vent opening.

When you don’t clean regularly this lint from the dryer duct, it gets accumulated and it prevents the free airflow.

If you don’t clean the whole system regularly, it gets stuck, which prevents the free airflow. Bad airflow means a bigger risk of dryer overheating.

Uncleaned dryer vents increase the risk of fire hazard. In fact clogged dryer vents are one of the most common reasons for household fires.

What is Dryer Vent Cleaning and what benefits brings?

What is the process of Dryer Vent Cleaning and what benefits it brings?

Dryer vent cleaning is a process in which lint, dirt and debris are removed from the venting system. The dryer vent goes inside the laundry room and makes its way outside through an external wall.

The cleaning service improves the efficiency of your dryer, ensures proper drying of your laundry, even decreases your energy bill and keeps you safe from house fires.

How often should it be cleaned?

Experts recommend cleaning the dryer vents or getting them inspected at least once a year. The regularity of clean-ups is determined by the size of the property and how often the dryer is being used.

One smart way to decrease the accumulation of lint is by using dryer sheets in the washing machine.

There are some tell-tale signs that show you whether your dryer vents need cleaning.

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Signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning

High energy consumption

If we don’t clean our dryer vent regularly, it may not lead to damage immediately, but it won’t be good for your budget and will waste you valuable time.
That’s because when a dryer vent is clogged, it cannot work properly. When its function is compromised, it uses more energy and as a result your electricity bill is higher.

Increased heat

If you notice that the outside surface of your dryer vent is hot, this means the vents are most probably clogged. Another sign of obstruction is when your laundry is very hot after the drying cycle is completed.

Work efficiency

When a dryer vent ductwork isn’t cleaned regularly, it won’t be able to work the way it did before. You may start noticing that your clothes haven’t fully dried or it takes longer to dry them. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your dryer’s venting.

If you notice that your clothes require 2 or 3 cycles to dry fully, which usually used to take just one, then you should check the ductwork. When a dryer vent doesn’t work well, probably the venting is clogged and needs cleaning. Well cleaned dryer vents guarantee shorter drying time for your laundry.

Increased humidity levels

If you feel the laundry room is more humid than normal, this means your dryer’s vents need to be checked. A dryer operates by emitting hot and moist air to dry the laundry.

The airflow’s job is to remove the excess moisture. When the dryer’s ductwork is blocked by lint, there isn’t enough airflow and this leads to an increase in humidity levels.

Another sign is if you notice that the outside flapper of the dryer vent doesn’t open really often. This means that there is low exhaust velocity.

Improved drying efficiency

A dryer vent isn’t efficient when something obstructs the air flow inside its ductwork. And when the air cannot flow in a correct way inside the vents, the dryer overheats.

A smell of something burnt is likely to appear if something is wrong with our dryer’s function.
The best way to avoid this is to get regular dryer vent check-ups in order to find if it needs cleaning.

When your laundry doesn’t dry properly, this eventually spoils the quality of your clothes and shortens their life. And who wants to destroy a fine piece of clothing?

Lower risk of fire hazard

There are many cases that prove lint buildup lead to home fire. The best way to avoid the risk of dryer fire is to regularly check your dryer’s venting system for any clogs.

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Reasons To Hire SkySWC

The most effective and safest way to remove lint and debris build-up inside your dryer’s vents is to contact a professional dryer vent cleaning company that is experienced in this area.
Professional cleaning companies such as SkySWC own specialized dryer vent cleaning equipment that enables them to clean properly and quickly different types of dryer vents. They remove the lint and debris accumulation inside dryer vents in a quick and safe way.
They restore the normal airflow inside dryer vents and increase its efficiency. In this way your dryer will not only work effectively but you and your property will be safe.

Thanks to their rich experience and professional tools, SkySWC teams can complete a thorough dryer vent inspection and cleaning with minimum risks for your health and your property’s condition.

One of the tools SkySWC expert teams use for dryer duct cleaning are professional hose attachment and vacuum cleaner which guarantee the successful and complete cleaning of different types of dryer vents.

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