What is pressure washing service?

Pressure washing is one of the most effective cleaning methods that have many applications. It is done with pressure washing machines that use water spray under high pressure. They can remove successfully all types of dirt, dust, grime, mud, moss, grease, old paint, mold, acid rain residue, algae, sticky debris such as chewing gum, different stains and other debris.

Pressure washing can be performed on a variety of exterior surfaces of a building – different surfaces such as concrete, stone and other. It not only removes dirt and debris build-ups but it also prevents them from developing again.

It can be used on a variety of places:

  • patios
  • sidewalks
  • facades
  • roofs
  • awnings
  • parking lots
  • garages
  • dumpster zones
  • also for vehicle cleaning

Pressure washing machines have different functions and they can be used of different levels of water pressure and water temperature depending on the dirt severity you have.

Pressure washing brings many benefits for our property’s good condition. It’s one of the best working cleaning methods out there that help us clean the outside spaces of our property in an excellent way.

Pressure washing ensures that all the accumulated dirt and debris is removed properly from the surface we intend to clean. It offers different benefits to us so it’s worth investing in quality pressure washing.

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Benefits of pressure washing

Benefits of pressure washing

Effective and convenient

Using pressure washing is the best way to improve the curb appeal of our property. This powerful cleaning method can be used for different types of properties – from small or medium size home buildings to large residential or commercial buildings.

It means that there are residential and commercial pressure washers, with each type having its own specific key features.

As it uses water under high pressure, a pressure washer can handle even the most stubborn type of dirt and remove it without damaging the structure of the surface. Pressure washing machines offer flexibility as they can be used on almost all parts of a property successfully.

Pressure washing helps you give your property an attractive look.
Pressure washing helps you give your property an attractive look. By performing regular pressure washing, you manage to keep your property in a good condition which increases its curb value.

This may be really helpful if you want to sell it, offer it for a lease or to attract more customers. And it always leaves a good impression upon customers or employees. Polished surfaces definitely make people happy.

Less property repairs

When left uncleaned for too long dirt build-up can have a harmful effect to the structure of a building’s surface. Regular pressure washing helps you avoid this problem and save yourself much money for fixing damaged property.


Pressure washing is one of the most nature-friendly cleaning methods. The eco-friendliness of pressure washing as a cleaning method is undeniable.

One of the greatest benefits of pressure washers is that they work with biodegradable detergents which aren’t harmful to the environment or destructive for the surfaces you want to clean. In fact they can also work with only pure water without compromising the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Sometimes the power of pressure washers can be combined with a chemical solution. But this is done only for very stubborn debris or stains such as graffiti, oils, rust.

Healthy for a building’s environment

Regular pressure washing in fact can be beneficial for your health. A building should not only look well-cleaned, but it should also be a safe and healthy place for both employees, customers or inhabitants.

Different substances such as pollen, mildew, pollutants, algae and other spoil the air quality inside a building and they are harmful to the people working or living inside. Pressure washing can protect you from different health problems as it removes all these substances responsible for different diseases, allergies development and trouble breathing.

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Types of pressure wasshing

There are two main types: hot and cold pressure washing and both are effective Your choice of pressure washing type depends mainly on the type of surface you need to clean and your cleaning requirements.

Why you shouldn’t do it yourself?

In theory everyone can try to perform pressure washing if they own a pressure washing machine and the knowledge how to use it. But it’s true that this type of cleaning method brings some risks and it’s not suitable for everyone.

If you decide to do it yourself, you should be informed about the risks of operating a pressure washer. It’s not recommended to start pressure washing your property if you have not done it before and don’t know how to use a pressure washing machine.

The safest and most effective way to get your property pressure washed is to get help by a professional cleaning company. To guarantee ourselves spotless results in a safe way we should trust only certified professional cleaning companies.

Why SkySWC?

Sky SWC is a professional cleaning company specialized in pressure washing services. Their experienced teams use high-grade professional pressure washing machines capable of handling any type of dirt and debris.

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