Pressure washing is effective for different kinds of exterior surface cleaning like roofs and vinyl siding but there is even more effective cleaning technique called soft washing that uses very low pressure water. It can clean chemicals and detergents without any risk for the surface.

Skyscraper Window Cleaning Company is specialized in soft washing for all sorts of skyscrapers and high buildings in Seattle. They use a special technique, i.e. low pressure pumps that usually use the same water pressure like the one coming from your garden hose. The special eco-friendly cleaning solution applied to the surface does the work and provides perfect cleanness.

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Soft Washing Procedure

The procedure of cleaning is simple: our technicians apply the cleaning solution on the surface and allow it to remain for some time to get activated and reach all the crevices and little cracks. The solution will not only eliminate the dirt and other contaminants, but will also kill all the bacteria and algae that slowly destroy your building. Then, using the low pressure pump, the surface will be rinsed and you will get a double effect: your business building will be completely clean, and it will be safe from damages. Soft washing is an excellent way to increase the life of your building.

The reason for black streaks appearing

Many people mistaken the black streaks for dirt, tree droppings, moss or soot. However, the true culprit is different. The nasty dark streaks that appear on the surfaces or rooftops are caused by Gloeocapsa Magma. These are species of bacteria that are transported through the air and come in union of other microorganisms like growths, mold, greenery, buildup, and lichen. If no measures are taken for their removal, they will collect and start growing upon the roofing structures. They all breed in a damp and warm condition and quickly ruin the great look of the building.

Moreover, these microorganisms use the materials the surface is made from, such as limestone ingesting it and growing and spreading even more. The same applies for the surfaces made of solid siding, wood, aluminum or another material. The solution comes only by soft washing. This is the best way known so far to expel all these microorganisms along with the stains caused by them.

Apart from Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa Magma, there are numerous other bacteria that occupy the roof and the exterior walls of the building, which are able to develop without any supplements. They can survive in the knobs of the fiber root frameworks and are nitrogen settling. We believe that only the soft cleaning method is able to free your surface from their wellspring and together with them the white, brown or black discoloration will be completely removed.

Why Soft Washing?

Soft or delicate washing is an extremely valuable cleaning technique for the building owners. The special tools and solutions created for soft washing of frameworks not only clean efficiently, but also sterilize the base and take out all the issues.

If you’ve got algae or bad a looking roof, the best thing to do is to call Skyscraper Window Cleaning Company to apply their soft washing services.

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