Skyscraper Window Cleaning offers a valuable service of scratch removal. Our highly experienced team is prepared to complete this important service properly without the risk of ruining your glass. We provide our clients with a perfect glass transparency without any distortion.

Many commercial buildings in Seattle face the problem of scratches on the glass. If neglected the glass corrosion appears and ruins the great look of the building. Glass scratches can distract the eyes of the passers-by from the beauty of the building and can significantly affect its value. If this is the case, people do not have to replace their scratched windows with new ones. The best option is to call Skyscraper Window Cleaning and allow our experienced technicians remove these pesky little scratches.

The company will first make the necessary inspection to determine the size of the damage and what approach they should take, to perform the task in the most effective way.

Facts About the Scratches You Should Know

When it comes to scratches, our customers should know the following facts:

  • You don’t have to replace your windows before the inspection made by Skyscraper Window Cleaning professionals. We are able to save you a lot of money on this costly service.
  • In order to successfully remove a scratch from the glass, it should be at not less than 6 inches away from the edges.
  • Although scratch removal service requires high expertise, most scratches can be successfully removed in such a way, that no one will ever know where they were.

How we achieve this result?

Skyscraper Window Cleaning has the necessary equipment that enables them to tackle all these tough jobs. It includes various tools like pole system, power washing system, ladders, ropes, etc. Our team will be able to remove all the scratches and hard water stains from the windows without compromising the integrity or the beautiful look of the glass.

In fact, we offer scratch removal for different types of glass: windows, balustrading glass, glass awnings, skylights, shower screens and glass display cabinets to ensure we meet all your needs.

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Why to prefer glass scratch removal to window replacement?

Glass replacement is very expensive as it includes not only substituting each piece of old glass with new, but also replacing the surrounding plaster, woodwork, tiling, brickwork, or flooring. Repairing of the window without doing all this job will cost people significantly less. Moreover, scratch removal can be done directly on site. We don’t have to remove the pane to perform the task.

Steps taken by Skyscraper Window Cleaning for scratch glass repair?

Our team undertakes the following steps to complete the scratch removal service:

  1. The greater part of the damage is removed by the technician who uses a relatively coarse grade pad for scratching the affected area.
  2. After that he repeats multiple times the procedure with progressively finer pads covering each time a wider area than the previous time. This is done with the goal to blend the processed area with the one that surrounds it.
  3. The next step is polishing and buffing the glass until it becomes equal and the scratch removal becomes indistinguishable.
  4. The final step is determining how well the glass reflects light, so no distortion remains.

You will definitely enjoy your perfectly clean and restored windows!

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