Scratched glass can happen even in cases when proper cleaning methods and prevention are applied. The damage could be of different types or degrees. These could be construction scratches, spots caused by hard water, light scratches, or graffiti damage, which is considered the worst of all. This damage might occur due to different reasons: from cleaning errors to vandalisms. In that case, glass restoration service is the best solution that could significantly minimize the cost of repairs.

Why choosing us for this job?

Our team has the most modern equipment to take care of all these damages and to provide complete glass restoration service. Skyscraper Window Cleaning is highly experienced in glass restoration without the risk of breaking the glass. We are well acquainted with different glass types, their substrates and glazing systems. After making a detailed inspection of your windows, we will choose the best approach to its restoration.

Hiring an inexperienced technician could be a big mistake. He might cause more damage than you currently have or his work might result in noticeable distortion. The work with glass requires a very precise hand and a big experience. We have both to guarantee you a perfect service. The money that you will give for our glass restoration service will be well worth and in fact they will save you much more.

We work with a special self-contained glass restoration system that keeps both the surrounding area and the technician safe from the glass debris, other dangerous slurries and keeps the restored area clean.

When you, as an owner of a commercial building in Seattle, face the problem of scratched glass, do not worry. You can call us at any time to discuss the issue with us. We assure you that most scratches can be removed without having to replace the whole glass with a new one. Mineral deposits that cause dark spots can be removed as well to save the glass and to leave it perfectly clean.

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Saving Money

Usually, scratch removal doesn’t exceed 50% of the price for glass replacement, while there are cases where it can cost as little as only 5% of it. This means our clients will save a lot of money if they use our glass restoration service, instead of having their damaged glass replaced.

Since the glass types evaluated in quality and price, the glass restoration is no longer such a problem, as it was in the past. Today, it makes sense to restore the glass rather than to buy expensive new glass.

So if you encounter such a problem, no matter how deep the scratch might seem, call the Skyscraper Window Cleaning company to come and inspect the situation. There are very limited kind of scratches that are too deep to get repaired with the glass restoration service we offer. Our customers will be amazed with the results after we complete our work.

When you face a problem with scratched glass instead of turning to the glass shops, which will tell you that nothing can be done with them, call our professional glass restorers from Skyscraper Window Cleaning.

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