Roofs are the areas of the building that are the least inspected, as they are not easily accessible. The roof moss on your commercial building can eat away the roof shingles. This leads to premature ruining of the roof that then has to be replaced. The moss removal service that Skyscraper Window Cleaning provides in Seattle can actually save your business thousands of dollars that otherwise should be given in early roof replacement.

Why roof moss removal is necessary?

Roof moss is a living organism that needs air, water and food to live and can survive in extreme conditions. So even in extreme hot or cold and wet weather, the moss will not be killed. Usually, the shade sections of your roof are the perfect place where the moss thrives. It also can be found of the northern side of the roof and can become dangerous not only for the roof but also for the people who try to access and remove it.

Typically, the moss gets attached to the roof surface, i.e. to the paint and coverings of the roof. If not removed on time, it can cause blister or flake and causes corrosion to the tile. If neglected for a long time, the moss will eventually cause leaks because of the clogged roof channels.

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Moreover, the roof doesn’t allow the roof covering to dry after rains and snowing. As a result, the roof paint is deteriorated and turns the tiles into porous. When there are frosts or cold weather outside, the water in these pores will freeze and expand in size, which may crack the tiles and cause pitting.

Other reasons for regular roof maintenance and moss removal include:

  • blocked gutters
  • blocked roof joints
  • blocked vent pipes
  • blocked air conditioning units
  • leaks and severe roof corrosion

What Skyscraper Window Cleaners Can Do for You?

To take care of this problem, you will need professional cleaners, who are experienced and trained how to properly perform this task. Skyscraper Window Cleaners are the best choice for Seattle commercial building owners, who would like to prevent big losses and expensive replacement of the entire roof. These specialists have the required equipment and tools to perform an accurate and safe moss removal service that will impose no hazards for your roof.

To prevent or retard moss reappearance after the moss removal service, Skyscraper Window Cleaners apply a moss control treatment and if they notice some minor roof repairs, they will inform you about that to prevent their growing into major issues.

Regardless of the type of your roof, Skyscraper Window Cleaners will provide efficient roof moss removal. Their specialists can clean:

  • cedar shake roofs
  • asphalt roofs
  • metal roofs
  • roofs with flat roofing materials, etc.

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Skyscraper Window Cleaners use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to not harm the environment. They are intended to completely eradicate the moss before its removal. Removing the lichen while it is still alive can cause much damage to the roof because of the deeply bedded moss. Properly removed moss will extend the roof’s life.