Regular window cleaning is a key thing we should do to keep the condition and overall appearance of our home or office in top shape in every season. Windows are the eyes of your building. Most of your customers can deduce by the look of your windows in what condition your business is.

It’s important to remember that commercial windows are different from common household windows and they required specialized cleaning care. If you own a high-rise office building you should clean its windows with a different frequency than this of cleaning home building windows.

The cleaning frequency of skyscraper windows depends on what is the purpose of the building, what type of business is ran inside, the environment surrounding the building and other factors too. It depends also on how many people exactly work in the building and how many customers visit it, what type of job the employees work  in the building, are they smokers or non-smokers, are there any kids, etc.

No matter what type of business we run, we should make sure to clean the windows properly according to the specific environmental circumstances and building structure specifics.

How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?


Wondering how often you should clean your sky-high business windows?

When determining how often we should clean our high-rise building we should take a couple of specific factors into consideration:



The level of dirtiness of our property with no doubt depends on where the building is located. Surrounding nature is one of the most important factors that directly change the appearance of our building’s windows.  If it’s close to a busy street where the traffic is 24/7 then the windows will get cleaned more often than if the building is situated at a quiet side street.

How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?



The second deciding factor that influence the structure of our windows all year round. Our skyscraper window suffer the whims of the weather and they should not be neglected if we want to gain the trust of our clients. If the weather of the area where you are working at is rainy therefore your skyscraper windows will get smudges and stains more often from the rain drops.

How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?

This leads also to an accumulation of a mineral deposit on the windows’ glass surface which is hard to clean. Or if the weather is stormy and there are often strong winds, dirt, debris and leaves will be brought to your windows. In cases like this you will need the help of a professional company to clean the mess on the windows.



How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?

We should not forget about the façade too since it suffers more directly the influence of the outside environment . If we own a building with a parking lot, we should clean more often its windows since the car traffic can really make our windows become more dirty.

The landscape of your living area is also important when considering how often you should get your windows cleaned. If your building is close to a parking lot, its windows will still require to be cleaned often.

The same goes if our building is close to plants. If there are many trees around the building, our windows can get dirt from tree sap from the branches. If there is a garden nearby, your windows can get dirty from mulch particles or other garden dirt as long as it’s air-born.

Window frame

For some window structures there is higher risk of getting dirty often than other window types. Inset windows look great but for example they get dirty most often. How often our windows will get dirty depends on our window architecture choice.

How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?

Business type

Surprisingly the type of business we own determines how often our windows will get dirty. For example the windows of a hair and nail salon will require one type of cleaning frequency than these of a warehouse or office building.

So let’s check out the most common high-rise business building types and how often their windows should be cleaned up.


Office or commercial building

How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?

Of course high-rise office buildings don’t require to be cleaned as often as other types of businesses. The purpose of their cleaning should be more concerned with the company’s overall image and not much with hygiene which is in fact no less important even in an office skyscraper. Cleaning the office windows inside and out twice an year is a good number to start. It is possible for achieving and inexpensive.

But when it comes to the skyscraper’s  lobbies we should consider more regular cleaning probably once every month or every other month as these places get much foot traffic. We don’t want to make a bad impression upon our potential business partners right from the entrance.

How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?

But as we mentioned before the frequency of window cleaning is decided by the type of business we own. If there is an industrial facility in our office skyscraper building then more frequent cleaning is required because of the higher amount of dust particles flying in the air.



If you are an owner of a restaurant, then you should be prepared to get the windows cleaned once every two weeks. Grimy restaurant windows don’t make a good impression at all upon the clients. A lot of air-born moisture and grease can accumulate on the windows’ surface if the windows are not cleaned regularly.

A restaurant is a place that should definitely symbolize cleanliness and neatness. This means that it’s bacteria-free and therefore safe to eat. If our windows have smudges or streaks this undermines the image of quality and safety we are trying to maintain.

 How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?


And also make sure the windows are cleaned not only on the outside but also on the inside. Restaurant windows require more frequent cleaning since the level of moisture inside such a building is much higher than this in an ordinary office building for example. Restaurants are places that are visited by kids too so we should prepared to clean often little sticky fingers from our windows especially if it’s a family restaurant.

Medical facility

The same goes for medical facilities. Hospitals, clinics and all types of buildings that house  physicians’ offices should look immaculately clean. The windows of a medical facility should be cleaned once a month and no less often than that.

Their windows should be spotless especially those that are situated on the ground floor. This counts also for treatment rooms and patient exam rooms. A good-looking and well-cleaned appearance gives the patients a sense of security and peacefulness that their health is in good hands and they will get well soon.

Perfectly cleaned windows always create a sense of coziness as if we are in our real home which is crucial for patients who are going to spend much time in bed during their healing period.


Retail Stores

How often should skyscraper windows be cleaned?

Usually retail stores are visited by a lot of people daily and get a considerable foot traffic which creates much dust in the air. This dust and grime that flies in the air sticks not only to the windows but also on the products we are showcasing.

And there isn’t a retail business owner who wants to lose their customers just because a little amount of dust have fallen on a product or a slightly dusty window. We want people to buy our products rather than focusing on how dirty our building interior or exterior is.

We all know that when it comes to retail businesses the competition is severe so we will want to maintain as positive image as possible 365 days in the year and not let tiny dirt spot on a window “smear” our company name.


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