Building owners in Seattle have an opportunity to trademark their business without breaking the local sign laws thanks to the awnings. That is why, more and more businesses choose colorful and attractive awnings. Unfortunately, if not cleaned and maintained, overtime these awnings become dull and less attractive due to the dust and dirt built up.

We at Skyscraper Window Cleaning take care of your business image and identity providing the shine you need to attract new customers. Thanks to our awning washing service done with the latest technology, your business will get easily noticed.

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Why Awning Washing is Important?

The condition of your awnings is a sign of how well you maintain your business. Regular awning washing will not only extend the life of these outer facilities, but will significantly enhance their look. This service is very important for protecting the awning from the damaging impact of all sorts of hazards, like:

  • bird droppings
  • direct sun rays
  • acid rains
  • pollution
  • dirt

Thanks to the regular washing and applying a protectant once every two years, the integrity of the colors, seams, and awning fabric will be preserved. This will extend the awning life-span to more than 8 years, whereas if neglected, it will not last for more than 5 years. This is an unnecessary expense that will burden the company’s budget.

Professional awning washing prevents permanent discoloration and staining and restores the awning original luster. The best method for stopping the awning premature aging and damage is a regular cleaning service performed by a trained and experienced staff.

Unfortunately, we have seen many damaged awnings in Seattle that are a result of their owners’ neglecting. The neglecting usually results in weakened frames, plasticizers damage, weak seams, stretched fabric, tears and rips. The reasons for this poor condition might be multiple: roof run-off, drips, rusty frames, trees that are rubbing on the fabric, bird droppings, etc. Skyscraper Window Cleaning is specialized in removing all these hazards before the awning gets damaged by them.

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How Often Commercial Awnings Should be Cleaned?

Besides a one-time cleaning, Skyscraper Window Cleaning experts may make an inspection and propose the frequency of the washing schedule for each specific case. The decision is made based on factors like material of the awning, color, age of the awning, previous cleaning record, pollution, and traffic in the area. The company offers affordable rates that will meet the company’s needs and budget.


Can You Clean the Awnings by Yourself?

Yes, actually you can do a lot to maintain your awnings and to delay the need for professional deep awning washing. You need to hose the fabric off with clear water once every month. This way, you will prevent imbedding of the dirt in the fabric. If such regular maintenance is done the proper way, you will need our professional service only once every two years. However, due to an unexperienced staff that can do this work without causing damages to the awnings, most Seattle companies prefer to rely entirely on the professional help. Do not hesitate to contact Skyscraper Window Cleaning whenever you need top-notch awning washing services.