Professional window cleaning is a great way to take advantage of all the benefits that the clean windows provide. These include:

  • Curb appeal improvement
  • Achieving an aesthetic appearance of the commercial building
  • Outdoor and indoor view enhancement
  • Improvement of the employee productivity
  • Attraction of more new clients

However, cleaning the windows without screen cleaning will not give the desired result. The screen cleaning is not less important to give your business building the desired level of professional look. Let’s consider here the 3 most important reasons why screen cleaning services should be completed along with the window cleaning.

Why Screen Cleaning is Important?

Whether you believe it or not, the screen cleaning improves the air quality. The dirty screens act like dusty HVAC screens or fans that deteriorate the indoor air quality. When the pure breeze blows, the air will carry dirty particles inside through the filthy window screens. This way, people who work inside become more prone to respiratory diseases due to the poor indoor air quality.

Another reason why regular screen cleaning should be performed is the shortage of the screen lifespan, if it is neglected. Over time, the screens are filled with substances that emit acidity, which gradually wears out the screens. The visible effect of dirty screens is pronounced.

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Some people believe that rainfall makes the windows dirty, while the fact is that the rain hits the dirty window screens and the grimy water is spattered on the windows. However, if your screens are cleaned, the rain will act as a pleasant rinse on the already cleaned windows. There will be no soil or other dirty particles afterwards.

There is no point to pay for window cleaning, if the window screens are left dirty. This would mean that the results of the window cleaning would be too short and soon you will have to rehire professional cleaners again, which results in superfluous expenditure for the company or even financial losses.

Since the metal screen frames tend to degrade, professional window cleaners can replace the damaged screens and rebuild them to prevent bigger damages and expenses for the building owner.

Why Skyscraper Window Cleaning?

Skyscraper Window Cleaning provides professional screen cleaning services for all commercial clients in Seattle. With us, you will have the chance to not only prevent your employees from getting ill, but also give your business building the most appealing view.

We at Skyscraper Window Cleaning offer window cleaning along with screen window cleaning that will make the process complete. We are happy to provide screen and window maintenance to our Seattle customers, whose buildings will always have a spectacular view.

With the latest technology we use, we reach the most remote and hard-to-reach places to ensure total shine of the glass and screens. Our company provides fully insured and trained cleaning professionals who work safely and prevent damages and injuries.

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We offer a guarantee for quality, so all our customers could be completely confident with the final results. On the top of that, you can rest assured that no harm will be caused to the environment by our window and screen cleaning, as we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions.