Having perfectly cleaned windows is a dream of every home or business owner who wants to feel comfortable in their property and also make good impression upon their customers. Not properly cleaned windows can be a real eyesore and make our living space less appealing no matter how clean are the rooms inside. Unfortunately, not all of us have enough time to have excellently cleaned windows all year round.

Which is the best window cleaning product?


One of the things we can do to have shining windows is to buy high quality cleaning products. Otherwise the result we will get from a cheap product may not be desirable. It’s a good idea to invest time in researching the effective window cleaning products since well-cleaned windows make our homes more cozy and our office building more presentable and attractive to our potential customers.

But how about skyscraper windows cleaning?

What to do if our goal is to clean perfectly the windows of our high-rise building. Cleaning the windows of a skyscraper requires not only the right cleaning equipment and tools but also enough skills and sufficient preparation to complete the job successfully.

Cleaning skyscraper windows require different cleaning products and professional window cleaning equipment. If you have a high-rise office building, you are probably already searching for effective methods to clean properly your windows and achieve that appealing clean look. No matter if you are skyscraper owner or you are just curious about how skyscraper windows are cleaned, then this article is worth your time.

Which is the best window cleaning product?

Glass is one of the top things that are really tough to clean and needs proper care. Skyscraper windows suffer the influence of the outside environment and get dirty really fast. They have many enemies that make them unkempt such as dirty hands, dust, construction material residue, paints, oils, bird poo and other dirt stuff that damages the window’s appearance. To be properly cleaned skyscraper windows need effective cleaning solution that work on different types of window stains and destroys the germs that live on the glass surface.

As a matter of fact most of the window cleaning products on the mass market that are designed for house windows can be used for skyscraper windows. Window cleaning products are better than the other home-made cleaning solutions and common soap since they leave less marks and streak residues.  While soap solutions bring decent results, nothing can beat the specialized window cleaning products.

The ingredients they contain fight with all the bacteria that exists on the windows’ surface. We just need specialized climbing equipment for cleaning skyscraper windows to do the job in the right way.  When choosing a window cleaning product we should aim to a product that leaves minimal or no visible streaks if possible. It should effectively disinfect the windows’ surface.

Which is the best window cleaning product?

While we may tend to search the strongest window cleaner that is available, it’s not always a good idea for a product to contain strong chemical ingredients. Such cleaning products can be harmful to our respiratory system and may cause skin irritations or rashes. While some domestic window cleaning substances like vinegar can bring us real cleaning results, it’s best to choose professional cleaning formulas.

Vinegar has antibacterial effect and really removes bacteria but its main downsides are its unpleasant smell and inability to clean completely  the most stubborn stains. So, we should search for products that are friendly to our health and have high cleaning power for window glass in the same time.

Wondering what product to use on high-rise building windows?

Let’s take a look at the best cleaning products for skyscraper window cleaning:


Windex Original Glass Cleaner

Which is the best window cleaning product?

If you need crystal-clear result with no impurities then this product is the best choice of window cleaning product on the market for you. It’s one of the leading brands in the industry with cleaning products that solidified its name as a reliable window cleaning product for homes and high buildings as well.

It’s one of the most reviewed window cleaning products and it’s famous on the American market. Its patented formula has one approved ingredient which is ammonia-d. It literally shatters all grease and dirt layers on a glass surface and leaves no marks.

Windex works on all types of window stains: smudges, grime, soil and it doesn’t leave any smell of ammonia. This cleaning product has become the most preferred and reliable window cleaning choice. It can clean effectively grime, grease and a variety of dirt spots without creating any streaks afterwards. It’s perfect for many glass surfaces: all types of windows and mirrors. There are foam variation of this product and also Windex wipes.

Sprayway glass cleaner Aerosol Spray

Which is the best window cleaning product?

This product is a bit more expensive than the mass market but its price definitely pays off. It’s an aerosol ammonia-free spray that forms a foam when sprayed and it sticks well to the vertical window surface. Although it doesn’t contain ammonia it still has amazing powerful effect on different surfaces. It dries really quickly.

It’s suitable not only for windows but also for car windshields, mirrors, enamel and plastic surfaces, tiles and other too. While most window cleaning products pour down the window surface and leave thin film of streaks, this product avoids this common problem. This cleaning product has a fresh gentle smell that most people like.


Cinch glass cleaner

 Which is the best window cleaning product?

Another practical window solution for every home or office building owner. It removes stubborn grease and dirt from outside and inside glassy surfaces in your home or office. It dries very quickly and leaves no annoying streaks. Its formula doesn’t contain ammonia.


Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

Which is the best window cleaning product?

This multi-purpose aerosol product can be applied on a variety of surfaces: glass windows, mirrors, car windows, chrome, car windshields and even microwaves. It has a powerful effect on dirt, smudges, grease, oils, fingerprints. It creates a nice shine on the window without any hazy residue or streaks. It contains no harmful ingredients and has a subtle smell which disappears quickly.


Method Natural Glass

Which is the best window cleaning product?

If you or someone from your family suffers from allergies then this product is a good option for you. It has no toxins and it’s completely natural having biodegradable ingredients. This product help us remove with zero effort all types of window dirt: smudges, dust, fingerprints. It’s suitable for mirrors and other glass surfaces too.

This product is made with green technology and has plant ingredients without ammonia content. It has a pleasant mint fragrance that is refreshening.  It guarantees no streaks and amazing shine after a single clean up. It is also friendly to the environment. Its single downside is probably the fact that it doesn’t have a big effect on greasy surfaces.


Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Trigger

Which is the best window cleaning product?

This window cleaner is also on the list of most recommended products for cleaning windows and it has a comparatively cheap price. It has a working effect on both exterior and interior glass surfaces.

It removes all dirt on glass and granite surfaces, stainless steel and even kitchen stove surfaces. It removes many kinds of dirt, grime, grease and gives our windows almost transparent streak-free look without any hazy spots.


Zep Streak-free Glass Cleaner

Which is the best window cleaning product?

If you are seeking professional results in your window cleaning task, this product is a wise option. It has an ammonia-based formula that has a strong effect on all types of window dirt like smudges, grime, dirt, fingerprints and other. It dries quickly and achieves perfect after shine.

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