Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Well-cleaned windows have the ability to give any type of property an appealing look. Regular window cleaning is recommended if we want our property to have curb appeal and also if we want to make a positive impression upon our customers.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

As a property owner, you will agree that no matter how clean a building is, if it has dirty windows, the whole effect is spoiled.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

It’s not necessary to invest in expensive window cleaning products or tools. It happens that one of the best working methods are the cheapest ones.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

It’s understandable that most property owners may want to save money in their window cleaning project especially when there is a big number of windows that need to be cleaned. And the method of cleaning with a newspaper seems like a good option.

So, is it a myth that newspapers work for cleaning windows or it’s a real working method?

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

We all have heard that newspapers can be used in cleaning windows and the achieved result is great. But does it really work or it’s just a waste of time. The short answer is – yes, newspaper offer an effective option to clean window glass quickly and effectively. Newspaper can achieve great smudge-free results that can be even better than those achieved by paper towels or rags.

Newspaper generally works for all types of glass which means that it can be used also for mirrors, glass coffee tables, bathroom glass surfaces and mirrors, etc.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

If you want well-cleaned widows both on the inside and outside, using a newspaper can give you streak-free results and save you both money and effort.

But it’s important to know that the type of newspaper ink plays an important role in the cleaning effectiveness of a certain newspaper. It’s important to choose the right type of newspaper, otherwise you may not get desirable results in cleaning your windows.

The structure of newspaper is made of multiple dense fibers which are packed together in a tight way. This makes it hard for breaking into pieces. Therefore it is a little bit sturdy unlike cloth towels.

Newspapers contain no scratching materials such as calcium carbonate or silica that can create damage to a glass surface.

In comparison to standard cleaning cloths and towels, newspaper is rather rigid in structure. It doesn’t separate and there is no lint after cleaning with a newspaper.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

One of the advantages of newspaper is that it has a multi-purpose use. One of its biggest advantages is that it leaves no smudges or window haze when used to wipe window glass.

Are all types of newspaper suitable for window cleaning?

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

The answer is no. There is a difference in the type of ink newspapers are printed in. Choosing the right type of newspaper you can clean your windows efficiently.

Otherwise the ink may run and leave smears on the glass making the cleaning ineffective. Those newspapers that have petroleum-based ink can create smears and stains when you wet them. They also can have an action similar to this of light sandpaper which isn’t a friend to window glass.


On the other hand soy-based ink doesn’t cause any smears to the window glass surface. Newspapers printed in soy ink are an excellent option for cleaning windows.

Around 90% of all newspapers printed in USA are with color soy ink. This type of ink has many advantages. The use of soy ink offers a reduction in the ink coverage of 85% in comparison to water-based types of inks.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

For this reason soy ink is ideal for label printing.  It not only makes the newspapers stain-free, but it’s also an environmentally-friendly ink alternative.

One way to find out whether the ink type of your newspaper is soy-based is to look for a special soy ink seal. Another way to learn the ink type is to test it. Hold a newspaper page between your index finger and your thumb. Do this for about a minute or longer.

After doing this if your fingers are stained, this means that the newspaper is printed in petroleum-based ink. And a newspaper printed in this type of ink isn’t much effective for window cleaning.

But if there aren’t any stains on your fingers, then you can use the newspaper with no problem for window cleaning. Newspapers printed in soy ink are the best option for window cleaning. Pick up a soft type of newspaper for your cleaning needs.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

If you choose to clean with newspaper, you should prepare a cleaning solution to achieve perfect cleaning  result. It’s really simple ,you should mix equal parts water and equal parts vinegar. Use a spray bottle and fill it with the mixture.

As you may already know, vinegar solution have great cleaning properties when it comes to window cleaning. It’s both effective,cheap and eco-friendly solution against different types of dirt on window glass.

Spray the window you want to clean and use a newspaper. Don’t forget to prepare a bunch of old newspapers as you will need them. Clean with a newspaper in the same way as you will with a standard towel or rag.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Advantages of cleaning windows with newspaper


Paper towels are convenient household items for cleaning different types of dirt and smears, but they are more expensive than newspaper.

Also, cleaning towels that are made of paper have jagged fibers. This fact makes them perfect for absorbing liquids. But they can create tiny  pits or scratches on a window surface when used for window cleaning. So it’s more wise to use newspaper instead.

Newspaper is really cheap and universal item that can help you get streak-free windows and the effect can be even compared to this achieved by professional cleaning products. It is safe for your windows and won’t cost you much money.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Easy to find

You do not need to go to home stores and search for cleaning products. Newspapers are readily available and easy to find. We live in a modern world and they way we receive  information has changed. One big reason for this is the birth of the internet. Today finding a newspaper in most households is more rare thing than before.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?


This is probably the most important advantage of using newspaper for window cleaning.


There is no doubt that when compared to the other conventional cleaning products available on the market, newspaper contains less chemicals and it isn’t harmful to nature. Newspaper doesn’t need washing such as cloth towels and it’s disposable.


Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Newspaper offers convenience as it saves a considerable amount of time in the window cleaning task. Cloth towels and rags need to be washed every time they get too dirty to continue cleaning the windows.

If your property is large and there are many windows for cleaning, then the task of window cleaning can be overwhelming and take a couple of hours.

In the case of newspapers, you only need to be prepared with a stack of newspapers large enough to be used for all of your windows and a white vinegar solution.

How to clean windows with a newspaper?

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Cleaning windows with a newspaper is pretty easy. After you prepare a cleaning solution, use a bottle to apply it on the window glass. Fill it with a window cleaner of your choice.

Use the amount you think is necessary for the severity level of window dirt. Don’t spray too much cleaner.

Then get a piece of newspaper and rub the window glass by doing circular motions. This will help with loosening the dirt layer that is accumulated on the glass surface.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Then you should work horizontally and vertically along the glass to ensure there aren’t any streaks left and the newspaper absorbed all of the cleaning liquid.

Do this for each section of your windows and repeat the process if there is a stubborn dirt on a window until you are satisfied with the result.

Newspaper can be applied for light to medium dirt level severity. But if there is a serious dirt level on your windows, then you should consider getting help from a professional cleaning company.

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

Cleaning companies use commercial grade cleaning products and tools which can handle any type of dirt debris on window glass saving you valuable time.

Professional cleaners complete window cleaning tasks quickly and effectively. They apply special cleaning methods that allow them to move from one section to another in a speedy way without compromising the high quality of the result.

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