clean window screens

We know that regular window cleaning is important but we should not underestimate the regular cleaning of the screens as well. Their role is just as important as this of the windows. When we know what cleaning solution to use for the window screens, we ensure their good looks for a long time.

You will agree that it’s not a pleasant thing to pull back the curtains and see dirty window screens. They do not only make the air coming into the room worse, but also spoil the view so that is why is important to clean them regularly. The cleanliness of the window screens is also visible and improves the overall appearance of our building.

clean window screens

Having good -looking windows in every season means our window screens are also well-cleaned. This is crucial not only for the good appearance of our home, but also for our health.  When the window screens are dirty, this makes the air we breathe in the room of low quality.

We often think that rain is the main reason for our screens to get dirty. In fact, it’s not the rain that makes it dirty but the fact that we sometimes neglect its regular clean-up. When the window screens are dirty and it’s raining, the rain drops enter through the dirty window screens and make the window glass dirty. So by keeping our screens clean, we also keep our windows clean too.

clean window screens

When the windows screens aren’t cleaned properly, they are not completing their job properly too. Their main role is to act as a barrier between your home and the variety of debris and bugs that can enter it while enjoy fresh air in the same time. But they get dirty over time and when they aren’t regularly clean, their ability to allow the breeze decreases and they become something like a barrier to the fresh air and even spoils the beauty of our outside view.

Window screens suffer the whims of the weather all year round and they are exposed to a variety of things that make them dirty really quickly-dust, dirt, rain, wind, leaves, bugs, birds, rain, water, construction materials, chemical substances that have come into contact with the screen, etc.

clean window screens

The frequency of cleaning depends on how often our screens get dirty. This depends on factors like how often the windows are being open. Once or twice a year is considered enough. In most cases. If you live in an area where your window screens get dirty more often, you may need to clean them more frequently.

Window screen cleaning is one of the easiest home tasks that everyone can do. In general window screen cleaning doesn’t require much cleaning supplies or any fancy equipment or special tools to be done at a decent level. But it still requires to have some preparation in advance.

clean window screens

There a couple of things we need to consider before starting out

1.Workplace for cleaning

Decide where you can be able to clean easy the screens of your windows. The place should provide us with enough space to work in. Open flat areas such as the driveway or the yard are some convenient spots for screen cleaning as it involves spraying water. Another thing we should consider is whether the garden hose we have chosen to work with is long enough to reach the cleaning area.

2.Place for drying

Prepare a spot where you can put the cleaned window screens to dry when you are finished with them. The chosen spot should allow easy water spray and drain. Put on the ground some tarp or towels and then lay the wet screens on them. This will protect them from sharp objects on the ground such as stones or sticks.

3.List of supplies you need

clean window screens

Sponge, bucket, garden hose, microfiber towel, soft-bristled brush, handheld vacuum (optional), rubber gloves, water.

4. Cleaning solution

The windowv cleaning solution is probably one of the most important elements of the window screen cleaning process. Even the best tools may not work very well when the cleaning solution they are used with isn’t very good.

clean window screens

Mix one part household ammonia with three parts water and fill a standard size bucket with this solution. This amount should be enough. It is really effective in breaking down dirt and dust and effectively removing it from the screen.

If you don’t have ammonia at the moment then you can use any type mild soap mixed or mild dish detergent with warm water mixed. Avoid cleaning detergents with strong formulas.

Dish soap solution is also an effective choice for screen cleaning. Before preparing this solution make sure to put on some rubber gloves. Wear them all the time when mixing and cleaning with the solution.

Another type of effective cleaning solution is to mix one tablespoon of dish soap or a white vinegar with ½ gallon of water (preferably lukewarm).

Screen cleaning part

clean window screens

Taking down the screens

If we want to properly and easily wash the screens we need to completely remove them from the window frame before starting to clean them. The screen removal method depends on what type of window screen we have. Some window screens are equipped with small tabs that release the screen from the window case. Since some types of window screens can be torn or ripped easily, make sure to remove the window in a careful way.



clean window screens

Use the brush to remove any leaves and dust on the screens as they are the easiest for cleaning. You can also use the microfiber towel to gently wipe them down.  You can use either brush or a handheld vacuum. The brush does a good job too but if your window screens are very dirty then the handheld vacuum is a better option.

The advantage of the handheld vacuum as a screen cleaning tool is that it quickly sucks all the debris and dust that is accumulated on the window screens and makes the whole task very easy for us. Make sure that you don’t bend the screens when working with them.


clean window screens

The next step now is to get the hose and spray each window screen with it. In this way more of the dust, debris that is collected on the surface will be rinsed off. Spray the entire surface of each window screen. Make sure to cover the entire window screen-work from the top and all the way down with the hose. Spray the window screen on both sides.

To avoid the risk of screen damage, use a gentle setting of the hose and do not use high pressure. Window screens aren’t meant to be too strong so avoid applying much force on them during cleaning.

Step 3

clean window screens

Now after all of our window screens are rinsed it’s time to use the cleaning solution we have made to scrub down the window screens. Pick up a brush with soft bristles, dip it into the cleaning solution and  use it to scrub the screen with gentle movements. This will break loose the dirt and grime build-up and speed up the cleaning process.

Work your way through the entire surface of the screen to remove the dirt particles effectively. Apply gentle circular motions when scrubbing  so that all of the dirt is cleaned. Rinse the brush when you see it’s dirty and continue cleaning.

Step 4

clean window screens

Now it’s time to check if there are any spots on the window screen that are left uncleaned. Get a sponge and use it to clean the remaining dirt after the scrubbing process. Use it to wipe down the window screen. The sponge is really effective at soaking up the leftover dirt. Clean both sides of the window screen with the sponge.

Step 5

Give the window screens a final rinse and then you are ready with the cleaning. Use the garden hose to rinse the remaining cleaning solution or some dirt you may have missed.


Step 6

After you are done rinsing all of the cleaning solution off the window screens, you need to let them dry. When you are ready, lay out your clean screens on a clean towel and let them dry naturally in the air before putting them back on their window frames.

Window screens don’t dry too quickly so you should wait long enough before reinstalling them. There are certain things you can do to speed up the drying process. For example you can use dry towel or cloth to wipe the window screens.

Shake each window in a gentle way. You can also lean the window screens on a wall. As they are put at an angle, the water can easily and quickly run down. Another way to make the window screens quickly dry is to put them at a spot where there is a direct sunlight.

Step 7 – Reinstallation

When our window screens are properly dry, we can install them back on the window frame.  When completed properly all these steps help you get rid of all the stubborn debris or dirt build-up on the window screens and have a great result.

When our window screens need cleaning but we don’t have time  to perform the whole cleaning process, we can just vacuum-clean or dust them once a week them before the main cleanings.

clean window screens

When we  need to clean window screens of different shapes and sizes, we may confuse them.  One clever tip not to confuse the window screens is to use a piece of tape or a colorful sticky note to distinguish  which window each screen belongs to.

If you are not sure that you can successfully perform your window screen project alone, then it’s a good idea to trust the skills of a professional window cleaning company. Most companies that are specialized in window cleaning also clean window screens.

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