What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

Well-cleaned windows always make a good impression and add up to the beautiful interior of a building. This is also true for frosted window glass which needs regular cleaning.

Frosted window glass (also called frosted tempered glass) can be found at different places- residential buildings, offices and restaurants. They can be seen as part of windows, shower doors, office dividers, kitchens. They are one of the most popular choices for home decoration and can be often found in kitchens and bathrooms.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

Frosted glass considerably changes the ambience of a room and makes it a more welcoming place. It’s a beautiful addition to the interior of a home or commercial building and gives it and elegant style.

This makes it a preferred interior decoration choice. Frosted glass windows can really change the view of a room and add up to the beauty of the overall interior. That is why regular cleaning of frosted glass is important. They need a special cleaning approach for effective results.

One of the most common things that cause dirt accumulation on frosted window glass are for example the fumes in the kitchen that cause oil to accumulate on the frosted glass surfaces.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?


Frosted glass can be also stained by hard water deposits, calcium and lime deposits which create white spots and fingerprint smudges. Some easy-to-find household items can be effective for most stains on frosted window glass.

If you want to clean it effectively, you need to consider factors such as the location of the frosted glass and whether the glass should be cleaned in place. Choosing the right cleaner and cleaning methods is key for successful frosted glass cleaning.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

The different types of frosted glass require different cleaning approaches for best results. A frosted light shade needs to be cleaned in a different way than a frosted window because the frosted window needs to be cleaned in place.

The other types of frosted glass are finger marks and slight stains. These can be removed with a vinegar cleaning solution. It consists of equal amounts of vinegar and water.

If the stains are stubborn, you may need a commercial glass cleaner which will help you remove most types of dirt on frosted window glass. You should be extra careful when cleaning frosted glass surfaces.

Baking soda is also really effective for removing frosted glass stains. You can prepare  a cleaning solution with baking soda. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda  with a few cups of water.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

You can also add a little amount of dish soap to the solution. Apply this cleaning solution to the stained spots of your frosted window glass and leave it there for a minute.  Then use newspapers and paper towels to wipe the surface clean.

Clean the frosted glass again with a glass cleaner to make sure the streaks on the glass are removed. For example, if you are trying to clean a glass in a bathroom, let it dry for a little and then wipe it with a wet towel.

If you have a considerable layer of dirt build-up, clean it first with a standard glass cleaner and then you can use a cleaner with a stronger formula to remove the mineral deposits.

Other cleaning solutions for a frosted window glass are non-acidic cleaners and non-abrasive scrubbing. It’s good to choose products with gentle formulas.

Although frosted glass is textured, it’s not recommended to clean it with acidic products. Avoid using abrasive or citrus-based products on your frosted window glass because this will scratch the surface.

While they are effective for cleaning soap and mineral debris, they don’t work really well on accumulated dirt and smudges on frosted windows.

Commercial window cleaners are more effective at this job. Smooth scrubbers, paper towels or microfiber cloths work best on frosted glass surface.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

Also, products like vinegar solutions, steel wool, pumice stone, scrub sponges, orange and lemon cleaners, toilet cleansers should not be used on frosted window glass. The best products for cleaning frosted  glass are alkaline cleaning agents and ammonia-based cleaners. Ammonia-based cleaners are effective because there is a chemical reaction between the cleaner and the stained area which makes the stains go away.

If you have an engraved glass or a pattern glass, you need a soft brush. Stains on frosted windows can also be cleaned with newspapers. Frosted glass windows come in different designs, level of density for translucency and texture. Their good appearance depends on regular cleaning and proper maintenance.

It’s important to mention that although frosted glass windows are expensive they don’t need some expensive products for proper maintenance. You just need some basic and affordable tools for the successful cleaning of frosted glass.

Things you need for cleaning frosted window glass:

Lint free cloth, rubber hand gloves, old newspaper, paper towels, window cleaner (alkaline and ammonia-based cleaners can be used for cleaning frosted windows too), abrasive sponge, wet and dry emery paper, ammonia –based glass cleaner, baking soda.


When choosing a window cleaner for your frosted glass, make sure it’s designed only for windows and it’s not a multi-surface cleaner or a combination cleaner.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

Steps for cleaning frosted window glass

The first step is to put your rubber hand gloves and get the ammonia-based window glass cleaner. It’s essential to wear rubber gloves as they will protect your hands from the window cleaner.

Apply window cleaner on the part of the frosted window glass you want to clean. Spray the window cleaner a 2ft x 2ft section of the frosted glass. Make sure to damp the entire frosted glass area so that the window cleaner works on all of the dirt.

The cleaning process can be done more easily if you wet one small area at a time. In this way you will be able to wipe this area while the spot is still wet.

Old newspaper or paper towels seem like a better option than a clean cloth. Clean soft towels also do a good job in cleaning frosted window glass but newspaper or paper towels are a better option as they don’t leave  lint specks.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

Using old newspapers can help you clean your frosted window glass properly. You need to fold the newspaper or towel, form it into a ball and start scrubbing the damp frosted glass. Work in a circular motion to remove all of the dirt, mineral deposits and soap scum on the frosted glass.

Common stains on frosted glass such as mineral deposits and soap scum cannot be seen easily when the glass surface is damp. When cleaning your frosted glass make sure to scrub the entire surface of the frosted glass even if you don’t see anything on the frosted glass. In this way  all of the dirt debris is removed.

The lint-free cloth can be used with the window cleaner to get great shining results. If there are metal marks on the frosted window glass, then the dry and wet emery paper will help you clean these marks.

What is the best method for cleaning frosted glass?

Steps for cleaning frosted window glass

If you choose to use a window cleaner for your frosted window glass, the best way to prevent stubborn stains is regularly wipe down the frosted window glass.

The first step is to spray the whole surface of the frosted window with your chosen cleaner until it is wet. There should be enough cleaner on the window so that the dirt and grime is broken down. Wipe the surface of the frosted glass with a paper towel.

Paper towels are a good choice for cleaning dirt and grime from frosted windows. That’s because when cleaning with them there are no left fibers on the frosted glass surface compared to terry cloth or other types of towels.

When you are finished cleaning the frosted window, get a paper towel or a dry microfiber cloth and dry the surface of the frosted glass until the window cleaner’s residue is removed.

The good thing about cleaning frosted class is that there is no streaking compared to cleaning standard window glass. Just make sure not to leave fibers or lint when cleaning frosted glass.

There is a home-made solution you can use to clean your frosted glass.

To clean your frosted windows you need to prepare a cleaning solution. Mix equal parts water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the stained frosted glass area and use some newspaper to polish it.

You can first wipe the frosted window glass with a damp cloth to remove the collected dust on top. Get another clean damp cloth and dip it a little into white wine and apply it on the dirty spot. This cleaning method achieves great results and leaves the frosted window surface shiny.

Try to clean your frosted window glass in sections. This will prevent the cleaning solution from dripping and causing streaks. Cleaning in sections will also allow you to apply gentle pressure on the frosted glass.

Rinse the glass surface with clean water to remove the window glass cleaner and the grime. Depending on the location of the frosted glass you can use either a bucket to pour down water on the frosted glass or you can use a damp cloth for rinsing. For the rinsing you can use either cold, hot or warm water.

Let the frosted glass t dry. It usually takes about 30 min. for a frosted glass to dry.

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