How should I clean aluminum window frames?

Dirt debris accumulates everyday on the surface of the windows and it needs regular cleaning. Otherwise it gets very stubborn for cleaning the longer it stays on the window surface.

Well-cleaned windows always improve the appearance of a building window cleaning should be a priority for every property owner. It offers you plenty of benefits  such as improved curb appeal.

No matter if you own a commercial or residential property, regular window cleaning is an essential part of the main maintenance of a building. The same is true for aluminum frame windows. They should also be maintained in a good condition to ensure an appealing look of your property.

How should I clean aluminum window frames?

The regular clean-up of aluminum frame windows is also an essential task and it requires a special approach. You should apply the right cleaning steps to get your aluminum window frames well-cleaned without any damage.

Aluminum frame windows also require regular cleaning and maintenance care. As it is with every type of window glass aluminum frame surface also requires specific cleaning approach and products to ensure it’s cleaned in a proper way.

Powder-coated finish for windows is one of the best window coatings that exist. It characterizes with durability and it offers a long-lasting protection for the window glass surface against damage such as corrosion. This type of coated finish also doesn’t need a lot of cleaning which makes it easy to maintain.

How should I clean aluminum window frames?


Cleaning steps for aluminum frame windows


Start cleaning your windows from the top and work all the way down to the bottom of the window. This way of cleaning helps you avoid spreading dirt on the spots you have already cleaned and makes your cleaning easy.

How should I clean aluminum window frames?

Step 2:

Mix warm water with a soap and use it to clean your aluminum frame windows. In the case of aluminum frame windows you don’t need a chemical detergent for windows because they can damage the finish of the windows as they contain harsh formulas.

Step 3:

Get a microfiber cloth for windows and dip it into the cleaning soapy solution and start cleaning. Microfiber cloths are the best option for window cleaning no matter what type of window glass you have as they don’t leave lint on the glass and offer a perfect streak-free clean result.

Apply more intensive cleaning with the wet towel on the spots with stubborn dirt or grimy marks. Thorough cleaning with a microfiber cloth will guarantee you great results.

But you shouldn’t work in a too vigorous way and apply pressure as aluminum frame windows are easy to clean in general. Their surface doesn’t hold onto too much dirt.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the hard to reach areas and hidden dirt spots. Dirt debris that accumulates on hard-to-reach spots stops the proper water drainage of the window glass.

When you are done, use a clean soft cloth to wipe the windows glass for one more time. Lint –free soft cloths help you achieve the desired sparkling finish for your aluminum window glass in your regular cleaning.

How should I clean aluminum window frames?

How often  should you clean aluminum window frames?

The recommended cleaning frequency for windows with a powder-coated finish is once every 3 -4 months. The older your aluminum window frames are, the more often you should clean them. Old windows with aluminum frames need a more frequent and thorough type of cleaning.

That’s because they have less powder coated finish in comparison with the newer aluminum window frames. And the less amount of powder coated finish means these windows are less protected from the weather’ influence and they are also more likely to get damaged.

When you are cleaning aluminum window frames you may also notice that some spots on the windows need repair. Such windows need a special cleaning method and you should handle them with care.

How should I clean aluminum window frames?

How to clean non-finished windows with aluminum frames?

For old windows with aluminum frames you can use soapy water solution which removes most types of mild dirt. But if you have stubborn dirt spots on your old aluminum frames windows, you may need to get a special cleaning product designed for aluminum window frames.

If you choose to get a cleaning product for your aluminum window frames, it’s recommended to test it first on a small area of the window especially if it’s a new product for you. When you are sure that this specific product works on your aluminum window frames, you can proceed to cleaning the entire surface.

There is also another cleaning method you can apply to clean your aluminum frames windows in a perfect way.

  • garden hose
  • warm water
  • bucket
  • 1/4 cup dish soap
  • dry cloth
  • nylon scrub brush

Use the garden hose to spray your aluminum window frames. In this way the water will soak the metal and it will loosen the dirt particles. This will make the next cleaning step easy.

The next step is to fill a bucket with warm water and add a quarter of a cup of cleaning dish detergent or soap to it. Get the nylon scrub brush and dip it into the soapy solution and scrub the dirty areas of the aluminum frames. Pick up the hose and rinse well the soap solution residue until it’s all gone.

The final step is to get a dry clean cloth and wipe the entire surface of the aluminum frames. When you finish cleaning the dirt from your aluminum window frames, get a clean soft lint-free towel and buff the aluminum surface of the window frames.

If your aluminum frames have water marks due to exposure to rain, what you can do to clean them properly is to get fine steel wool and plain water. Use them to polish the surface of the aluminum window frames. Fine steel wool works well, if you want to get a perfect window finish.

If you have windows with a powder coated finish and you notice considerable dirt build-up or signs of damage, this means that it’s probably time to replace them with new ones. There is no doubt that brand new aluminum window frames save valuable time and effort

How should I clean aluminum window frames?

Aluminum window frames rust over time especially at those areas that are exposed to the elements. This build-up of oxide is difficult for cleaning and it prevents the proper cleaning of the aluminum frames. If you notice rust on your aluminum frames, the best option for you is to contact a professional cleaning company to clean it for you.

If you have aluminum composite door frames, you can apply the same cleaning process that is suitable for standard aluminum frame windows.

If you start cleaning them on the exterior first, you can use a hose to rinse them and remove the accumulated dust and dirt. This prepares the aluminum frame surface for the next step.

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