Cleaning skyscraper windows can always be a challenge compared to the cleaning the windows of your home or room. It takes some soapy water and a piece of cloth to make your room’s window clean again. But when it comes to cleaning the 100th floor of a building, the things completely change and here the motivation is not enough. Cleaning technicians should be well-equipped, trained and experienced to perform this work without risking their life.

Cleaning the skyscraper windows is completely different from cleaning on the ground. There could be unpleasant weather conditions, sun, wind, etc. that make this job even more complicated. Some workers complain that there are bugs that irritate them at such high altitudes.

Fortunately, there is a method that is both effective at cleaning skyscraper windows and completely safe for the workers. We are going to consider it below. But let’s first take a look at the three most popular ways of cleaning the skyscraper windows. Be aware that the skyscraper windows cleaning professionals will come to make an inspection first before they determine which of these three cleaning ways is the most appropriate for your building.

WaterFed Pole (WFP)

The WaterFed Pole is used when the building is not very high. The telescopic pole reaches up to 8 meters and allows the cleaning technician to avoid the use of dangerous ladders. The method uses pure water and provides safe cleaning from the ground level.

Bosun’s Chair

3 Ways of Cleaning Skyscraper WindowsThis method is usually performed by a single washer. The technician goes to the building roof and lowers in a seat and ropes. This method is intended for prolonged window cleaning. However, the technician is under the risk of falling, in case something gets wrong. That is why, more and more skyscraper owners in Seattle prefer to hire a cleaning company that offers the third way of skyscraper window cleaning.

High Rise Self-Climbing Machine

3 Ways of Cleaning Skyscraper WindowsThis is definitely the latest and the safest cleaning method of all. All the work on the high altitudes is made by a machine that provides effective cleaning of multi-story buildings without any risk for the operator. The machine is easily customized for specific requirements and is considered the safest, the fastest and the most advantageous.

It saves 90% of the technician labor, which means it is more affordable for the building owners, too. The High Rise system is operated from the building’s top and efficiently cleans the windows and frames that stay clean much longer. This cleaning method extends the life of the building and provides an appealing look of its entire exterior. The machine cleans with pure water only, without adding any chemicals in the cleaning process. It travels both down and up vertically and provides even pressure. This ensures consistent cleaning everywhere on the building’s surface.

3 Ways of Cleaning Skyscraper WindowsSkyscraper owners in Seattle prefer to use High Rise Machine method for their windows because of the multiple benefits it offers. Skyscraper Window Cleaning is a local window cleaning company that offers all these methods of cleaning, including the third one. You can entrust your dirty windows to these highly professional and experienced window cleaning technicians.