Using an awning is a great way to have good shade in front of your building during the sunny days of the year. But by having permanent exposure to the elements roof awnings get dirty and worn in different ways.

Weather conditions definitely affect the condition of all types of awnings over time.The second thing that affects them is the way they are maintained and the frequency of their usage. That is why we need to make sure we check them regularly to see if they need cleaning or repairs.

You may not be positively impressed when seeing a building with unsightly stains on its awnings, right? So, an important task for every property owner is to keep their awnings dirt-free. 

This is the best way to increase their durability and keep their aesthetic appearance as well as the curb appeal of your building. When left to stay for too long dirt can weaken awnings and make them prone to damage.

And damaged awnings that have lost their strength and beautiful look are not only an unpleasant view but they also pose a risk to the inhabitants of the building as well as the building’s integrity.

How dirt affects your awning?

Maintaining your roof awnings in good condition year-round is important because it can bring you several important benefits. Having clean awnings can be beneficial not only for your business but also for your budget and health. It certainly saves you from property damage and injuries. 

Well-maintained and clean awnings improve the curb appeal of any property and they also provide you with an excellent shade.

If you want to ensure your property looks good on the outside and its front side has good protection against the sun rays, then you should put some effort into regular and proper awning cleaning.

If you want to learn the benefits of frequent awning cleaning and know how to clean canvas awnings by yourself, then the useful tips we will give in this article are for you.

Why is regular awning cleaning important?

Regularly cleaned awnings can last a long time and preserve their aesthetic appearance. This means they will protect your property longer from the effect of sun, rains and winds.

How dirt affects your awning?

Do awnings get dirty?

The short answer is “Yes”. As is the case with every outdoor building fixture roof awnings are influenced by the elements and the amount of dirt they tend to accumulate depends mainly on the location of the property.

The most common types of dirt canvas awnings get are 

  • dust 
  • grime 
  • bird droppings 
  • leaves 
  • tree sap 
  • mildew 
  • mold
  • moss 
  • insect debris 
  • spider webs 
  • grease 
  • chewing gum 
  • pant 
  • rust buildup caused by vehicle exhaust emissions, and others.

The chance for mildew and mold growth on your awnings is high, if you let them stay dirty and moist for too long.

Some of other things that can cause dirt stains on awnings are dripping pipes, building runoff, stains from construction materials.

Even those awnings that are made from mildew resistant materials also need regular cleaning to look good and have a long life.

How dirt affects your awning?

How often should awnings be cleaned?

Generally, it’s recommended to have the fabric of your awning and its frames cleaned thoroughly at least once or twice a year because both tend to get dirty over time. 

But the cleaning frequency varies and, as we have mentioned, it depends mainly on the location of the building, the material of the awnings and how often the awnings are used.

We will say that hosing your awnings with water once a month is a good measure against stubborn dirt accumulation. This will help you avoid getting your awnings so dirty that their cleaning afterwards will become a challenging task. 

The longer you leave dirt to sit on the surface of your awnings, the more difficult its cleaning will be afterward. It’s important to mention that  every building is different and therefore the different types of awnings require different cleaning approaches. 

How do I keep my awnings clean?

Fortunately, there are some cleaning steps every owner of a property with awnings can do to ensure their awnings are well-maintained and protected from dirt-related damage.

Giving your awnings occasional light cleaning can be very beneficial for prolonging the life of your awnings. That’s because by removing small amounts of dirt regularly from your awning you won’t allow a large amount of dirt accumulation that will be difficult for removing and require vigorous cleaning techniques and products with strong formulas.

The basic cleaning supplies you need are: 

  • dish cleaning detergent (choose a mild formula product) 
  • garden hose 
  • soft bristle brush 
  • soft sponge/cloth

Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools or harsh cleaning products on the surface of your awnings. Also, never use hot water or dry heat for cleaning your awnings as this will get them damaged.

Some awnings are made of a fabric with a special coating  that needs retreatment after cleaning, so you need to keep that in mind. Always check what cleaning method your awnings’ manufacturer has recommended for them.

How dirt affects your awning?

Light cleaning steps for awnings

Step 1

Use a soft brush to remove the loose dirt debris from your awnings and after that use a garden hose to rinse off the large dirt particles from their surface. By doing this you will prepare them for the next cleaning steps and make them easier to clean.

Step 2

Combine cold or lukewarm water with a liquid dish detergent and then use a soft cloth to clean the awning model with this cleaning solution.

Step 3

Rinse thoroughly your awnings for one last time.  Let them  fully air dry before bringing them back for storage. Or if it’s spring or summer and it’s sunny outside, you can leave them to stay retracted while drying.


Proper awning maintenance and thorough cleaning isn’t always easy. So, it’s always best to contact a professional awning cleaning service provider. Especially if you see there is stubborn dirt on the surface of your awnings.

Professional cleaning companies that offer awning cleaning services use specialized equipment and quality awning washing products that enable them to effectively remove all types of dirt from different canvas awnings.

Professional awning cleaners  use special techniques and the right cleaning products for the type of dirt your awnings have.

There are several benefits of getting help from professional awning cleaners. Some of them are the fact that they save you valuable time and money and can help you avoid property damage or injuries during the awning cleaning process.

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