With glass windows, your home looks classier and maintaining them is relatively easy. You just have to clean it daily to remove marks and fingerprints. In some cases, you may find mild scratches on your windows due to impacts and abrasive cloths used for cleaning. 

This can make your window look dirty. You can easily remove the mild scratches with just a few simple steps. Sometimes the damages are more significant than expected and only a professional will know how to remove deep scratches from glass.

Easy Ways to Remove Scratches from a Glass Window

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Where do glass scratches come from?

Your home’s windows, both inside and out, are susceptible to several things over time, including scratches. You might not even know how they got there if you see some scratches on the glass. (Unless you just witnessed a young child grab a set of keys and start drawing all over a window. If so, then it most likely is.)

But can you polish glass? As long as the scratches are not too severe, some simple techniques exist to remove them from glass windows. If the situation is more serious, we recommend calling a window expert to perform the task and prevent further damage.

We can help you with some tips for removing scratches from glass windows.

Easy Ways to Remove Scratches from a Glass Window

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How to remove scratches from windows?

Before buying products for polishing glass windows or calling professionals, inspect the windows for scratches. See if the scratches are mild or if they are too deep. You may need to replace the windows if the scratches are too deep to repair.

For mild to medium scratches, you can easily remove them. You’ll need non-abrasive or microfiber cloth, toothpaste, a polishing pad and a rubber scraper. You can purchase all of these materials from your local hardware store.

First, you should clean the windows using circular motions to remove dust and smudge marks. It will also be easier for you to see if there are any scratches on the window. Use a soft sponge or a non-abrasive cloth to clean glass windows.

Fixing the scratched glass can be tedious, but we’ll give you some DIY advice for getting the job done. 

Easy Ways to Remove Scratches from a Glass Window

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Method 1: The White Toothpaste or Pumice Soap Fix

One of the best glass scratch removers is toothpaste. Either plain white toothpaste or a mildly abrasive soap-like liquid pumice (or whatever you’d use to get adamant stains off your hands) work with this technique. Before letting it dry, clean the scratched area of the window.

Utilizing a soft, lightly wet cloth and a tiny bit of toothpaste or a mildly abrasive soap to rub the scratched area for about 30 seconds while applying light pressure. Then, remove any toothpaste or soap that is still on there, and look for scratches. Repeat the procedure if they are still present.

Method 2: The Transparent Nail Polish Fix

A bottle of transparent nail polish is helpful for household tasks like removing window scratches, even if you’ve never had a manicure.

Apply a thin coat of clear coat to the damaged area of the window to repair scratched glass, and then wait for it to cure for about an hour.

When the polish has dried, wipe away any remaining nail polish outside the scrape with a cloth lightly dampened with nail polish remover.

Method 3: The Glass Buffing Fix

Use a paste-like metal or glass polishing product for a do-it-yourself fix to polish out glass scratches. You can buy these ingredients online or in your local store.


  • Product for cleaning glass or metal with cerium oxide
  • Gentle, clean cloth or sponge


  • Use the polish as directed on the label, being careful not to apply too much since doing so could lead to the development of new scratches.
  • After done, remove any extra material with a fresh, damp cloth.

Method 4: The Fine Metal Scrubber Fix

Can you repair scratched glass with a metal scrubber? Even though this material sounds more like the cause of scratches than the tool for removing them, a thin metal scrubber can be used to fix scratched windows.

The key is to start with a brand-new gasket because an old one could create corrosion or filth 

that settles on the old steel wool to cause new scratches on the window surface.

Use the thin steel wool to rub the scratch for a few minutes. Once you’ve removed any remaining debris, review your progress. Professionals advise against trying the treatment again if there are still scratches. In this case, you can try one of the other methods.

Method 5: The Glass Scratch Filler Kit Fix

Ready-made glass polish for scratches kits are available online and at the local hardware and auto supply stores. They often include specialized application pads and contain a glass-polishing ingredient.

Here is how to polish glass windows using the kit:

  • Use the polishing compound according to the manufacturer’s instructions on mildly scratched glass that has been cleaned and dried.
  • Using too much product or forcefully rubbing the region could do more harm.

Easy Ways to Remove Scratches from a Glass Window

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When you polish the glass scratches, inspect the window again to see if you have eliminated them. You can start cleaning the window when there are no scratches. With the squeegee, clean the entire window and slide the tool’s other side over the surface. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean the window.

If you want to protect your windows, you can use a glass protector. You can buy it online or from the nearest store. This is an adhesive that you can put over glass windows easily. This will make your window glass last longer without scratches. This is beneficial because installing new glass on your windows can be expensive and you need an expert to do it.

You can follow these steps to remove scratches from your glass windows. Use only soft cotton cloths and materials for cleaning glass windows so that you will not get scratches on your window in the future. If nothing of these DIY methods works, you can always call a professional to help you. 

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