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From commercial buildings to houses and stores, window scratches are very common and can ruin the overall appearance and quality of the windows, and as we all know – first impressions count the most.

Window scratches can occur due to pet’s or bird claws, dust and debris, improper cleaning techniques, leaning tools or utensils against the glass, or it can be that the glass isn’t correctly manufactured and is defective. 

No matter the cause, the window scratches need to be dealt with, and it’s not a good idea to leave them untreated. They can develop into cracks that you won’t be able to fix. 

Also, scratches on their own ruin the overall look of the windows, both from the inside and from the outside. They will ruin your view and also the impression of the passer-by of your commercial building.

There are a few different methods to remove scratches from windows, including DIY home solutions using regular items found in every household and reaching out to a professional company like Skyscraper Window Cleaning.

Types of window scratches and what you can use to remove them 

Window scratches can vary in size and depth. They are often caused by animals and children, leaving tools to lean on the glass or improper ways to clean the window and using the wrong products.

You can use many ways to remove scratches from your beautiful windows, which we will talk about in this guide. 

If the scratches are small in size and not too deep into the glass, you can try removing them by DIY methods such as using household items that you can almost certainly find lying around your home. These methods are inexpensive and can do an excellent job if done correctly. 

On the other hand, deep and large scratches will require you to use professional equipment, or best – hire a specialist to do the job. We advise you to refrain from replacing the window entirely before consulting a professional company. This can save you quite a lot of money and effort along the way.

Let’s begin by exploring the different ways of removing scratches from your windows with household items. 

How to remove scratches from glass by using household items ?

Using items and products that you can usually find around the house is an inexpensive way to deal with minor window scratches. Some methods include toothpaste, nail polish, baking soda, and more. Remember to thoroughly but gently clean the surface area before applying any of the following methods.

Toothpaste doesn’t take care only of your teeth

Even if it sounds surprising, you can use your regular white toothpaste to try and remove window scratches. This is the perfect glass scratch remover which can be found in every house. Try to use one that is not a gel formula since it will bring you better results. 

First, you will need to clean the area and make sure it dries out before you start working on it. Get the toothpaste and apply it to the scratch. Use a soft, damp cloth to spread it around using slight circular motions. 

After a minute or so, remove the excess toothpaste by wiping it off with a clean cloth. Check if the window scratch has been polished and continue this process if necessary.

How to Remove Scratches from Windows?

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Nail polish remover for polishing window scratches

Using nail polish is an effortless and inexpensive way to hide the existing scratches on your glass windows. All you need is a clear nail polish and a remover which you will use later. 

Apply nail polish over the top of the scratched glass surface and leave it to dry for a while. After it’s dried out, use a soft rag with nail polish remover on it to remove the excess nail polish. Try not to push too much over the scratch and remove nail polish from inside the groove.

Grab some baking soda from the kitchen to remove glass scratches

This method is similar to applying toothpaste. Don’t just use plain soda, but rather mix it with some water to create a smooth paste. You can also combine the soda with toothpaste and water. 

Use a clean, soft cloth and gently rub the scratch via circular motion. The soda will polish the groove. Then you can remove the material by using a clean rag. 

Other products you might want to purchase

Glass buffing products

You might want to purchase a particular glass buffing product that you wouldn’t usually find in your home. Just make sure to choose one that comes as a paste.

Fine steel wool

Fine steel wool is also very effective for polishing out window scratches, but you will need to purchase a fine-grade product, for example, #0000.

Other valuable products include glass filler kits and glass polish. Remember that these methods work on some scratches and don’t work on others. You can try different ways to remove them until one of them works. 

If you do not manage on your own, we advise you to call a professional window cleaning company to help you out.

How to Remove Scratches from Windows?

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Removing deep and extensive scratches from windows – should you call a professional?

The DIY method mentioned above might be effective for minor window scratches, but they won’t work on large and deep scratches that you can feel and see. However, glass replacement might not be necessary just yet.

You can, of course, try all of the DIY methods and order some professional products to try and remove them. If it doesn’t work – it’s time to call a specialist in this area. 

Skyscraper Window Cleaning specializes in different types of window services, including removing scratches from the glass and thus making them look brand new.

You can expect a professional service for all kinds of glass products such as awnings, windows, cabinets, and many more if you call us. A technician will visit you and use special equipment and techniques to remove the window scratches no matter what caused them.

This process will save you a lot of money from replacing the glass, which you can otherwise spend on something much more productive.

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