Scratches never look good, no matter if they are small or big. Depending on its location a scratch can totally spoil the good looks of any vehicle, no matter how new the vehicle is. Different things can become the cause of car scratches and scuffs -road accidents, lack of parking skills, acts of vandalism, and road debris.

But going to a body shop to get your car some new coating or paint because of just a single scratch isn’t a cheap option. Even small paint touch-ups can be costly.

If your vehicle has scratches on its paint, then some of the best options to fix them is using a car scratch removal product. Thanks to scratch removers we can remove different scratches from vehicles conveniently and easily.

There are different products designed for scratch removal on the market. They offer you an option to remove different types of scratches in a quick and effective way and improve the way your vehicle looks. 

However, because there are different types of scratch removers, you need to pick the product that is suitable for the scratches your vehicle has.  

The scratch removers that are available on the market are generally divided into three types: 

  • scratch kits 
  • polishers 
  • abrasives

They can come in the form of paste or liquid. Some are designed for superficial car scratches and others are suitable for deep scratches.

Depending on what types of scratches you have you can choose from:  

  • deep scratch repair kits 
  • scratch and swirl removers 
  • clear coat scratch removers 
  • liquid scratch removers 
  • motor scratch removers 
  • permanent scratch removers 
  • fine scratch removers, and others

Which scratch remover is best?

The paint protection of cars consists of three layers-primer, base color coat, and lacquer (clear coat).

In the case of those scratches that are shallow and small that don’t extend to the paint layer and touch-up paint, a varnish product or a quick-action scratch removal product is what will work for them.

One fact about shallow scratches is that they create an illusion of light because the transparent coating of the vehicle is damaged. These scratches tend to be more visible on cars with dark paint as the reflection of light is a result of the level difference between the layers of coating. 

On the other hand, deep and large-size scratches reach the paint layer and the primer as well as the metal of the vehicle. Paste polish products are usually recommended for scratches that reach the vehicle’s deep layers of coating. Sanding and repainting are the best methods for fixing large and deep car scratches.

Therefore, finding the right scratch remover for your scratches is one of the key steps you need to do to make your vehicle look good again. 

In this article we will give you some tips on how to choose the right scratch remover for your needs and enlist you the pros and cons of each scratch remover type.

Does any scratch remover work?

Which scratch remover is best?

As we have mentioned, car scratches tend to vary and  there are different scratch removal products at home depot stores, each of which offers a specific effect for the area of application.

Picking up the right cleaning detergent is a key thing for a successful scratch cleaning. You should choose your scratch remover depending on the types of scratches you have, whether they are shallow or deep.The length of the scratch also plays a role in which scratch removal product will be most suitable.

What is the best way to remove scratches?

The car scratch removal method you will choose should mostly depend on the types of scratches you have.

If you have light scratches, you can use a rubbing compound to polish the scratched coating of your vehicle. By using a rubbing compound you will be able to remove the damaged layer and make your car’s paint look as if it’s new. 

For scratches that run deep into your vehicle’s surface, it’s recommended to sand the area before polishing it. This will help you fix the rough edges and make the application of a rubbing compound more even and easy afterward.

Which scratch remover is best?

How to treat minor car scratches by yourself?

Some small and shallow scratches can be easily fixed by affordable tools and easy methods everyone of us can use.

Before using a given scratch removal product on your car’s scratches, make sure the area is properly cleaned and dirt-free. Car shampoos are an ideal option for preparing a scratched area for treating with a scratch remover.

Automotive paint scratch removers can be applied by hand or by a polishing machine. To choose the right application method you need to read the usage instructions of the scratch removal product’s manufacturer. 

In the case of small and superficial scratches it’s recommended to apply a moderate force while applying a scratch remover compound. Use a microfiber towel or pad for this purpose.

For deep scratches it’s best to use some kind of scratch removing abrasive tool, sanding pad or sandpaper. If you have chosen to use a car scratch removal kit, you can use the additional accessories that are included in the kit.

Which scratch remover is best?

Toothpaste is another item from the list of  things you can use to buff out an area of your vehicle that is scratched. Before applying toothpaste or any other rubbing compound on a scratched spot, make sure that the surface is well-cleaned and dry. 

If there is dirt debris on the scratched surface, further rubbing it will make matters worse.

Professional scratch Removal – the best solution

Calling the pros is the best option, if you have stubborn scratches on your vehicle that go deep into its layers of coating. Professional companies that offer scratch removal services use specialized scratch removal tools and car scratch removal products that offer great results for different kinds of scratches.

Using the services of professionals for removing the scratches on your car provides you with several benefits. They offer you permanent removal of any type of scratch on your vehicle and they complete their job in a quick and safe way.

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