What is it like to be a window washer of a skyscraper?

You probably know that using the help of a window cleaning company is one of the best things you can do for your home or business building.  This is especially true when it comes to cleaning the windows of a skyscraper building. Using the services of a window cleaning company guarantees you perfectly cleaned windows and a professional result.

That’s because window washing companies that are specialized in cleaning skyscraper windows use only high-grade commercial window cleaning equipment and safety gear for climbing.

There are many reasons why using the services of a professional window cleaning company is a good choice. One of them is the fact that they use high quality window cleaning products and tools.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a window washer? In this article you will learn about the challenges of working as a window washer and the pros and cons of this job.

What is it like to be a window washer of a skyscraper?

Working as a window washer of high-rise windows can be a risky job. High-rise cleaning services are pretty much different from low-rise cleaning services.

Some of the main risk comes from the fact that you are working at a big height and you need to take necessary safety measures to decrease the risk of falling.

The job of a window washer is to clean the glass surfaces of the insides and outsides of buildings and it includes many different tasks. Major business companies usually hire window cleaning companies to clean their buildings as they have a large number of windows for cleaning.

Window cleaning companies clean different types of residential and commercial buildings, offices, private homes. Before the start of each cleaning project they take with them the necessary safety gear which skyscraper window cleaning requires.

Being a window washer is a responsible job that requires certain skills. You should be able to perform different cleaning tasks effectively no matter how high the location is. Window washers clean all parts of the windows and they may work in teams or alone.

Window washers can work for either window cleaning companies or building maintenance firms. They work usually 35-40 hours a week and start the day early in the morning and work until the afternoon.

That’s because light is needed for proper window cleaning. Window washers work all year round at most places and during certain seasons at locations where the climate is cold.

Being a window washer requires you to work at a high altitude. To work as a window washer you don’t need to have a specific education. New window washers go through an apprenticeship until they gain a certain level of experience in high-rise window cleaning.

Window cleaners can learn most of the cleaning techniques during the work process. Because cleaning skyscraper windows is dangerous, professional window cleaning companies do employee training. Skyscraper window washers are required to complete safety courses.

What is it like to be a window washer of a skyscraper?

Some window cleaning companies offer their new workers a training process which includes a demonstration of how window cleaning  is done. Others may require supervised training for several months. Each window cleaning company has its own requirements in terms of employee training.

During the training future window cleaners learn about the different cleaning solutions, how to use safety gear such as belts and how to operate with the different types of high-rise window cleaning equipment.

Window washers are taught how to spot potential problems when they are cleaning a specific part of a building. They should be able to spot issues such as damaged glass, frames, seals, etc.

When window washers spot a certain problem, they inform the customer about it and in this way prevent it from becoming a major one.

Window washers  also learn how to set up the right way their safety equipment such as ropes, safety harnesses, scaffolding. They should know how to safely climb on the outside of a tall building and do rappelling.

What is it like to be a window washer of a skyscraper?

They also learn how to use the different window cleaning machines and tools in a way that is safe both for the property and for them.

Window washers work outdoors and indoors and sometimes they need to work in a bad weather conditions. Window washers perform different movements while they are working – climbing, kneeling, stooping and reaching out.

A window washer is usually equipped with a variety of cleaning tools. These can be brushes, squeegees, wet cloths, different window cleaning solutions, sponges, cleaning machines such as pressure washers, soap, water. These items are one of the most effective products and tools for window cleaning.

Window washers know what are the right cleaning tools and products for each window cleaning task both on the exterior and the interior.

What is it like to be a window washer of a skyscraper?

Window washers use professional cleaning equipment and safety gear. The basic window washing equipment  includes  squeegee handles, channels, and rubbers, extension poles, T-Bars and sleeves, scrapers, microfiber or chamois towels, linen scrims, cleaning solution and buckets, towels, belts and holsters, ladders, tools for cleaning window screens, water purification systems.

Good window washers have knowledge about the correct use of cleaning products. Window washers also use special harnesses and cables that keep a person safe when they are scaling a building. They should follow the codes for safe window cleaning.

Each city or state has its own regulations. The regulations may require a window cleaning company to have multiple employees on a job site so that they can help one another and increase the level of safety.

What is it like to be a window washer of a skyscraper?

Window washing companies also use billing software to estimate the price of the cleaning tasks. When window washers are working on windows that are high rise, they use ladders, scaffolding, special swinging seats that enable them to hang beside skyscraper windows. The safety gear window washers use includes helmets, safety belts hooked on brackets, ropes.


Pros and cons of being a window washer


Great views

Working as a window washer gives you the option to spend much time outside and enjoy bird-eye views.


There is no doubt that the job of a window washer is interesting and offers something new every day. Each cleaning project is unique and requires different methods of work.


Risk of injury

The job of a window washer involves a certain risk of injury. Working hundreds of feet above the ground is always risky.

No matter where the cleaning project is, the job of window washers brings a risk of injury. Even when the workers take the necessary safety measures, accidents can still occur.

Different accidents can happen not only during window washing but  also during the preparation and carrying of window cleaning equipment.

These can be slips on a wet surface, falls from scaffolding, ladders or window ledges, attacks from bugs. Also, sometimes scaffolding breaks, ropes break, work platforms tilt dangerously because of strong winds.

For this reason the preparation and setting the safety gear is important before the start of the project. Window washers sometimes need to carry heavy cleaning equipment depending on the cleaning project.


Because skyscraper window washers work at a high altitude, they shouldn’t be afraid of heights. Window cleaning requires different movements and window washers sometimes work in harsh weather conditions and at different locations. Sometimes window washers need to crawl through windows from the inside.

For this reason the job of a window cleaner requires a person to be in a good physical shape and health. And as they are working at a high-rise location, they need to a have a good balance.


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