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No one can deny that well-cleaned windows looks good. But you can clean just like the pros. You just have to get the right cleaning tools in advance, if you want to clean your windows in an easy and quick way.

Whether you own residential or commercial building, you need to take care of the condition of its windows and invest in regular window cleaning. No matter if it’s for commercial or domestic purposes, the quality of the cleaning equipment is important.

window cleaner

It may sound surprising but the specific window washing tools that  professional window cleaners use are can be found at cheap prices at most home centers or hardware stores. Most window cleaning tools aren’t expensive. Most cleaning setups may last even years depending on their level of quality.

When we have to clean many numbers of windows of a skyscraper building, we need handy and convenient cleaning tools at hand. These tools have to be easy to use. It is possible to clean different windows of both commercial or residential buildings with basic and easily accessible mass market cleaning tools.

window cleaner

When cleaning windows of high-rise properties, having safe and practical cleaning tools and equipment is a must. You know well that safety should be our top priority. While it’s always better to have your windows cleaned by a professional company, you can clean them by yourself if you want.

The good thing is the cost for good window cleaning equipment  is considerably low. There is no need to invest much money in expensive equipment or special detergents as the most basic ones do a pretty good job too. You just need to stock the most important cleaning tools.


window cleaner



Some pro window cleaners decide to just use hand washing up liquid and some utilize more special cleaning solutions to achieve effective results.

Professional window cleaners utilize special window cleaning tools to perform their cleaning projects quickly and in an efficient way. But most home and business owners can equip themselves with the same tools at inexpensive prices. Here we will enlist for you the main items you need to clean windows in the right way.

List of window cleaning tools


The most basic items for window cleaning include buckets, sponges, squeegees, hand dishwashing liquid, a few lint-free rags or small towels, scrapers and blades. These tools go into the standard window cleaning kit. If you plan to do domestic window cleaning, you may need ‘reach and wash’ system (the so called water-fed pole and filtration system) . It’s an excellent tool for cleaning different types of windows in a professional way.


    A ‘reach and wash’ system (water-fed pole and filtration system)

  • Water purifier
  • Water-fed pole

window cleaner


window cleaner

This tool is a must-have if you want sparkling clean windows.Depending on the size of your windows it can be 10-12 inch or 14-inch channel. You can either buy complete squeegee or a squeegee in separate parts.

Disassembled squeegee parts include a rubber that is placed at the top, a channel which houses the rubber and a handle at the bottom. We can buy all these parts separately at most stores.

Glass scraper

window cleaner

This tool effectively removes stubborn dirt on the window glass that the T-bar cannot tackle. This can be dried-on paint or other types of dirt deposits.

Spare scraper/squeegee blades

window cleaner

These blades get damaged or worn out over time and when this happens, we cannot clean as well as when they are new. As the squeegee and the glass scraper are the cleaning tools we are going to use most often during our window cleaning, we should definitely have with us some spare blades.


window cleaner  

You can choose to buy a complete T-bar which is the tool we should use to apply our cleaning solution that usually consists of water and a detergent. Using a T-bar is more efficient than using just a sponge.


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We won’t be able to clean windows at height without this one. It’s also a window cleaning item you should not spare money on. The more solid and stable our ladder is, the better. It’s good to have a triple ladder since it offers us the option to detach one section from it and make it a more lightweight ladder.  This option is perfect when we have to move through a narrow space of a property carrying the ladder and other window cleaning equipment for example.



window cleaner

We cannot clean without a bucket of course. A 5-gallon bucket is a standard choice of bucket for window cleaning. The best bucket for window cleaning is the rectangular one as it allows us to put a T-bar to rest  in it.

Ladder clamps

window cleaner

This item should be in our window cleaning equipment list if we are going to clean high windows. They can be used to attach easily the ladder to the roof rack of the car or a van we are using to transport our window cleaning equipment.

Water storage

window cleaner

Professional window cleaners carry jerry cans with them since not all the customers can provide them with clean water during their window cleaning job. Jerry cans are practical since you can bring them with you wherever you go and have them at hand when you need water for the windows.

Window cleaning pole

window cleaner

This specific window cleaning tool hasn’t a widely spread use but it’s still useful and can help us clean the windows more quickly. It’s not necessary to buy it if you already have a T-bar but it’s still good to have it with you. We should make a distinction between a water-fed pole and a window cleaning pole as they are different.

The standard window cleaning pole has one advantage and that is the option to attach different window cleaning tools on it for instance a squeegee and a T-bar. The window cleaning pole comes very handy in a case when we can’t reach the roof with a ladder or especially if we have a conservatory roof.

Washing up liquid

Pure water is essential but it won’t help us achieve the same result as a washing up detergent. Regular window washing  liquid can do a decent job. The amount depends on the number of window you have to clean.

Microfibre cloths/rags

window cleaner

If you want to achieve shining results when cleaning the window of your property, you cannot go without microfiber rags/towels/scrims. When buying these make sure they are lint-free as they are not leaving any streaks on the glass which is the thing we want.

Remember that scrims should be washed before usage. There are pre-washed scrims available at the stores, but their price is a little bit higher than standard cloths.

Plastic carrier bag

As we are going to get many dirty cloths while cleaning the windows, we will definitely need something to put them in. So the carrier bag is a must-have item too. It can help us divide the dirty from the clean and dry cloths.


This cleaning equipment is optional. But window cleaning is a messy job and you may need something to protect your hands especially in the winter.

Separate little steps

window cleaner

Having a ladder you may think that you don’t need these but in fact they may come very handy during a window cleaning project. Steps do a good job when we have ground level windows that don’t require a ladder but they are still high for reaching. Their main advantage is that they can be easily carried around and allow us to reach all of the building’s windows.

Ladder mitts

window cleaner

Some of you may think these are unnecessary, but it’s good to have this item in your this window cleaning kit. You should mitts for your ladder to avoid unsightly scratches especially if the building has a plastic fascia or UPVC wall cladding.

window cleaner

And as ladder mitts  have a grip surface they prevent the ladder from sliding by keeping it place and in this way your own safety is increased.

Tool belt

window cleaner

All professional cleaners have this in their window cleaning equipment as it offers convenience. It can be placed on a regular jeans belt and it’s designed to be sturdy enough to endure more weight without sinking downwards.

Vehicles to transport equipment

You may need some transport if you plan to clean large number of windows depending on your location and how far you are from the building.


window cleaner

This is a type of holster where you can put a squeegee and a T-bar. It attaches to the tool belt Boab’s advantage over the standard holster is we can keep wet cleaning tools in it while keeping our work trousers dry.


Professional window cleaners of high-rise buildings carry a lot of things with them: clean and dirty microfiber clothes, gloves, wallet, smartphone, personal radio, water for drinking. So the backpack is an excellent thing to bring different stuff easily and having your hands free.  A great alternative for the backpack is the pouch, which also can be attached to a belt. It’s smaller than the backpack and it’s suitable for carrying only the most important items with us.

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