The trash chute is now portrayed as a symbol of the modern architectural comfort of the 1960s. The large vertical column, which leads to bins installed in the basement, is constructed from tubes or boxes, often made of asbestos cement. Now it is made of steel. The apartments and landings on each floor are equipped with shovels/sinks. 

For many property managers, these garbage chutes have become a source of trouble (poor hygiene, odor, noise, etc.) because they have yet to be misused. 

We’ve all seen the smelly, noisy garbage chutes that are often clogged, attracting insects and pests and a fire hazard for sure. The generalization of selective sorting and the working conditions of the guards must finally mark the definitive end.

What is a trash chute?

The garbage shooter appeared in buildings after the 1st World War, and before that was the sweeping hatch. The trash chute is a waste disposal system using a vertical pipe that is located on each floor or in each building dwelling. This principle avoids the sometimes painful journeys of the occupants to the bins.

A metal hatch, located in the accommodation or on each floor, depending on the year of construction of the building, is to be tilted to throw the waste into the conduit, which ends above the bins located in a room in the basement. 

Many people decide to have kitchen garbage chutes built in their plots. There is no need to shove scraps into the sink or into your hand and put them under a small countertop hole when there are built-in garbage and compost chutes.

Using a trash chute

Trash chutes are commonly seen in apartment buildings, but they can also be found in family houses. To keep the duct clean, they must be enclosed in a sturdy bag. 

A garbage chute cannot be used to dispose of bottles, glass items, incandescent objects, or liquid household products. This is important for the safety of the maintenance workers because the coating of the conduit may get damaged. Throwing things that can get stuck down the garbage chute can also cause the pipe to clog.

What are the benefits of trash chute cleaning services?

Is trash chute cleaning necessary?

Due to the nature of their use, regular garbage chute maintenance and disinfection are required to avoid any hygiene issues. They should be cleaned at least twice a year as well as the trash compactor chute after each garbage dump. The residential trash chute should be cleaned once a year.


Due to their use and to minimize any issues, it is mandatory to clean and disinfect them regularly. 

Eliminate and prevent the growth of mold, bacteria and bad odors

Despite the unpleasant odor from a trash chute, neglecting it can lead to many problems, including complaints from other residents.

It is important to note that foul odors emanating from the trash chute may indicate a more severe problem. Often, bad smells are the first indication of bacteria or mold in the building.

As most of the waste is of organic origin, trash chutes are a breeding ground for harmful pathogens that can enter the respiratory system and cause disease. Asthma can worsen, and new health issues can develop, seriously impacting the lives of your residents. 

Regular trash chute cleaning eliminates many air quality issues. Professional services use trash chute cleaning chemicals that kill harmful bacteria.

Reduce The Risk Of Pest Infestations

Even though most residents prefer to spend as less time as possible near trash chutes, some organisms thrive there. Rats, bugs, and other pests are attracted to trash chutes because they are easy to feed on and can nest in them. In addition to being unpleasant, vermin such as these also cause many problems.

Besides damaging your apartment’s walls, they can also pose a health risk to your residents. Pests in your trash chute can be a problem for you and the other residents, and they are definitely not welcome guests. With a thorough trash chute cleaning performed by a professional, you can get rid of these problems.  

Professionals specialized in this field will remove old food waste and sanitize the garbage chute so pests can’t access it.

Reduce The Risk Of Fire

Grease fires are becoming more frequent in garbage chutes. When grease leaks out from the trash onto the sides of the chute, it poses a fire hazard. With a little overheating, the grease will catch fire and expose the lives of the residents at risk. 

For example, a poorly extinguished cigarette butt can start a fire in the middle of the trash. You cannot prevent grease from spilling onto the edges of your trash chute. 

Thankfully, you can search for “trash chute cleaning companies near me and call the nearest one. Most professional chute cleaning services will take care of harmful substances from the side of the chute as part of the service and this will significantly reduce the risk of fires. 

What are the benefits of trash chute cleaning services?

Clean and fresh chutes will last longer than dirty ones, just like many other appliances in your building, but the building will need a trash chute repair company just in case. Because residents throw garbage down the chutes all the time, the residential trash chute must be reliable. 

Whether the corroding chemicals or damaging liquids, a dirty chute will have a significantly shorter lifespan. Тrash chute cleaning companies are coming to your address with special chute cleaning equipment and detergents that will clean better without any damage. 

After a proper garbage chute cleaning, many materials that may damage the structural integrity of the trash chute will be removed. 

You will be able to rest assured that your trash chute will remain structurally intact for a more extended period, and all residents will be able to relax knowing that the trash chute will be reliable for a long time.

Professional trash chute cleaning services are incomparably more cost-efficient in the long run. The frequency of the work does not require unnecessary supervision, and the regularity of the garbage chute maintenance is the responsibility of the foreman.

The result is usually much higher quality because professionally trained cleaners carry out the work. Costs for accidental repair and cosmetic and significant building repairs are reduced. The return on investment for building owners is undeniable.

To keep your home or workplace clean, you need professionals to do it! The services are performed in accordance with the agreement concluded, signed and sealed by the executor and the client.

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