It’s always a pleasant experience to look at properly cleaned windows. Regular window cleaning is important for both home and business buildings. Having uncleaned windows spoils the whole look of our property. Cleaning the windows of a high-rise building is definitely a dangerous business.

For this reason most owners of modern high-rise buildings and glass-fronted offices use the services of window cleaning companies as they save considerable amount of time and effort. That is why being a window washer is a responsible job.

Although it may not seem a really a hazardous one, high-rise window cleaning is a job that hides some risk as it involves scaling a building that sometimes reaches more than 15 meters. The job of window cleaning requires a specific set of skills and training in order to be performed properly.

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

Cleaning high-rise windows is something like rock climbing. It demands mobility and following work safety measures. As some buildings tower at impressive heights, the use of secure professional harness and climbing equipment is obligatory.

You provide many office workers in high or mid-rise buildings with great views. Window washers are responsible for cleaning the dirty glass windows of homes, offices, stores, and high-rise buildings.

But window cleaning of high rise buildings is on the list of most dangerous jobs in the world. Working as a window washer definitely brings a certain amount of danger. And for this reason window cleaners should follow strictly the necessary safety measures during their work.How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

This type of job is definitely not for everyone as it requires you to be industry-trained and have zero fear of heights. Being a high-rise window cleaning definitely requires bravery. The job of a window cleaner is a challenging one and it requires from the worker to be physically capable and have some preparation in advance.

We should make sure that we are equipped with the needed cleaning tools to complete the cleaning task in a correct and safe way. High-rise widow cleaning is a risky job and it should be done with the right equipment tools.How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?













As is the case with every job being a window cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages. The level of danger this job brings really depends on our work experience, a level of protection and safety gear condition and also the window cleaner’s individual manner of work.

Pros and cons of being a window cleaner


Great views

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

This advantage depends on the building’s location of course, but in general window cleaners see more often beautiful air views than office workers.

High demand for workers

High-rise window cleaner is truly an in-demand job. Owners of high rise buildings are always searching for good window cleaners and especially such with longstanding experience. So if you are planning to get a career in high-rise window cleaning, you won’t wait too long to be called back after the interview.

It’s important to mention that each state and city have its own regulations when it comes to high-rise window cleaning safety and these safety measures vary. Sometimes future window washers are required to have passed some safety courses in order to get the job’s position.

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?


Professional window cleaners spend a considerable part of  their time outside. Being suspended high in the air offers beautiful scenes. This type of job provides a sense of peace, solitude and independence unlike office desk jobs for example.


This type of job offers flexibility and a person is able to run a business of their own besides working as a high-rise window cleaner. In this job sphere we cannot start our own business right away.

We may need to work as an apprentice first for some time period under another before starting to work for ourselves. We may also need to complete some safety courses for window washers  that are required by our state.


How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

Risk of falling or other injury

There is no doubt that the job of window cleaning brings many risks. Risk is an inevitable part of this job. This may sound surprising but deaths are rare in the high-rise window cleaning business. This is thanks to the fact that the workers are very serious about their personal safety and it’s on their top priorities list.

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

At the start of every work day window cleaners first make sure that all the climbing equipment and safety gear is checked and it’s not damaged. They inspect all the harnesses, cables and scaffolding to make sure they are in good working order. And properly installed safety equipment guarantees successful completion of the cleaning tasks, less cases of injuries and the result is more satisfied clients.

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

Accidents do happen but fortunately they don’t have a fatal end. Data from researches show that between 2010 and 2014, only one window cleaner of high-rise buildings was killed each year. In comparison to 1932 this is a great improvement and speaks a lot about the safety measures companies take. In 1932  one out of every 200 window cleaners in New York was killed each year on average.



How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

Working outdoors has its plus and minus sides. The whims of the weather are an enemy to the window washers. Weather is something we cannot control and it can affect the duration and completion of a window cleaning project.

Cleaning the windows of a high-rise building during a windy weather may be a real challenge. Rains make the platforms slippery. Strong wind can not only slow down a cleaning project but it’s also bad for the stability of the scaffolding and the suspended platforms which increases the risk of incidents.

No phones and music rule

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

Window cleaning may seem easy at first sight but this type of work requires focus and distractions of different nature aren’t recommended for safety reasons. That is why window cleaners are not allowed to use smartphones or listen to music while working at the scaffolding.

This rule may vary from one cleaning to another and it depends on the size of the building the cleaners are working on. Holding a smartphone or wearing headphones while trying to clean a window at heights isn’t a very good idea. But window cleaners who work at smaller buildings can use phones or listen to music and radio podcasts.

Low-paid job

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

One of the disadvantages of this kind of job is that the salary isn’t high. In general window cleaners who fall in the apprentices category make 12$ to 16$ per hour. The daily wage of window cleaners  can reach up to 35$. Some window cleaners with rich experience can make 50$to 100$ per hour. 

On the other hand being an owner of window cleaning company is profitable. It’s said that owner of high rise cleaning companies make up to 125,000$ per year.

Male-dominated industry

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?


Currently mostly men are working in the sphere of high-rise window cleaning services but this situation is gradually changing. The number of female window cleaners is increasing.

For high-rise building owners

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?

Contracting a professional window cleaning company is undoubtedly the best way to achieve good appearance for our building no matter if it’s commercial or residential property.

Cleaning services of high quality aren’t very cheap but they are definitely worth their money. If you are an owner of a high-rise building make sure to make a research before choosing a cleaning company.

Our window cleaning service provider should have experience in the sphere of high rise window cleaning and also with positive company references. The use of specialized cleaning equipment, products and safety gear is a must.

Reasons why contacting an expert window cleaner is good for our business

Curb appeal is probably one of the top reasons why it’s good to get the windows of our high-rise building properly cleaned. Not only clean interior but also shiny windows always make a great impression on the customers. No matter how well-cleaned the building is on the inside, when the exterior is unkempt and especially the windows, this is a useless in trying to make a building look good. Regular window cleaning is essential if we care about our business and want to be successful.

How dangerous is high rise window cleaning?


Since window cleaning companies are required to provide their clients with perfectly cleaned windows, their workers should be experienced enough to be able to tackle all types of dirty windows. Renting an office space with windows that aren’t very well-cleaned may affect negatively our business.

A well-cleaned window offers a nice view. Imagine a high rise building with a large number of windows that should be cleaned. Well-cleaned windows add a curb appeal to a property we are trying to sell and also help us attract new clients by giving our business building an aesthetic look.

It doesn’t matter if we have a commercial or residential building, regular window cleaning is a key to making our property a beautiful and safe place for either working or living. It’s also a good way to catch the eye of new clients or make the property saleable.

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