Does dirt actually damage windows?

Window cleaning without doubt improves the appearance of any building. Well-cleaned windows make a positive impression upon residents and customers and it can also improve the curb appeal of a property. Besides, having well-cleaned windows offer us great views whenever we look at them.

Regular window cleaning in fact can bring benefits to our windows and even prolong their life. Paying attention to the condition of your windows will protect them from damage.

Window cleaning seems like a daunting task for most homeowners. And for this reason some of us delay our window cleaning and clean their windows not as often as they need .

Does dirt debris on window glass can really damage it?

The answer is that it depends on several factors. It depends on:

  • the type of dirt
  • the type of glass
  • the surrounding area
  • the climate.

When window glass is left dirty for a long period of time, this increases the chances of damage and spoiling the good look of the windows. To ensure their protection from damage is to perform regular window cleaning.

Plants and shrubs for example that are close to ground floor windows can make the cleaning task difficult. Upper windows aren’t easy for cleaning too, especially those of high rise buildings.

Windows that are located high require using a ladder and safety measures. Cleaning the exterior of the windows during the winter time isn’t a good idea since cold and ice will make the task difficult and even risky.

Sometimes we see a window that seems clean at a first glance. But there is still some amount of dirt that is “invisible” to our eyes. The best way to ensure that your windows are dirt-free and save them from future damage is by simply doing regular window cleaning.

Dirt and grime can wear down window glass over time and change its structure. For this reason the power of window cleaning shouldn’t be underestimated.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Cleaning the exterior of the windows can be a challenge. No matter if you need to clean the windows of a high-rise or mid-rise building, commercial or residential property, you should make sure the windows of the building are in a good condition.

You should not let dirt build-up stay on your windows for too long. Although most of us don’t realize it, dirt debris on window glass can be harmful for windows.

The simplest way to avoid window glass damage is by doing regular and proper window cleaning. Experts recommend us to do window cleaning at least twice a year.

When your windows are well-cleaned, more sunlight enters your home. This in turn creates an increase in thermal efficiency, decreases the cost for home heating and even contributes to a pleasant indoor home atmosphere that is full of light.

Window glass can get permanent stains and get damaged inside and out. That is why regular window cleaning should not be underestimated.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

When you put off window cleaning for long, you may need to replace the windows of your property in the future. As you know window replacement is a costly service.

Another benefit of regular cleaning is the fact that windows that are regularly cleaned are generally more easy for cleaning. The more time dirt and grime stays on a window glass, the more difficult it will be to clean it afterwards.

Not all windows are made in the same way and therefore each window type requires a specific cleaning care. Some windows can be cleaned more easily than others

Window glass has a porous surface that can absorb elements from the environment. As a result the glass becomes stained and it can even get damaged, if the dirt amount becomes too much.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Windows are exposed to a variety of things:

  • salt water spray
  • oxidization
  • minerals
  • pollutants that travel in the air
  • rust
  • different types of dirt

Severe winters can lead to salt accumulation on the glass window. All these substances can break down the window glass over time and weaken its structure.

Lack of regular window cleaning can lead to another problem. Dirt and grime accumulation on window glass can damage the seals of the window’s frame. When the seals are damaged  air leaks can start to appear and this results in fogging, condensation, mold development inside the building. And as a result energy bills can start to increase too.

And when a window glass has a weak structure, it’s more vulnerable to breaks. Another side effect of dirt debris is discoloration and decreased opacity. As a result, your windows can look dirty even when you have cleaned them.

Window cleaning shouldn’t be an impossible task to do. It can be actually pretty easy, if you have the right tools and apply the right cleaning techniques.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Getting help from a professional cleaner is probably the best way to get sparkling results. If you decide to clean your windows by yourself, there are some ways in which you can get great results in your window cleaning. These tips work for most types of window glass.

Tips for cleaning windows by yourself in a proper way:

Step 1: Wipe down the window and its frame

Take a lint-free cloth or rag and clean with it the entire surface of the window and the frame to clean the accumulated dirt and grime on the glass surface. This method helps you avoid streaks in an easy way.

 Step 2: Make your own cleaning solution

You may choose to use standard commercial window cleaner but we don’t recommend this. Hardware stores offer a variety of window cleaning products but most of them contain chemicals that can be harmful to the surface of a glass window. They can have a damaging effect on the glass surface.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Everyone can make a home-made cleaning solution from ingredients that everyone has in their household. There are some natural ingredients that are completely safe to use for window cleaning and they can have a great effect. They are in no way worse than the cleaning products sold at the grocery stores.


The combination of vinegar and water as a cleaning solution has a powerful effect against different types of dirt and grime. To prepare it you need to mix 2 cups of water and  ¼  cup of vinegar. Fill a spray with this solution.

If there is  stubborn dirt on your windows, you can add just a little amount of dish soap to this solution.

Does dirt actually damage windows?

Step 3 : Use cleaning tools

The squeegee is one of the best cleaning tools out there that achieves a great job in removing different types of dirt. It’s one of the basic window cleaning tools professional cleaners use.

One of the benefits of cleaning with a squeegee is that it doesn’t cause any streaking. And unlike cloths and paper towels it doesn’t create static charge on the window glass.

And because static charge acts like a magnet for dust and dirt, we often see how dust accumulates quickly on a window glass we have just cleaned with a towel.

For this reason it’s recommended to use lint-free cloths for window cleaning. And if you get a squeegee, that’s even better. Choose squeegees with replaceable blades that are of good quality. Make sure to use both sides of the blade before replacing it. This will save you money in the long run.


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