Window screens or insect screens/mesh are an addition to your window to keep unwanted bugs and pests outside while letting fresh air in.

They play a huge role in proper home ventilation and the air quality of any space. However, they are constantly exposed to the elements and accumulate dirt, dust, and grime.

Window Screen Cleaning Hack: Simple Tricks for Maintenance

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Dirty window screens worsen the air quality because they emanate dust particles. Regular mesh and frame cleaning benefits the screen’s appearance and functionality.

Although cleaning window screens might be challenging, several tricks or hacks of the cleaning trade can make the process easier.

Find out how to use effective yet simple ways to keep your window screens clean and in good condition, so they perform the way they are expected. Clean window screens are essential for curb appeal and your health.

Using a Lint Roller

You can find a lint roller in a junk drawer, especially if you have a pet animal. But how can it be a screen-cleaning hack?

A lint roller has a sticky side, which is used to remove pet hair and lint from your clothes. It is convenient and quick to use. 

If your window screens don’t accumulate a lot of dust or debris, a lint roller is a quick and easy tool to use to clean them.

If you live in an area where there is minimal traffic and pollution, rolling the lint roller over your window screen will clean dirt, dust, and even small debris.

A lint roller is quick for window screens that are not very dirty and shows immediate results as a window screen cleaning hack.

Vacuum Cleaning

You can use the vacuum to remove the dust from dirty screens that are not heavily soiled. 

Use a soft bristle attachment for your vacuum cleaner and gently go over your screen, being extremely careful with the suction power.

Use this method only if your vacuum can be adjusted to low suction; otherwise, you might damage the mesh.

Window Screen Cleaning Hack: Simple Tricks for Maintenance

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Vacuuming the mesh and frame is a quick and effective way to clean screens. You can use a wet cloth to gently wipe any dirt left on the screen for a thorough clean.

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions help eliminate dirt and grime, but picking the right one can be a nuisance.

Why not prepare a DIY cleaning solution that is not only effective but also environmentally friendly and gentle to your windows?

DIY cleaning solutions have easy recipes and use widespread ingredients you can easily find around the house, such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and all-purpose dish soap.

Baking soda helps battle caked-on grime because it dissolves it. Don’t forget to use rubber gloves when you work with the solution.

Here’s a simple recipe for cleaning your window screen mesh and frame.


  • 1 quart of warm water
  • a quarter cup of white vinegar
  • 1-2 drops of mild dish soap

Mix the ingredients in a bucket and start washing your window screens using a soft bristle brush. Alternatively, you can dip a microfiber cloth and gently scrub the surface with it. 

Vinegar-based solutions are effective and easy to prepare. They remove stains and dirt, leaving your window screens fresh and clean. However, acidic acid in vinegar might damage some window materials.

Window Screen Cleaning Hack: Simple Tricks for Maintenance

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To make sure you won’t harm your screen, test clean a small area of your window to see if there will be any consequences because of vinegar.

Steam Cleaning

If your window screens are extremely dirty, have stubborn stains, and are contaminated by greasy substances from nearby trees, perhaps a pressure washer might clean them effectively.

The high-temperature water and steam loosen the dirt and grime on the screen and dissolve any stubborn stains. You can use microfiber cloths to clean after the excess soapy water.

Be careful with the pressure applied. You should use only low pressure to ensure you don’t damage the window screen.

Clean the frame first, or you risk dirt accumulating there and transferring to the mesh.

Natural Repellents

Natural repellents will drive unwanted insects away and prevent them from leaving streaks and residue on your screens. That will help the screen stay cleaner for a prolonged period.

You can spray your screens periodically with a mixture of water and essential oils such as lavender, citronella, or eucalyptus to keep bugs away.

Your screens will not only smell fresh but look clean for a prolonged time.

Screen Cleaning Brush

Screen cleaning brushes are very effective and investment-wise. You can use them for a long time, and rubber or plastic ones are durable and easy to wash.

A screen cleaning brush is gentle on your mesh and frame because it has soft, non-abrasive bristles that gently clean the screen and leave it lint-free.

Brushes are a great way to dislodge dust and dirt and wipe loose dirt from your screen. Great for cleaning and regular maintenance, window screen brushes are a smart choice.

Opt for a brush with a long, extendable handle so you can reach high and large screens. Alternatively, attach your brush to an old paint roller extender for hard-to-reach areas.

More Hacks

Here are a few tips to consider when cleaning your window screens. Remember that regular cleaning will make it easy to keep the appearance and functionality of your screens.

Deep Cleaning

Every once in a while, the need for a deeper clean arises. To perform deep cleaning on your window screens, remove them from their places on the window.

Lay them flat on a clean surface and use a soft bristle brush and a cleaning solution to clean them thoroughly. Rinse any soap with a sufficient amount of water.

Alternatively, steam water can remove dirt, debris, and stubborn stains. Let air dry for a few hours.

Window Screen Cleaning Hack: Simple Tricks for Maintenance

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Note that not all screens can be dismantled. If this is your case, you can spray them with the garden hose to ensure all dirt and dust fall.

Clean Frames and Sills

The first thing to do is clean the window frame and sills. Otherwise, you risk transferring all the dirt and debris to the screen, and your point is to leave the mesh and frame sparkling clean.

Use a DIY solution to clean more stubborn marks and rinse with water for the best results.

Regular Maintenance

To make the task of window screen cleaning easier for you, perform a dust cleaning with a lit roller or vacuum now and again. In this way, you will prevent excessive dirt from accumulating over your screen. That will make deep cleaning a lot less elbow grease and more satisfying.


To sum up, clean your screens regularly to ensure the air quality that enters your home and prevent some health issues. Your windows and screens will look good and perform their preliminary functions.

Cleaning your window screens is not difficult if you take advantage of the hacks we shared. Whether you choose to use a lint roller, vacuum cleaner, DIY cleaning solution, steam cleaner, natural repellents, or a specialized screen cleaning brush, regular attention to your window screens will ensure they continue serving their purpose effectively.

If you need professional help in cleaning your flat area of window screens, do not hesitate to contact Skyscraper Window Cleaning.


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