Who Should You Hire To Clean Your Dryer Vents?

Owning a dryer vent can be of huge help to your household chores. It saves you time doing laundry by actually drying your clothes in almost no time. 

The dryer can also save up space and it’s especially useful for small apartments. The season is never a worry, since you can dry everything even if it’s cold or raining outside.

In addition, the dryers help you keep your clothes fluffy and soft, keeping their colours for longer. You can enjoy odorless and dust-free everyday comfort. Also, it reduces the need of ironing and you can quickly leave your home without worrying about wrinkly shirts or pants.

But unfortunately, your part doesn’t end with buying a dryer. As every other household appliance it needs proper maintenance. It is essential for you to know how to take good care of it so it will function properly and not create any potential hazards. 

Why is it important to clean your dryer vent?

Cleaning your dryer vents is probably the most important part of looking after your home helper. 

The dryer vents are the tubes that lead the moisture and hot air from the dryer to the outside of the building, no matter if it is residential or commercial. It is not unusual for the vents to fill with lint, dust, hair and other particles from the clothes inside them. 

Sometimes they can even keep moisture which can additionally create mold. The outside part of the vents could also have become the home of birds, squirrels or other animals. If that is the case, they need to be cleaned properly.

If the lint, dust or mold accumulate in the vents, they can lead to a blockage, which will lower the effectiveness of cloth-drying. This can also have a detrimental impact on the life of your machine. 

While it can seem that cleaning the dryer vents is too much work, it has the potential to actually decrease the required maintenance of the machine or even prevent buying a new one due to irreversible damage.

Last, but not least, a clogged dryer vent can be extremely hazardous to a building and the people living in it. 

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 34% of the home fires caused by dryer machines originate from improperly cleaned dryer vents. This is a huge fire and health hazard and that is why it is so important to clean them the right way.

Dryer vents cleaning – how often should you do it ?

Most of the people who own a home dryer know that they should clean the lint filter after each loading. Maybe you are one of them, but do you know how often you should clean the vents and how exactly to do it?

The rule of the thumb is regularly cleaning them properly once a year. This, of course, can vary depending on how often you use the dryer, how many people live in the house and if you have pets or not. All these factors can lead to the necessity for a more regular check-up and cleaning.

Keep in mind that if you notice any of the following events, it’s time to think about who you should hire to clean your dryer vents :

  • If the dryer doesn’t not do its job as effectively as it used to.
  • If the dryer takes more than one cycle to dry up the clothes properly.
  • If the dryer or the clothes feel too hot.
  • If the room where the dryer is located becomes too hot, humid or if it smells different when the machine is working.
  • If there is any water leakage around the dryer.

Why should you trust professional dryer vent cleaning services ?

While there are different sources online telling you you can do your job by yourself, maybe you should reconsider. Yes, there are some DIY methods available and you will be able to clean most of the lint inside the vent if you buy the proper tools. 

However, it can take you a lot of time, and you really need to be sure you have done it right. Cleaning the dryer vents is a very specific job to do and one of those which should be left to the professionals.

While attempting to clean your vents, you may cause even more damage. You should be very careful not to push in lint and dust particles inside the small narrow areas or gaps. Accumulation of these particles can lead to blockages which can further increase the chances of overheating and a hazardous situation.

That is why it is advised to find a company specializing in cleaning services. The professional you choose should have the proper equipment and experience in order to inspect and safely remove any harmful particles from the dryer vents. 

You can always rely on SkySWC to clean your dryer vents quickly and effectively for you. We have specialized equipment and a team of professionals that will take care of the entire length of the vent, not missing even the smallest detail.

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