Soft washing is an effective method for cleaning organic sprouts from the exterior of your property. Surfaces like roofs, sidings, and decks situated on the north side of a house are prone to get contaminated with mold, mildew, and algae due to a combination of factors.

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DIY cleaning methods or manual techniques are not effective when it comes to sensible results. That is where soft washing comes into play. It uses specialized softwash equipment, as well as a mixture of detergents, active agents, and water to eliminate microorganisms.

We will shed some light on the essential equipment for applying low-pressure washing techniques in cleaning outdoor surfaces like a roof or a deck. If you are a homeowner, this article can help you understand the need for professional softwashing services.


Let us start with that that any specialized equipment requires qualifications and training. One reason is that when working with equipment, you must know its specifics and how it can be employed for the cleaning job. 

Another essential reason is safety. Well-trained professionals take every precaution to ensure their own and the safety of others.

If you require an outdoor cleaning job with softwash equipment, choose a professional service that will perform a satisfying job with all safety measures considered. 

The soft wash house cleaning equipment consists of several components – each with its specific role in the process. The most essential part of the soft wash equipment is the soft wash system, which comprises a pump and accessories.

A pump applies pressure on the cleaning solution to distribute it evenly through hoses and nozzles. The type of pump depends on several factors. How demanding is the cleaning task? What is the area for cleaning? What quantity of solution and water must be applied?

Common types of pumps are electric, gas, or motor hydraulic ones. The typical pressure applied varies between 150-300 PSI and is determined by the scale of the task. 


While hoses might seem like mundane equipment with no essential role to nonprofessionals, trained technicians recognize the need for high-quality hoses. Their primary role is to secure the transportation of cleaning solution from the pump to the nozzles.

Hoses used in soft wash cleaning systems are specially designed to endure pressure and chemicals. They are constantly exposed to the mixture of cleaning solution and water that passes through them.

Professionals using soft wash cleaning systems come equipped with hoses of various lengths to match the cleaning task and specifics of the surfaces and hose reels for storage.


Every respectable professional knows that nozzles are crucial in performing an efficient job. They control the spray pattern and adjust it for the scale of the cleaning task.

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A nozzle kit is a must in every softwash equipment. There are wider or narrow spray pattern nozzles, and skilled professional cleaners know exactly what to use.


Soft wash systems have injectors responsible for properly mixing water and cleaning solutions. Proper dilution between chemicals is essential for the efficiency of the job.

Injectors regulate how concentrated chemicals are in the solution, thus making it effective for application and safe for the operator.

Chemical Dispensing Systems

A chemical dispensing system functions as a reservoir for cleaning chemicals, which delivers them to the mixing process when needed. The precise application depends on its work.

Dispensing and diluting chemicals at the point of the mixture phase ensures no waste or overuse of cleaning solution. 


Brushes do not always come into play during a soft-wash house cleaning. However, if there is the need to rinse or brush off stains or loose algae, soft bristle brushes are effective and gentle on surfaces.

Extension Poles

Houses are big places, and roofs often accumulate mold, mildew, and algae because they are exposed to the elements. But problems can appear on sidings and hard-to-reach places everywhere around the house.

In such cases, extension poles can be used to reach high or hard-to-reach surfaces. Telescopic extension poles are versatile and allow for easy adjustment of length.

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Surface Cleaners

As we pointed out, professionals employ a wide range of tools to perform exterior cleaning of a house. Part of that equipment is surface cleaners. 

These specialized attachments are used to clean large and flat surfaces such as driveways. They use a rotating spray arm to provide an even, consistent cleaning pattern.

How They Work Together

Although every component of the soft wash equipment is essential, the completion and effectiveness of the cleaning job lie in using these components together.

Here is a detailed step-by-step exemplification of the process:

  1. First, when you press the switch, the pump applies pressure to the cleaning solution, and then it is transported through the hose to the nozzle head chosen for the job.
  2. Injectors work to ensure chemical supplies are at their proper concentration and the application of the cleaning solution is safe and effective. 
  3. According to the task’s demand, the surface’s specifics, and the scale of the cleaning job, a suitable nozzle is used to spray the cleaning solution in a desired pattern.
  4. To prevent waste and overuse, a chemical dispensing system regulates the delivery and mixing of cleaning chemicals.
  5. If professional cleaners encounter any difficult-to-reach cleaning areas, they will use extension poles or brushes to scrub and clean the surface.
  6. For quick and even application of soft wash techniques for large areas, surface cleaners are capable of performing a sufficient job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is soft wash equipment necessary for cleaning a house?

Soft washing equipment is vital for maintaining the healthy exterior of a house. Problems caused by mold or algae can be pricey, so professional soft wash cleaning services should be used. They have the proper equipment and safety gear to perform the job effectively.

Why are there so many components of soft wash equipment?

For efficient, safe, and precise cleaning, you need various tools. That is why professional services pay great attention to the quality of their equipment. Different cleaning projects require different approaches and tools to be cleaned efficiently.

I want to learn more about Sky SWC soft washing services

As specialists in cleaning, we always preach that information is everything. That is why we try to provide our readers and clients with detailed information on various aspects of cleaning when they contact us. You can read more about our soft washing services at this address:

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