Pressure washing is a very effective business when it comes to dealing with various washing projects. Picking the best washer for you depends on factors such as the type of cleaning you will need to do (home or business, in or out, types of surfaces).

What Is the Best Electric Pressure Washer for Me? 5 Things to Consider

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Different models use blasts of water ejected under pressure, and all of them are compatible with varying cleaning performances. An electric pressure washer has many unquestionable positive sides, making it a desired pick for multiple washing projects.

If you are wondering what the best electric pressure washer is for you, ponder several factors of great importance. In this article, you will read about some essential criteria that will help you select the best machine.

Considering Your Different Pressure Washing Projects

One of the first things you must consider is what type of cleaning projects you will most likely perform. That is important because it is directly related to how powerful the model is

Various cleaning jobs need water pressure and flow to be precisely adjusted, which will undoubtedly determine the choice of a power washer – the bigger and more demanding the task, the more powerful the pressure washer to perform it.

How do you know about the scale of your cleaning projects? Ask yourself what primarily you are going to clean. Consider the surface – is it vast or small? Think about the time and consumption required to perform it.

If you are to clean mainly garden objects or patio furniture, you will not require a very powerful model with a high water flow rating. A machine with lower pressure levels would be sufficient enough.

What Is the Best Electric Pressure Washer for Me? 5 Things to Consider

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However, if you are going to clean larger surfaces and areas such as porches, decks, cars and the like, then you would need more pressure on the task and, subsequently, a piece of outdoor power equipment with higher water flow.

Finally, if you are planning on battling with substances such as grime and mold or hard-to-wash stains from concrete, then you would prefer the cavalry in the power-washing sense – a heavy-duty task performer.

Matching the Machine to Your Cleaning Needs

Pressure washers are separated into categories depending on their PSI and GPM ratings. The first abbreviation stands for pounds per square inch, and the latter – for gallons per minute.

As you can see, they inform you of the power and the water flow respectively. The higher the rates, the more powerful your machine. Being aware of that is essential for picking the right device corresponding to your needs.

In light of what we categorized as small, medium, and heavy washing tasks, here is how to distinguish between pressure washing machines into account of their power and output.

Low PSI and GPM ratings call for lighter cleaning tasks, such as washing your windows or surfaces requiring more delicate care. Electric pressure washers are very effective for that.

If you pick a machine with medium-pressure power and water flow, you will be able to clean garden furniture, fences, or a few more spacious outdoor areas around your house – the patio, for instance.

When you set your eyes on a pressure washing machine with high ratings, you will probably work it for business purposes or cleaning more demanding surfaces such as concrete. With more horsepower, you can successfully clean wider areas and utilize serious cleaning power.

An electric model and a gas-powered pressure washer differ mainly in terms of power. Whereas gasoline ones are more powerful, there are models on the market that combine the convenience of electricity with enough GPM to do a great job.

Those electric models have a high amp brushless motor and a triplex pump to ensure their prolonged life and effectiveness.

A high-rating PSI electric pressure washer might be very efficient, but it consumes a lot of water and requires a lot of maintenance. Those wanting to start their own business usually choose it for professional use.

Choosing the Right Nozzle Options for Versatility

There is pure satisfaction in blasting dirt off patio furniture or cleaning the side of your house within minutes when you previously did it for tedious times with your garden hose and scrubbing manually. Yes, most pressure washers are labor-saving.

However, good power washing equipment comes along with accessories that enhance its performance. Such tools are interchangeable nozzles, which determine the spray pattern and affect pressure levels.

Some of the most frequently chosen ones for your nozzle kit include:

  • A zero-degree: a powerful jet to deal with hard-to-scrub stains;
  • A quarter-degree: perfect for medium-scale projects;
  • A 25-degree sprays a wider angle of water and is suitable for washing large areas;
  • A 40-degree is preferred for light cleaning jobs.

Professionals pick a turbo nozzle to concentrate on specifically hard-to-clean stains that need extra pressure to dissolve. 

Whether you are a pro user or just a beginner in pressure washing, you must know how to use different nozzles with your power washer for versatility. 

Evaluating Portability and Ease of Use

There is a difference between using residential pressure washers and commercial ones. More powerful models are large and weigh a lot. On the other hand, machines meant for not-so-demanding performances are lightweight and can be easily maneuvered. 

You need to determine which to pick and then consider essential factors such as portability and how user-friendly the desired washer should be. Again, you must evaluate how you will use the pressure washer.

If you frequently need to move around the machine, consider its weight and the wheels. Pick a model that can be easily transported from place to place. Since it is electric-powered, check that it is equipped with a long enough power cord to ensure portability.

What Is the Best Electric Pressure Washer for Me? 5 Things to Consider

Image source: Canva

Another key factor to consider is if the model is convenient for storing. Large, powerful machines demand space, whereas more compact ones with comfortable handles can be easily transported and stored.

Probably one of the most essential features of your pressure washer is how long the spraying hose is. A long pressure hose will ensure greater reach and minimize the need to move your power cleaner constantly.

Comparing Noise Levels

If you have set your eyes on an electric pressure washer, you are probably aware that it has some definite pluses over a gas pressure washer. It is more quieter and creates less noise pollution.

Still, it is a working machine, and decibel levels vary from one model to another, so make sure you pick a model that works with low levels of noise.

Another definite advantage of most electric pressure washers is that they create no fumes and thus are suited for cleaning jobs inside a house or a building.

Reading Customer Reviews

Picking a machine can still be confusing if you only rely on the characteristics and descriptions listed for the model. Sometimes, the best approach is to get a sense of real-life use, and customer reviews are undoubtedly very illuminating.

People mainly evaluate their purchases in terms of reliability, durability, and overall product satisfaction. This information is invaluable in making the final decision. It gives you both inside and perspective.

While reading customer reviews, you become aware of aspects you have yet to consider: the spray wand or detergent tanks, for instance. 

Reviews based on experience can determine the best portable pressure washer or the best value pressure washer. Value for money is a critical factor that determines the final choice. You have to be sure you invest in the best possible way and get in return performance.

What else to consider when choosing electric pressure washers? 

Focus on the factors you see as important. For some, the best pressure washer has the most accessories or is designed to do very demanding jobs. That is a machine that is expected to work hard and for more extended periods of time.

They are designed for professional use, and most models are equipped with an onboard detergent tank for more convenience when the cleaning job requires the use of chemicals. Even in this class, there is difference among the models. Some have dual detergent tanks for mixing water and substances.

For other people, the best machine is a compact pressure washer. Indeed, transportation and storage are essential when you buy a machine you are going to use for years. Is it going to fit under the stairs or in the garage? These are worth asking.

Finally, most people consider the best option to be tested pressure washers. Certified machines are less likely to cause short-term problems and prove to be reliable as well as good value for money.

Buying a pressure washer requires careful research on a vast market. However, there are some basic yet crucial factors to acknowledge when you look for your best pick machine. Measure your cleaning projects, and the top electric washer will be the one that perfectly fits in them.

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