Pressure washing is a great way to clean different outdoor surfaces. It’s one of the most effective cleaning methods out there. Both private homeowners and commercial customers can benefit from this cleaning method. It has its advantages and disadvantages which we will enlist in this article.


Pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to clean grime, dirt, mud, dist, mold,  dust, chewing gum, loose paint from different surfaces and objects. These cleaning methods can be applied to buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces.


The volume of a mechanical pressure washer is measured in gallons or litres per minute. It’s often designed into the pump and not variable. The pressure, expressed in pounds per square inch, pascals, or bar, is designed into the pump but can be varied by setting the unloader valve. We can choose from cleaning machines that offer pressures from 750 to 30,000 psi (5 to 200 MPa) or sometimes more.

The nozzles of power pressure cleaners change the direction of flow and velocity of the water. Their nozzles make the user able to reach easily surfaces located at a greater distance or apply more pressure to a spot that is difficult for cleaning. Don’t forget that when using the nozzles of pressure cleaners we should be careful.  Their nozzles are color coded with the purpose to be easily identified.

Black nozzles covering the widest degree (65°) and red nozzles cover the least (0°). When using a 0° nozzles we should be extra careful  as  it can cause injury to the user and damage to surfaces.

Remember that pressure washing is different from power washing although these terms are often used interchangeably in many cases. These cleaning processes are similar to each other but there are some considerable differences between them.

These differences determine which cleaning method we need to achieve the cleaning result we strive for.  And by knowing the pros and cons of each method we can decide which method is the best for us. There are actually some debates as to whether or not they are actually different processes.

The difference between pressure and power washing


Both of these methods use highly pressurized water and to remove different types of dirt and other materials form hard surfaces. When it comes to water pressure, these methods use similar amounts of pressure. The pressure depends on the type of machine we are using. Generally an industrial cleaning machine offers a lot more power than a cleaning machine designed for households.


The main difference between a pressure and power washer is the heating element. Both washers create a powerful flow of high pressure water. But the power washer heats up the water. This fact makes a huge difference in how each method is applied.

Pressure washing


In short, pressure washing uses high-pressure water blasts but without using heated water. It uses water at a regular temperature instead of hot water. It works excellently against different types of dust, dirt,  mud, grime, salt and even slight traces of mold.  But pressure washing can be weak against more serious mold or mildew development, moss, certain types of stuck on dirt.  It also may not work against stubborn stains on concrete.

The pressure washing surface cleaner is a cleaning tool that consists of two to four high-pressure jets that are placed on a rotating bar. This bar rotates when the pressurized water is coming out. This action achieves a steady water flow that can clean effectively flat surfaces at a really quick rate.


Pressure washing is a considerably affordable cleaning method and one of the most effective ways to clean quickly different outdoor spaces. We can use it every day, week or month depending on the level of dirt the surfaces have. Pressure cleaners give our property a nice tidy look as if it’s new which is important for maintaining curb appeal.


Еlectric pressure cleaners can be used to clean large exterior surfaces, facades of buildings (either commercial or residential), walkways, sidewalks, driveways, patios, cladding, parking lots, siding. We can also use pressure washers to clean public spaces that get dirty really quickly and need regular cleaning such as stadiums, open air plazas, parking garages and cinemas where fallen popcorn and spilled cola on the seats and the floor is often found.


Also, pressure washing can be used on different  vehicles such as cars, trucks, busses, trucks, boats.


Pressure washing is a suitable cleaning method for standard household uses. If you want to clean your patio or deck quickly and effectively, pressure washing is your best partner for the job. This cleaning way is less harsh on the surfaces and that is why it’s perfect for using on wood, brick and masonry.

An important detail is that it’s good have an insurance for pressure washing. This is recommended especially to small business owners. If you are such an owner and you want to be ready for the potential damage which this cleaning method can cause, it’s good to get customized pressure washing insurance.

As to the level of insurance, it depends on the evaluation of your business needs and assess the eventual risks and what type of coverage it will require. When it comes to insurance, there isn’t much difference between power and pressure washing.


Power washing

A power washer applies a high-pressure stream of extremely hot water to remove grime and debris materials from outdoor surfaces. It blasts away dirt and materials from outdoor surfaces. We can use power washing on driveways, patios, decks or other kinds of outdoor spots. This method is effective because it combines the high temperature of the water and the high pressure.

It can remove even the most stubborn build-ups of dirt and stuck greasy or sticky materials on the surface which makes it a perfect heavy duty cleaning option for the most stubborn dirt in our homes. As very hot water under pressure is used, we may want to be extra careful when operating with a power washing machine.


Thanks to the application of high heat, power washers can remove sticky residues from sidewalks like chewing gum for example. Power washing is also effective against grease stains that often appear on garage floors and driveways.

Moreover, power washing helps us control the growth of weeds. This is because the strong blast of hot water can destroy any type of weed and also prevent it from growing back again. Power washing is a cleaning method suitable for such surfaces that have a lot of grime build-up or are heavily saturated.

For this reason, the use of power washing is recommended for commercial spaces of large size. Thanks to the high temperature of the water as well as the powerful water blast, the specific cleaning task is completed in a quick way.

We can clean dirt and grease with power washers quickly because the heat loosens up the dirt really quickly and it doesn’t take much time to get rid off the accumulated grime. It’s suitable for the most difficult for cleaning spots.

But we have to be careful on which surfaces we use power washing. Concrete and other hard surfaces are the best places to work with a power washer machine since this powerful cleaning method can do damage to softer surfaces and concrete cannot be damaged by its powerful blast.

Power washing is perfect for cleaning different types of residue such as salt, mold, mildew spores.


There is even a more powerful type of power washing. It’s used mainly to clean buildup and debris in lines or tanks.

Which method is the most effective?

In conclusion we can say that both methods of cleaning have their cleaning benefits and therefore they are both working against the different  types of dirt. Pressure washing is ideal for exterior household objects of small size with soft surface that doesn’t require a lot power to be cleaned from the dirt. Power washing on the other hand is suitable for large commercial spaces where the most stubborn of grime is likely to build up.


The choice between power washing and pressure washing depends on whether you need to clean your outdoor home deck or a large commercial space in a business building. If you are home owner, the most suitable choice for you is pressure washing if your exterior surfaces are not extremely dirty. If you have a business building that has a large amount of space that requires a more tough cleaning method, power cleaning it’s the best option for you.

No matter which cleaning method we are going to choice, it’s recommended to turn to a professional company if we are unsure in our ability to work safely with a power or pressure washer. When we don’t know how to use a power or pressure washing machine properly, we risk damaging the target surface we want to clean.

Therefore is best to contact a professional team of workers who will do the job for you rather than spending unnecessary sums on repairing damaged surfaces.

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