What is moss removal and how much does it cost?

Why does moss grow on my roof


Moss growth is a common problem that occurs not only on home buildings but also on skyscrapers.The roof is such an area of the building that is often neglected but moss thrives there.Mossgrowingoften appears on the northern side of the roof. When left uncleaned it can damage not only our roof but it’s also unhealthy for those people who will later attempt to reach and clean it.

Moss and dirt build-up on roof tiles can give us some serious problems in the future if it’s not cleaned. That’s why roofmoss removal should be in our priority list for both aesthetic and safety purposes. Regular roof moss clean up makes our roof look new

But one of the most likely places for moss to appear is the roof area and also damp and shady places. If we leave moss to spread uncontrollably on our roof, we can eventually find ourselves pushed to make major roof repairs or replace our rooftoo early.


About moss infestations


Moss is one of the things that are probably hardest to get rid off after mold contaminaton. Moss attaches to the paint, coverings of the roof surface. To survive it needs nutrients like water, air and food.  Moss is stubborn to remove as it can live in extreme weather environment like cold, hot or wet climate. Its true power lies in the ability to regenerate itself quickly some time after being removed.

Unfortunately most of the chemicals and methods that are designed for successfully killing moss can be actually harmful to the environment and also the surface materials they are applied onto.But there are other clever ways for moss removal without doing harm to the environment or risking our health. By using them we can control moss effectively. Through a variety of applications we can stop moss growth orcompletely kill the moss.

What is moss removal and how much does it cost?

What is the cost for moss removal?

There is no deny that getting your building’s moss removed by a specialized company is the best way to deal effectively with moss contamination. Cleaning companies use professional moss removal equipment designed for removing moss in the right way and preventing it from reappearing. Another advantage of using the services of a professional cleaning company is that they apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are good for the environment.

In general the price for moss removal depends on what is the level of moss contamination, our roof’s design, height and slope. The cost for cleaning moss from a roof is between 292$ and 571$.The price setting is done when different factors are considered based on regional differences: local cost of living, competition levels among cleaning companies  and the cost of parking for tradesmen too.A small, one-man roofing company could charge us usually  around 500-600 $ .

Roof moss removal usually includes also complete moss removal for blocked gutters, blocked roof joints, blocked vent pipes, blocked air conditioning units and also leaks and also handling severe roof corrosion.

Why is important to remove moss?

What is moss removal and how much does it cost?

Having a well-cleaned roof definitely improves the appearance of our building. That is why it’s wise to invest in proper roof moss orlichen removal by a professional windows cleaning companyotherwise we risk damaging not only the overall appearance of our building but also shortening the roof’s life. When we don’t clean moss on time, this can cause flakes and blistering on the roof’s surface.

We have many reasons for regular roof maintenance and moss removal. If we leave the moss on our roof to stay for a long time this can cause leaks as a result of the clogged roof channels.

Also, moss doesn’t let our roof to dry properly after a heavy rains or snowing season. Therefore the roof’s paint is damaged and causes the tiles to become porous. Frosty weather makes the water in these tile pores to freeze and expand which results in tiles crack and even pitting corrosion.

We should remember that getting rid of lichen while it’s still alive can do damage to our roof instead of protecting it because moss is bedded on a deep level.  Our roof is safe only when we the moss removal is done properly.

How to prevent our roof from getting moss?

What is moss removal and how much does it cost?

Shade control

Where we live is a deciding factor for roof moss growth. Moss grows where it’s shady and damp and that is why the surrounding nature around our property is a deciding factor on whether we will have moss or not. An environment with high moisture levels enhances moss growth. Thereforeby removing the things that create shade to our property we decrease the risk of moss infestation.

Although we are not able to control the surrounding nature’s moisture, we can control to a certain level the shade that increases moss growth. By removing certain trees and vegetation around our building we stop the moss growth. The more sunlight reaches our property the less moss is going to grow there.

Application of High Pressure Water Spray

What is moss removal and how much does it cost?

Water under pressure has the power of removing moss and keeping it away for a long time. High pressure water spray can be used on a variety of hard surfaces like concrete, pavement.

We should be careful using this method because if too much pressure is appliedit can destroy the surface we are trying to clean. Using water under too much pressure can either damage siding and shingles or just loosen them. We should remember that using power pressure washers is not a guarantee that moss won’t appear again so we should regularly inspect our roof for moss growth.

Chemicals use

Chemicals have powerful effect on killing moss especially such that contain ferrous sulfate or ferrous ammonium sulfate. When these chemicals are combined with iron and sulfur they stimulate the growth of plant species which doesn’t allow moss to grow. Unfortunately these chemicals can be disastrous for garden plants, shrubbery and flowers and that’s why they should be used in moderation.

Before choosing a roof moss removal method we should consider what type of material our roof is made of.Because roof material can be of various types we should pick the most suitable moss cleaning method for our roof material.Roofs can be different types: asphalt or metal shingles, ceramic or clay tile, slate, cedar shake roofs, roofs with flat roofing materials.

Bleach and powder detergent use

Powder laundry detergent is not usually seen as a chemical but it’s often used as an effective moss killing ingredient. Just mix a cup of powdered detergent with 37 litres of pure water and use it for patio areas to remove the moss. This detergent solution can be mixed with bleach and applied on such affected by moss zones where there is no risk of damaging any vegetation or property.


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