Every wise property owner knows regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for longevity and appearance. Moreover, timely and frequent care reduces unwanted costs on repairments.

The same formula applies to all parts of the house or property, especially the roof. Why? It is simple – the top plays the role of a shield, protecting the structure from the elements. As such, it plays a significant role in the overall integrity of the building.

If left unattended, your roof surfaces can accumulate severe and costly problems. Leaks, structural damage, and the need for replacement require serious money, energy, and time. Thus, regular roof maintenance is crucial to make sure it performs well and for a prolonged period of time.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Roof: Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

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What does it mean to keep a healthy roof? The concept includes regular cleaning of the roof and gutters to ensure no water is trapped to create further problems. It also means removing moss/algae that might have accumulated. Pressure washers are the best solution for moss removal.

In this article, we will explain:

  • Why roof maintenance regularly is essential;
  • How to identify algae/moss;
  • Why it is a must to react on time;
  • How to choose a reliable company for roof cleaning and moss removal;
  • How to prevent future growth of moss/algae;
  • What steps of prevention to take.

Do not neglect your property. Be wise and save money by identifying any possible problem and understanding the importance of professional maintenance. A company with experience in roof cleaning will perform the task excellently and will also tip you if there is any possible threat.

The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

First and foremost, you must clearly understand the importance of regular roof maintenance.

Here are some reasons to explain why:

  • Kept roofs have longer lifespans;
  • Damage is prevented;
  • It enhances the ability of your roof to save energy;
  • Curb appeal;
  • It increases your home value.

Nobody desires to replace the roof tiles prematurely if that could have been prevented by regular cleaning and moss removal. If you properly care for your roof by hiring professional cleaners, you save money on untimely repairments and replacements.

Damage is something that does not happen overnight (excluding extreme weather). Do not let minor issues escalate and become more significant problems requiring serious mending and a lot of cash. Prevention is the key to unlocking the excellent condition of your property.

What is more, professionals are aware of roofing materials and their proper treatment. To avoid any unknowledgeable mistakes, such as damaging asphalt shingles, which can create even further issues, rely on professional cleaning services with proper insurance coverage.

Another reason to keep your roof clean is energy efficiency. When clean, your roof reflects more sunlight and lets less heat penetrate, which can affect the energy levels your household consumes.

Curb appeal and home value are also boosted when the overall appearance of your property is maintained. One of the things new buyers look at is the general condition of the roof – a well-kept roof means more potential buyers.

How to Identify Roof Algae?

One of the most significant issues with roofs is the growth of organisms such as algae and moss. They are similar plants that thrive in shady, moist places. They can spread incredibly fast. That is why it’s crucial to identify the first signs of a problem and clean regularly.

When considering maintaining your roof, remember that gutters should also be cleaned because if they are clogged, they trap water, which feeds algae, and moss grows in such conditions. Trapped and decomposing leaves are also a factor. Professional services offer a thorough and complex approach.

Well, how do you identify roof algae? If you notice black streaks, stains, or any loss of color – they are signs that indicate algae growth. Always check more shaded parts of your roof since algae love damp shady spaces.

Nearby trees with growing branches over your roof are suitable for algae growth since they give shade and trap moisture. Make sure to check if that is the case with your roof.

How to Deal with Roof Moss Growth?

Moss spores travel quickly on wind, making moss spread fast and hard to eliminate. Luckily, pressure washing is probably one of the most effective ways to eliminate it. However, take your time to start the garden hose; there is more to it.

To eradicate moss using a pressure washer, you must be a professional to know what and how to do it. Directly spraying with a heavy blast of water under pressure can do more damage than good, for example, damage shingles.

Plus, how much of the roof is covered in moss is essential. If you have a completely moss-covered roof, it must be treated so the moss dries. It usually takes several days for the moss to turn green to yellow.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Roof: Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

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It is essential to trust the cleaning company to use an eco-friendly moss-removing solution that won’t damage you or your lawn, for example. To safely remove moss, professional services use a commercial moss killer. It’s a substance that takes into account the surrounding vegetation. 

When the moss remover starts acting, it usually takes some time. The dead moss is unplugged, and all loose moss is brushed off. You must remove all the moss from your roofing surfaces to prevent future reappearances.

It is essential that after the use of chemicals, the roof is sprayed with clean water. A wet roof needs enough sunlight, so all overreaching branches should be cut down.

If you attempt to get rid of the remaining moss on your own, do not forget to use rubber gloves for protection. We recommend against it since roof works require safety equipment and gear.

Timely Reaction

If you notice the signs of moss/algae growth, react quickly and efficiently. You have to remove all growth from contaminated areas to prevent moss from spreading.

If left unattended, algae/moss compromises the roof’s structural integrity, leading to leaks, costly repairs, and roof replacement.

The best thing you can do is to choose a reliable company providing roof cleaning services. They can eliminate the problem and prevent further trouble. Choosing the right professionals is a question we are answering in the next section.

Choose a Reliable Company for Roof Cleaning/Moss Removal

When you give your money to professionals, you expect precise and satisfactory services. Pro cleaning companies are seasoned in such kinds of cleaning tasks and have the right equipment and safety gear to tackle them.

You need the right people for the right job, but how to choose? Consider the following factors as your guidance:


Find a company that has made a name in roof moss removal. Look for positive reviews from customers and a record of well-completed jobs. Check if they can do regular maintenance.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Roof: Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

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Pick a company with enough experience in roof cleaning and moss removal to ensure you will get a thorough job done.


When researching the cleaning company of your choice, ensure they can provide all legal certificates and sufficient insurance coverage.

Cleaning Methods

Moss removal requires the use of chemicals. Professionals will make sure to pick cleaning methods that do not harm your health or the surrounding vegetation.

How to Prevent Future Growth?

Green moss and algae are enemies to a healthy roof, so you have to prevent future growth. There are some simple steps you can follow.

First, you need to cut branches that grow over your roof because their shade creates the right conditions for moss and algae growth. In this way, you will decrease the level of moisture.

Secondly, you have to schedule regular cleaning sessions with a professional cleaning company to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, bird poop, and everything that can encourage moss/algae growth.

Thirdly, follow any advice or recommendations from your professional cleaners because they can assess your situation from a professional standpoint.

What to Do Next?

A professional roof cleaning moss removal will encourage you to address any damage hidden by the growth seen during cleaning and inspection.

As a preventative measure, you should clean your gutters to stop clogs and water overflow. If there is any water buildup, it will contribute to growth.

Professionals might also advise you to install metal strips such as zinc or copper because they deter algae/moss growth.

The most critical measurement or follow-up plan will be to agree on a maintenance plan to give you the security of regular inspection and due cleaning.

Some questions often asked:

Should I react at the first appearance of moss/algae?

Yes, prompt reaction is crucial.

Will regular maintenance help roof integrity?

Yes, professional keeping will make your roof lifespan longer.

How will I know everything is alright after cleaning?

Professional services always provide thorough check-ups to determine your roof’s overall condition.

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