Windows are the representative outlook of your building. They are essential to the building envelope, allowing natural light to flood and creating a healthy and welcoming environment.

Professional Window Cleaning Vs. DIY Methods

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Clean windows improve the curb appeal of your building and are an essential part of any business appeal to clients.

Regular window maintenance is essential for your windows’ longevity and functionality. 

While window cleaning is necessary, the decision on whether to hire professional cleaning services or proceed with DIY remains.

While both aim for the same glistening result, each approach carries its own set of advantages and considerations. 

This article will explore the pros and cons of each cleaning method, providing insight as to when to hire professionals or rely on your knowledge and skills.

Professional Window Cleaning

The first thing that comes to mind when considering professional cleaning services is the cost. While in some cases, professional cleaning might be costly, it proves to be cost-effective in the long run due to the numerous indisputable advantages professional cleaners offer.

Experienced window technicians are skilled and possess the necessary training and expertise to tackle any cleaning project.

Armed with squeegees and detergents, cutting-edge cleaning technology, and systems, professional cleaners guarantee efficiency and spotless results.

They employ a meticulous approach to ensure every window surface is pristine, catering to various types of glass and architectural designs found in residential and commercial buildings.

The Precision of Professional Services

Companies offering professional window cleaning services prides themselves on delivering long-lasting results.  

They bring specialized tools, commercial-grade cleaners, and expertise to handle tricky spots and remove stubborn dirt without causing any damage.

Hard water spots, paint stains, dirt, or grime will employ the best cleaning practices to ensure precision and functionality.

Other Services and Expertise

Beyond just washing windows, professional cleaners take care of frames, screens, and even roofs. Their expertise stretches to cover double-hung windows, French doors, and much more.

In addition to exterior cleaning, they offer precise interior glass surface cleaning, upholding the best results.

Professional Window Cleaning Vs. DIY Methods

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They’re equipped to identify potential issues like water damage or window seal breaches, chips, cracks, or wood rot, which can save homeowners time and money in the long run, providing a comprehensive service that extends beyond the panes.

Professional cleaners might provide tips on proper maintenance and cleaning regularity, sharing expertise and knowledge.

Height and Access

Dealing with multi-story buildings often involves climbing ladders or accessing the roof, presenting potential hazards for DIY enthusiasts.

Professional window cleaners are trained in safety protocols and possess the necessary equipment to tackle low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise challenges.

Professionals not only wash windows, but they can access small holes and surfaces to effectively clean any dirt build-up that can cause damage to your windows in the long run.


The value of professional services lies in their efficiency, quality, and the prevention of potential damage.

Professional services can ultimately save both time and money by ensuring the job is done in the best possible way, avoiding the risk of permanent damage to windows or premises.

However, there are also cons to hiring a professional window cleaner. Professional window cleaners use the right tools and supplies to ensure that even aged and fragile windows are properly taken care of. 


Professional cleaning services save you time that you can invest in more pressing matters. Time is a valuable asset nowadays, and homeowners and property managers can appreciate the benefit of professional window cleaning.

Additionally, professional cleaners will leave your property spotless and neat, just as they found the premises when they arrived.

Professional Window Cleaning Vs. DIY Methods

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On the other hand, there are several disadvantages to hiring professional window cleaners. Here are some points to consider.


Typically, if you hire a professional window cleaning service, it will cost you between 150 and 300 dollars on average. The cost might increase if you need your windows cleaned more than once annually.

On the other hand, DIY cleaning requires only an initial investment in proper tools and equipment.


Consider liability issues. If the service provider does not have the proper insurance to cover any accidental property damage or working injury, you will have to deal with the consequences.

Choose a reputable company with properly trained technicians and possessing all legal and trade-required insurance and guarantees. 

It is highly recommended that you make an informed choice when selecting your service provider. Ask relatives and neighbors for recommendations and find cleaning services close to your location.

Collect and compare several quotes to choose the optimal cleaning service for your home or business.

DIY Methods 

The Appeal of DIY cleaning is understandable when comparing costs. Initially, self-help cleaning requires little investment in proper tools, such as window cleaning kits

However, poor cleaning can leave your windows dirty, less functional, and in danger of long-lasting damage if not done properly.

Window cleaning kits and homemade solutions are readily available, promising an effective means of achieving clean windows. They also mean independence and following your own pace.

Arming yourself with a glass cleaner, a bucket, some microfiber towels, and a professional squeegee might be enough to reach the desirable cleaning results. 

Some people are intricate to details and like to take their time cleaning windows to achieve streak-free shine. That, however, requires mastering the proper cleaning techniques.

Challenges Faced by DIY Enthusiasts

Lack of professional-grade tools, insufficient expertise, and potential safety hazards, especially when using ladders or accessing high-rise windows, are among the most common limitations of DIY cleaning.

Some stains are particularly hard to tackle, and lacking the necessary expertise might worsen the situation rather than improve it.

Safety is a significant issue when it comes to inaccessible windows. 

Potential Risks and Damages

DIY methods might inadvertently cause damage to windows, frames, or surrounding areas due to the use of incorrect cleaning solutions or improper techniques.

It might lead to expensive repairs and replacements, which will incur many expenses for homeowners or business owners.

Time and Effort

Cleaning all the windows in a house, especially for multi-story buildings, demands considerable time, effort, and attention to detail. 

Professional Window Cleaning Vs. DIY Methods

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DIY cleaning is a time-consuming and tedious business that does not promise the results of a professional touch.


Skilled professionals offer cost-effective and time-saving services that lead to streak-free windows, allowing natural light to enter living and working spaces, improving aesthetics, and providing long-term results and functionality.

DIY cleaning is considerably cheaper but time-consuming and requires mastering the right cleaning techniques.

It poses some serious risks due to incompetence, such as reduced functionality, permanent damage, and safety risks.

For pristine windows, particularly in commercial buildings or multi-story homes, entrusting the task to professional window cleaners remains the wisest choice, ensuring clean panes and peace of mind.


Pros (+) Cons (-)
Professional window cleaning service
  • Reliable and time-efficient;
  • Cost-effective in the long run;
  • Providing spotless results;
  • Tackling with all challenges and all sorts of stains, window types, and window conditions;
  • Trained to spot any cracks, chips, and wear early on to prevent larger issues;
  • Long-lasting effect and enhanced window lifespan;
  • Able to employ a variety of cleaning methods and utilize different cleaning tools and equipment to deal with high-rise and hard-to-reach windows.
  • Pricey;
  • Lack of insurance can lead to serious owner troubles;
  • Lack of license can be a serious problem.
DIY window cleaning
  • Cheap and independent;
  • You can work at your own pace and tool of choice;
  • Preferred for small properties with easy-to-reach windows.
  • Risk of permanent glass and window damage;
  • Time and effort-consuming;
  • Might not achieve the best results;
  • Safety risks when cleaning high windows.

If you need professional window cleaning services in the Seattle area, consider contacting Sky SWC. We have the necessary expertise and insurance to turn your home or business into a great place.

Our company provides different types of services and tailor-made approaches to all-scale projects.


Are professional window cleaners worth it?

Professional services are worth it when you have a multi-story building and multiple windows, your windows are large and hard to reach, or you have windows requiring a specialized cleaning approach.

Pro cleaners save you money on repairs and time to invest in other tasks. They guarantee spotless results that are good value for money.

How much does it cost to clean all windows?

Window cleaning costs depend on numerous factors and on the pricing method the cleaning company employs.

On average, professional cleaning services range between 150 to 300 dollars without extra services.

What is the difference between window washing and window cleaning?

Window washing is a simple procedure you can do at home. It focuses on cleaning dust and loose debris from the window glass without utilizing special cleaning methods.

On the other hand, window cleaning is a more profound technique that includes stain removal, window sill, and frame cleaning, and it is more thorough.

What do professional window cleaners add to their water?

The ingredients to a cleaning solution depend on the type of stains professionals are battling with. In many cases, natural ingredients such as vinegar and lemon work miracles on windows, and professionals use them because they are eco-friendly and safe.

In other cases, commercial cleaning solutions that are not abrasive but dissolve paint or hard water stains are preferred.

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