Everyone enjoys streak-free, sparkling windows. When a window is clean, it lets in more daylight and brightens the surroundings. It contributes to curb appeal and is mandatory at least twice a year. 

Must-Have Window Cleaning Supplies for Sparkling Windows

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Some people consider window cleaning to be a daunting task, but this is not necessarily the truth. When you have the proper window cleaning supplies, it can actually be an enjoyable and efficient process. Everyone feels satisfied when a job is well done.

To achieve crystal-clear windows, you need solutions, tools, accessories, and kits to facilitate you throughout the process. Let us find out what the must-have window cleaning supplies are.


You must apply the right window-cleaning solution to clean a window effectively. After all, windows are cleaned by being wetted beforehand, and some windows require more attention because of accumulated grime or debris.

There is a variety of products on the market that advertise streak-free shine. It could be hard to decide which is suitable for your windows. Whatever you choose, be mindful of the environment and opt for an eco-friendly option.

Glass Cleaner

Typically, commercial glass cleaners have strong formulas that can dissolve dirt and grime. These products are effective and save time, leaving your windows sparkling.

Another advantage is how convenient their use is. They come in ready-to-use spray bottles, making them suitable for quick touch-ups.

However, chemicals in their contents are harmful to the environment and can even pose some health risks. They come in tons of plastic bottles, which might make convenience a hard price to pay.

Luckily, more and more producers are turning greener and offering eco-friendly products, which are not necessarily more pricey. Check the labels and choose green-certified products.

DIY Homemade Solutions

A great alternative to store-bought window and glass cleaners are the solutions you can easily prepare at home. Vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water is fumes-free and poses no harm to the environment. 

Do not doubt the effectiveness of DIY solutions; the acid in lemons and vinegar acts as a dirt and grime solvent and is more likely to leave your windows smear-free than commercial products.

Must-Have Window Cleaning Supplies for Sparkling Windows

Image source: Canva

Homemade solutions are much more gentle on the surfaces than ready-made products that are abrasive and may scratch and damage your windows in the long run.

Last but not least, homemade solutions are cost-effective and can add up to your savings.

Specialty Cleaners

Some window issues require specialized cleaning, and the products are designed to deal with them. These could be hard water stain removers or exterior cleaners for pollen or bird droppings.

In these cases, consider consulting with professional window cleaners. They can offer a better solution for your windows (power washing) and save you time and effort.

Cleaning windows outside might be hazardous, especially if the windows are high. Professionals possess the proper safety equipment and expertise to do a safe and effective job.


Tools make your window cleaning less of a daunting task. The right ones provide effectiveness and speed up the process. There are several essentials you have to consider. You will find a lot of cleaning tools on the market – Ettore products and Unger, among others.


A squeegee is vital for streak-free windows with less effort on your side than sponges. You need a high-quality one with a rubber blade to achieve great results. Opt for a squeegee with an adjustable handle to reach high or difficult-to-access windows.

Microfiber Cloths or Towels

Microfiber cloths are indispensable for wiping cleaning solutions without smearing the window with lint or leaving streaks behind. Moreover, they have excellent absorbent properties, wiping the moisture and leaving your windows streak-free.

Must-Have Window Cleaning Supplies for Sparkling Windows

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Scrubbers or Window Mops

Scrubbers or mops are essential for pre-cleaning. They have removable pads, which you can wash, and tackle dirt and grime on your window before cleaning with a squeegee. Telescopic handles on those products will allow you to reach higher windows without a ladder.


If you have paint spilled on your glass or window after renovations, scrapers are an excellent tool to leave your windows paint-free.


You will need those to dip your scrubber or mop. Choose a bucket that is easy to move around.


Sometimes, accessories are all it takes to achieve the desired streak-free look for your windows. There are many different types, and which are the most common, let’s take a look below.

Window Cleaning Poles

The higher the window, the more dangerous and challenging to clean. Extension poles are essential for such tasks, and while they reach the window, you stay safely on the ground. Some bars have attachments for attaching scrubbers or window cleaning squeegees.

Window Cleaning Brush

A bristle brush does miracles for frames, corners, and edges and adds to the detailed cleaning of your window. Their outer bristles are longer, so they can cover more surface area.

Must-Have Window Cleaning Supplies for Sparkling Windows

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Drop Cloths

When cleaning your windows, make sure your floors stay protected. Use drip catchers or drop cloths to absorb any water or solution spills.

Safety Equipment

Although safety equipment is not mandatory when you clean your windows, consider wearing protective gloves and goggles if you use commercial cleaning products. They might irritate the hands and eyes.


Window cleaning kits are convenient because they include all the essential tools, solutions, and accessories needed for a streak-free window. Brands and options are abundant on the market.

Basic Cleaning Kits

The basic options are aimed at beginners who take their first steps in window cleaning. Such a kit has a squeegee, microfiber cloths, and a basic cleaning solution.

Professional Kits

Kits aimed at professional use are well-equipped and consist of tools of excellent quality suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

What is more, commercial cleaning requires a lot more effort and knowledge than home-window cleaning. 

Must-Have Window Cleaning Supplies for Sparkling Windows

Image source: Canva

Telescoping Pole Kits

As the name shows, such kits are meant for high-reach windows and include a telescoping pole, scrubber, squeegee, and extension attachments.

Eco-Friendly Kits

Eco-friendly kits provide green cleaning options not only in terms of cleaning solutions but also reusable accessories. Even better, they are just as effective as more commercial products.

Professional Window Cleaning

Hiring professional cleaning services has its fair share of benefits for the industry and homeowners. It is a time-saving option for streak-free shiny windows.

Professionals are well-equipped and do a neat and quick job that contributes to the curb appeal of your property and the ease of mind of the owner.

Instead of investing in costly equipment, hiring a professional window cleaning company may save you money.

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