Why window screen cleaning is important?

We all know that the best things we can do for our company is have a perfectly cleaned business building all year round. And one thing speaks much about the overall level of cleanliness of a commercial building – its windows. That is why cleaning window screens are one of the things that we should not neglect when doing window cleaning to our property. If you own a skyscraper building, you will agree that its cleaning it’s not an easy task.

The truth is if we focus only on the windows cleaning and skip the screens, we are doing half the job.  We are aware that perfectly cleaned windows inside and out definitely improve the curb appeal of our high rise business property and give it an attractive aesthetic appearance.

Top reasons why window screen cleaning should not be neglected:

Air quality

It may sound surprising but window screen cleaning improve the quality of the indoor air. The quality of the air we breathe in the room is determined by the level of cleanliness of our screens.

When our window screens are dirty this can decrease the quality of the air and make it unhealthy for the people working in that indoor environment. Poor indoor air increases the risk of getting respiratory diseases for the employees working in the building. Filthy window screens play the role of dusty HVAC screens. When clear breeze appear, the air brings with itself tiny dirt particles through the dirty screensinside the building.

One of the things we should do to improve the quality of the indoor air is to properly clean our window screens. By getting professional screen window cleaning we should not only avoid our employees getting ill but also achieve an aesthetic look for our building.


Screen lifespan


Making the window screens last longer is another reason why window screen is important and should not be underestimated. With time window screens get covered with substances that emit acidity. This leads to their gradual wear and they deteriorate faster when we leave them uncleaned for a long time. This negative effect is visible on dirty screens and we should avoid it by regular cleaning.

Curb appeal


There is no doubt a good looking business building makes good impression upon potential customers . Because the windows are the first things we see when looking at a high-rise building, if we keep them well-cleaned in every season, we guarantee our property an attractive appeal.

Most of us think that rain water makes our windows dirty but the truth is that window screens are guilty for our windows becoming dirty after rain. That’s because when the rain drops reach the uncleaned window screens the result is dirty water spattering on the window glass. So when our window screens are well-cleaned the rain will just rinse them without causing any dirt marks to appear on the windows.


When it comes to skyscrapers, we may need help in cleaning all the large size window screens on every building floor. To give our a professional look we should get help form a professional cleaning service.

How to remove window screens step by step:

We must find the pull track that runs from the top bottom on the left. We will see two springs on the opposite side three inches from the top and three inches from the bottom.In order to remove the screen push on the top right spring area and by using the other hand push out the top left using the pull tab. Repeat the same thing at bottom.

To reinstall the screens we should compress spring side into track on right side and use the pull track to slip into track on left side. Repeat the same processat bottom.

Screen cleaning


Screens can be taken outside and rinsedwith water by using just a bucket or a low pressure hose. We can use a soft vacuum brush to remove any collected dust. We should remember that the screens are delicate and need to be handled with care. We should avoid sharp tools or picking.

If we have sliding screens and awning style screens that cannot be removed, we can use vacuum or blow out dust with the window open. New screens usually come with a 1 year warranty. Warranty doesn’t cover ripped mesh or bent screens.

What are the benefits of getting our window screens cleaned by a professional cleaning company?


Window screens cleaning is relatively easy task and we can perform it by ourselves. However by getting a professional screen cleaning service we can reap all the amazing benefits that cleaned windows provide.  And they are many. As window screens are removable from the inside we don’t need special climbing equipment for the job. But as it often happens the lack of experience and proper cleaning tools can make a task that seems pretty simple more difficult and time-consuming.


The cleaning professionals use techniques that most of us don’t know. Their professionalism is expressed in the details. Of course we can clean our window screens but the result will not be the same as when they are cleaned by professional cleaners who have specialized cleaning equipment and products. Remember that there is no point in paying for window cleaning if the screens are not included because they are important too.

If we get only the windows cleaned and leave the screens filthy, the positive result of window cleaning will be too short and we will need to hire professional cleaners again to do the job. This will increase the money expenditure for your company. Financial lossesis the last thing a skyscraper owner wants for their business.

The industry trained professional cleaners will clean the right way every square inch of our windows offering high quality results. After removing the window screens they can clean and remove all the collected dust, spider webs, cobwebs, pollen that have accumulated on their surface.

That is another reason why window screen cleaning is highly recommended for those people in the building  who are struggling with allergies. Regular window screen cleaning gets rid off allergens living in the air that may cause allergens that cause unpleasant wheezing or sneezing.


We can clean the window screens without removing them but the result may not be the same as having the screens removed and cleaned. As the metal screen frames start to degrade as a result of the gathered dirt on them, the professional cleaners replace the damaged window screens and reinstall them in order to avoid more serious damages and further expenses for the business owner.They can put back easily the newly repaired window screens without making any damage.

As they use latest cleaning technologies they are able to reach the most difficult for reaching places and can achieve perfect shine of both the glass and screens. Their professional cleaning equipment allows them to perform the service in a safe way and avoid any injuries and unnecessary damagesto the property. During the whole cleaning process the workers find ruined or old window screens, they will inform the client to get them fixed on time.


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