How to remove Moss from the Roof?

You have recently found out that there is moss growing on your roof? Regular roof clean-up is an essential part of the maintenance of every property and the prevention of moss growth.

Soft washers for example do an excellent job in cleaning different types of dirt on roofs. With the use of soft washing, you can effectively remove all of the moss and dirt particles from your roof and prevent them from developing again.

How to remove Moss from the Roof?

Mossy foliage may look in some cases attractive, but it’s not something that is beneficial for your roof. It grows mostly in those areas, which don’t get much sunlight. 

For this reason, it can grow faster on roofs that face north or roofs that are surrounded by many trees. When left untreated, moss spreads over time on the roof surfaces and reaches the space between tiles and shingles. 

Eventually, moss build-up can deform the roofing materials and even dislocate  them. When roof shingles get lifted by moss, they allow raindrops and other moisture to enter the inside space of the roof and start a rotting process. As a result of this, your roof is at a risk of structural damage. 

Roof cleaning

There are some things you should do before starting a roof cleaning. First, you need to determine the exact method you are going to use to remove all of the moss layers on your roof and make sure you have the necessary tools.

Tools, materials and useful cleaning tips

Cleaning specialists usually recommend you to do roof cleaning on a cloudy day and allow the cleaning solution you’ve chosen for your roof to work for about 20 min. 

The reason for this is that the cleaning products you are going to apply on the roof during sunny weather will evaporate quicker, compared to a cloudy day. This will decrease their efficiency.

How to remove Moss from the Roof?

Things you need in order to clean the moss from a roof:

  • Garden hose
  • Spray nozzle
  • Ladder
  • Safety rope /harness
  • Stiff or Scrub brush (pick up a brush that can be attached to a pole)
  • Pole 
  • Soft-bristled brush (with a long handle)
  • Pump sprayer (or large spray bottle, if you don’t have a pump sprayer)
  • Work clothes, shoes, and a cap (make sure to choose sturdy shoes that are slip-resistant)
  • Soft washer or power washer (if you own one)
  • Safety goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Soft washer (if you own one)
  • Moss-removing cleaning product

How to remove Moss from the Roof?

When it comes to choosing a chemical solution designed for roofs, pick up a product that’s the most eco-friendly and safe for use. Strong chemicals can harm garden plants growing under the roof and they are also dangerous to the environment.

If you choose to clean your roof with a readymade commercial moss cleaner or a  bleach solution, you should cover your garden plants with plastic sheeting. Rinse all of the plants, shrubs, and small trees that are at a close distance from your roof after you finish cleaning it.

How to remove Moss from the Roof?

Roof cleaning steps


When it comes to roof cleaning, it’s important to prepare the space beforehand. It needs to be done regardless of which roof cleaning method you are going to use. And also make sure to wear the recommended safety gear when you start cleaning your roof.  

The next important thing to do is get your ladder and set it securely  on the ground.

Also, if you have a garden close to your property, don’t forget to cover all the plants and shrubs with plastic sheeting that will protect them from the cleaning solution.


Get your garden hose and use it to spray the roof with water. This step is needed, as it will prepare the roof for the next cleaning steps. Work with the hose from the top of the roof to the bottom. 

The downward angle of the water stream will make the water flow off the roof and no tiles or shingles will be lifted and damaged during this process.

How to remove Moss from the Roof?


Use a long-handled brush with soft bristles or a scrub brush to gently clean the roof’s shingles or tiles. Make sure to carefully scrape the moss from the roof’s surface and clean one small spot at a time. This will help you have full control of the brush and also your motions.

Applying cleaning solution

When it comes to a cleaning solution for roofs you have two options – either to choose a commercial chemical solution or a DIY cleaning solution. After you apply the cleaning solution of your choice, let it stay on the roof for around 20 min.

How to remove Moss from the Roof?


Get your garden hose again and rinse the cleaning solution together with the removed moss debris. Now get the scrub brush and clean all the moss that is left on the roof. Then rinse it one more time with the hose and you are done.

Soft washing (optional)

If you have a soft washing machine, then you should know that it’s an excellent option for roof cleaning. Just like  spraying the roof with a hose, by working with a soft washer on a roof, you should also work in a downward direction. 

Make sure to pick up the lowest setting of the machine when cleaning the roof, to avoid breakage for the tiles or shingles.

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