Best Awning Cleaners for Your RV

RVs are amazing vehicles for everyone who loves adventurous  traveling. And as it’s the case with every vehicle, to provide you with the comfortable and tidy atmosphere you need while traveling long distances, RV campers need to be regularly and properly cleaned. 

One of the important items of an RV setting is the RV awning.  RV vehicle awnings should be cleaned  regularly and with caution.

Regular clean-up of the  awning of your RV isn’t beneficial only to the awning itself, but also to the RV camper as it can prolong its life. For this reason it’s good to invest in quality cleaning for your RV awning. 

Best Awning Cleaners for Your RV

Benefits of regular cleaning of RV awning

RV camper awnings offer you not only shade but also give you a sense of privacy. They are easy for cleaning and maintenance and they can also be easily attached and detached from the vehicle which makes them convenient features for RV  traveling. Awnings for RV vehicles are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes.

They are also made from different materials :

  • acrylic
  • polyester
  • vinyl
  • metal

In  general, camper awnings are durable to the elements but they can get damaged by dust, grime, mildew and other types of dirt when left unclean. No matter their type they still need regular maintenance and cleaning in order to look good and do their job.

Regardless of what material they are made and their quality, all types of RV  awnings need regular cleaning to look good and offer the shade you need.

An important part of any RV awning cleaning task is the use of a specially developed RV cleaner. RV cleaning products  offer great results in cleaning different types of RV awnings.

For those of you who want to achieve best results in their RV awning cleaning,  RV awning cleaners are the best solution. Cleaning your RV awnings with the right types of  awning cleaning products will ensure not only the aesthetic appearance of your RV awning, but also its proper function and long life.

The most common types of dirt stains that appear on RV awnings are :

  • dust
  • roadway grime
  • mold
  • chalk deposits
  • insect detritus
  • paint
  • tree sap, etc.

Choosing the right type of RV cleaning product will save you both money and effort because using the wrong RV cleaner can cause damage to the fabric of your RV awning.

There are different types of cleaning products for caravans on the market and this can be confusing to most customers. That’s why here in this article we will enlist you the things you need to pay attention to, if you want to make a right choice of an RV awning cleaner.

If you have an RV camper and you need to clean its awnings, in this article we will give you some tips on  how to do it the right way and also product choice recommendations.

Best Awning Cleaners for Your RV

What are the important  factors to consider when looking for a RV awning cleaner?


The efficiency of an RV awning product is probably the most important factor we need to consider when searching for ways to clean RV awnings. Good quality RV awning cleaners can clean different types of dirt from RV awnings right from the first application. They offer you economical use and save you valuable time and effort.

Because RV awning cleaners come in considerably large bottles it may be good to buy just a little amount of the product at first. 

One way to find out how effective an RV cleaning product is to test it on a small spot of your RV awning. If you notice some signs of damage or discoloration on the spot of application, then this means the product isn’t suitable for the fabric of your RV awning.

A high quality RV awning cleaner with a  powerful formula will make your RV awning cleaning an effortless task. Another way to find a good RV cleaner is to look for products that have warranty.


Because every RV awning fabric is different and it requires a different type of cleaning routine, you should not pick up any type of RV awning cleaner. It’s recommended to determine first what type of fabric your RV contains and what special qualities it has before buying an RV awning cleaner. 

Best Awning Cleaners for Your RV

RV awnings are made with different features, the most popular of which are  UV protection, water resistance and dirt resistance. RV awnings are either made from acrylic or vinyl and it’s not good to use an RV cleaner designed for vinyl awnings for cleaning an acrylic awning.

Product size

Some of the most popular RV awning cleaners that guarantee best results in RV awning cleaning are available in different bottle sizes. 

Most often they are in the range between 16 oz. and 64 oz. The most common bottle size you can find is 32 oz. This size is practical, easy for storing and handling and it lasts for a long time.

Easy to use

It’s time-saving when an RV awning cleaner offers you easy use. When searching for an RV awning cleaner, pick up a product that is ready-to-use and has easy-to-follow instructions.

Readily available cleaning solutions are a good choice, as you only need to spray them on the stained spot and allow the solution to stay and work on the dirt. After that depending on the chosen RV cleaner type you may need to wipe off the excess cleaning solution or in some cases you can skip rinsing the RV cleaner. 

Depending on your preference you can either choose an RV awning cleaner that needs rinsing or such that can be left out on the surface without wiping it off. There are also RV awning cleaners that don’t require the use of special tools and equipment.

Versatility level

RV awning cleaners that are designed for one type of material offer great results but they are not always practical, especially if you are searching for a product that will help you clean different surfaces inside and outside your RV vehicle.

Best Awning Cleaners for Your RV

One of the ways to keep your RV vehicle clean on a budget all-year-round is to get an RV cleaning product that is designed for different types of surfaces. 

For example, if you get a cleaning product designed for vinyl, you can clean not only your vinyl RV awning, but also different vinyl components of  your RV camper, as well as plastic dashboards and entryway boards.

For example, all-purpose RV cleaners are a good choice given the fact that RV campers usually don’t offer much storage space for cleaning supplies. 

But if you are not able to find an all-purpose RV cleaner that is effective for your RV awnings, then you should stick to an RV cleaner that is specially  designed for the fabric of your RV awnings. 

Special features

Because mold development is one of the most common enemies of RV awnings it’s good to pick up an RV cleaning product that has a mold cleaning ability.

As mold is one of the most stubborn types of dirt, you may need to use a soft bristle brush when cleaning moldy RV awnings. And you may also need to apply a cleaning solution more than once to clean the mold. 

The brush should be soft because brushes with hard bristles may damage the fabric of the RV awnings.


If you love traveling with an RV camper, then it’s very likely that you love nature. One of the ways to protect the natural environment around you is to pick up RV awning cleaners that are biodegradable.

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