How Much Does It Cost For A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Clothes dryer vents are one of those household appliances that can really save valuable time and effort in keeping our clothes fresh and clean. But their proper function can be compromised because of lint accumulation inside the dryer vents, which is a thing that happens over time as a clothes dryer is regularly used. 

Some of you have probably heard once or twice that regular dryer vent cleaning is an important part in the routine maintenance of every household.

The proper cleaning of a dryer vent’s duct system is essential for keeping our property in good shape all year round. Cleaning experts recommend you to clean your clothes dryer vents at least once a year using a dryer duct cleaning kit. But this recommended cleaning frequency can increase depending on how often a clothes dryer is used.

It’s also recommended that clothes dryer vent cleaning is done by professionals as it requires professional cleaning equipment and experience. Do not try to clean your dryer vents by yourself, if you don’t know exactly how to do it or you lack the necessary cleaning tools for the task.

How Much Does It Cost For A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

What is the price of dryer vent cleaning?

The price for dryer vent cleaning differs depending on the country, the cleaning company and what steps the cleaning service includes.

The average cost for standard dryer vent cleaning is somewhere between 132$ and 169$.  When it comes to high-end dryer vent cleaning service, the price can go up to $300, but you should know that it may vary depending on what cleaning company you will choose, what type of clothes dryer you have and how long you haven’t got it cleaned.

For example, this can be the case, if your clothes dryer is located far away from your property’s exterior wall. 

How Much Does It Cost For A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

What things can be prevented by regular dryer vent cleaning?

Fire hazard

It’s true that dryer vents can cause some serious problems, when they aren’t maintained properly and frequently. When the lint filter is clogged the appliance can overheat. As a result this increases the risk of ignition inside the clothes dryer system. 

How Much Does It Cost For A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Statistics show that dryer vents are the main cause of around 2,900 fires each year and the property damage they cause is estimated to be around 35$ million. And around 27 percent of these fires are caused by uncleaned lint debris inside the vents of the clothes dryer. 

Prevention is key here. The best way to prevent fire at your property is to have your dryer vents regularly checked for clogs and cleaned. For this reason, it’s good to find a cleaning company that also offers dryer vents check-up service.

How Much Does It Cost For A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Shortened life for the clothes dryer

Lack of proper maintenance not only prematurely shortens the life of your clothes dryer but it also leads to more frequent issues in its system and damaged parts.

These can be damaged heating elements, burning or unpleasant moldy smell in the room where your clothes dryer is located  and even system breakdowns. The best way to guarantee yourself less dryer repairs is keeping your dryer vents regularly cleaned.

Increased electricity or gas bill

A clothes dryer that doesn’t work properly will need a longer time to dry the clothes. And it will need to work twice as hard to perform its usual drying cycles. As a result, its electricity consumption will increase too. 

The longer a drying cycle it gets, the more power it will require.To avoid spending more money on electricity just make sure to get regular dryer vent cleaning.

Decreased clothes quality

How Much Does It Cost For A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

By drying your clothes with a malfunctioning clothes dryer sooner or later you will see some difference in the appearance of your clothes or and bed sheets. One reason for this can be the fact that clogged dryer vents make the dryer generate more heat which breaks apart the fabric of the clothes. 

As a result you may start seeing stuck lint on your clothes or start sensing moldy smell coming from your clothes which is not very attractive. To preserve the quality of your clothes you need to make sure your dryer vents are regularly cleaned.

Property damage

How Much Does It Cost For A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Property damage is something that will happen sooner or later, if you delay cleaning your dryer vents after noticing some of the warning signs for a clogged dryer vent. 

In conclusion, to save yourself all of the above problems you just need to do what is necessary to prevent your clothes dryer vents. Which is contacting a reputable professional cleaning company that is specialized in clothes dryer vents cleaning and check-ups.

Health risk

The main job of a clothes dryer is to remove all of the moisture during its clothes drying cycle. When we have lint build-up inside our dryer vents, this can become a growing site of allergens and increase the risk of dryer leaks. 

Therefore, using a professional dryer vent cleaning kit is beneficial both to our health and the condition of our property. If you need help, feel free to contact Sky SWC – our experts are here to help you !

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