Cleaning with a newspaper or a suitable towel - pros and cons

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For most people, window cleaning is not their favorite household chore. It is tiring, time-consuming, and sometimes quite challenging. These are some of the main reasons why many people avoid cleaning the windows in their homes.

But eventually comes the moment when we want or do not have to clean our windows, as they spoil the overall look of our home, accumulate a large amount of dirt, and do not allow natural light to enter to illuminate the room. 

One of the big questions people face is what tools to use to clean windows, and more specifically, a newspaper or towel is the better way to clean windows

The answers to this question are different, which does not give a definite solution to this problem. But let’s look at the pros and cons of using a newspaper and a towel for cleaning glass.

Cleaning with a newspaper – pros and cons

The method of cleaning windows with a newspaper is very old, and we have all heard of it, but not all of us have tried it. The lost battle with the stains that remain after cleaning windows often makes us wonder if the newspapers will not cope with this task?


It handles dirt easily

Fascinating is the hypothesis that the ink on the newspapers helps to remove dust, dirt, and stains on the windows more easily.

Perhaps this assumption is because the ink gives a texture that acts as gentle sandpaper but without damaging the surface of the glass.

In the end, whether it is true or not, one thing is for sure. The newspaper removes dirt and stains that accumulate on the glass quite well.

There are no streaks left

Another great news for anyone who doesn’t like to clean windows is that no streaks remain with the help of newspapers. Unfortunately, this happens with some types of towel – stripes that take a long time to continue cleaning.

It becomes an endless cycle, and you end up giving up and just swallowing small traces that you can’t remove. Fortunately, there is still a tool that works, and that is the newspapers. They will single handedly give you streak free windows. 

You save money

In general, most tools and detergents designed for window cleaning are very affordable, yet newspapers can save a few bucks.

Furthermore, there is no denying that newspapers are very accessible. We usually have one or two forgotten in time and stored somewhere at home. And even if we throw them away, we can very quickly get one.


Limited use

Perhaps one of the most significant disadvantages that newspapers have is that they are disposable. If you have many and large windows, you should prepare with a good stack to clear all the windows with a newspaper. 

With towels, this problem does not exist, as they give you the opportunity to rinse and reuse. 

Cleaning with a suitable towel – pros and cons

Another well-known way to clean windows is with a suitable towel or, to be more specific, a microfiber cloth. They, like newspapers, have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at which they are.


They absorb dirt and dust very effectively

One of the most significant advantages of this window cleaner is that they can absorb the dirt and dust accumulated on the glass surface to a large extent. 

That is because microfiber towels have very fine fibers (about 10000m of fiber that weighs less than 1 gram). That’s why they do a perfect job of removing all the dirt from your windows.

They help remove oily stains and water-soluble contaminants

If greasy stains or water-soluble contaminants remain on your windows, then a microfiber cloth is the perfect solution for you. They do a great job of removing all stains on your windows.

No lint formed

Part of the struggle when cleaning windows is to keep no lints from the towels you use to clean. Most ordinary towels do just that, but with microfiber towels, things are much different. When cleaning the windows with them, do not remain with similar lints.

You can reuse them.

Another great advantage of microfiber towels is that you can reuse them. They are washable, which allows multiple uses. And this is undoubtedly a great convenience. In addition, the fabric itself is quick-drying, which is an additional plus.


They cannot absorb large amounts of liquid and moisture

That also applies to dirt. That is why it is necessary to wash the towel with a suitable detergent and leave it to dry to cope with the absorption of dirt again. All this can be a minus, especially if you have many and large windows for cleaning. 

Which method to choose for equally clean windows ? 

In conclusion, we can say that there isn’t only one way to clean your windows properly. Some people prefer to clean their windows with a newspaper, while others stick to more standard methods and use a suitable towel.

In any case, we advise you to add a squeegee. It is one of the best helpers when cleaning windows. In general, the advice of most professionals is the use of microfiber and squeegee. Still, try different methods and preparations and find out which works best for you and your windows.

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