Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

Who doesn’t like  crystal clear windows that allow an amazing view to the outside world? But window cleaning probably isn’t one of the most favourite home tasks for most of you. No matter if you are a home or office building owner, regular window cleaning provides you with great benefits.

Well-cleaned windows always give you a good impression and if you are a business owner you can make a positive impression upon potential customers and guests.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

Every  property owner has the responsibility to maintain their property in a good condition all year round. When talking about window dirt we don’t usually hear the word “black mold“.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

Black mold is among the list of the things that spoil the good appearance of windows and the welcoming look of a building. Some of you  probably know it but windows are some of the things in a property that are most likely to be affected by black mold.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

What is black mold and what causes it?

Black mold is one of the biggest enemies of a well-maintained home. This type of mold gives an unsightly appearance to the windows and it’s something more than window stains. Even if the area affected by black mold is small, the spores of black mold can still cause a negative effect on your health and your property’s condition.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

It is unsafe for your health and it can be harmful especially for people who suffer from asthma or have a weak immune system. Besides an unpleasant sight black mold also causes health problems such as eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, rashes, breathing problems. Black mold spores can also trigger allergic reactions.

So you have many reasons to try to avoid it by cleaning your windows regularly and checking for signs of black mold.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

The main reasons for the appearance of black mold are high levels of moisture from humidity, water damage, condensation and even plant pots and flowers which can spread mold spores. And plants can also emit moisture into the surrounding space and they naturally increase the humidity levels of the indoor place.

One of the main roles of windows is to protect your property from moisture. They don’t allow it to go inside the property but in this way they become mostly affected by it.

As a type of fungus black mold will grow when there is something to eat from. Dirt contains organic materials that are a good source of nutrients for black mold. Therefore windows covered by dirt particles are a place where black mold will thrive.

When you leave your windows dirty for a long time and add the condensation factor, then there is a high chance of black mold development around this place.

Windows act as a barrier between the inside of your property and the outside world which has a different temperature than the building’s interior. And as you know this is the main reason why condensation happens.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

Covering the windows with heavy shades is another thing which may increase the risk of black mold development. You should not allow long periods of moisture in your home or office as the high humidity levels in indoor spaces increase the risk of black mold development.

When windows are left uncleaned and wet, this creates the perfect environment for black mold to develop. For this reason, it’s recommended to take immediate measures the moment you found out there is a black mold infestation at your property.

The timely clean-up of black mold is important as it will prevent further health issues for the property’s inhabitants and damage for the property.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

If black mold is left to spread extensively in a building and it’s not removed properly on time, the building’s inhabitants may need to vacate it until the black mold damage is fully repaired by professional cleaners and the building is a safe place to live at again.

The moment you spot black mold somewhere in your property you need to take the right measures to prevent it from spreading further and remove it effectively. Often the amount of mold you can notice isn’t a true sign of the actual extent of mold damage of the area.

The spores of black mold multiply at a very fast rate and they can appear at some hidden spots in a building, They can cause you health problems in a short period of time even if you don’t see visible traces of mold.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

Black mold can appear on the frames of your windows and on the window sills. It is stubborn for cleaning and that is why you should take care of it on time and don’t hesitate contacting a professional cleaning company.

Timely and effective black mold remediation is an important step to avoid health complications for you and your property’s residents as well as to protect from damage to your property and the other properties in the area nearby.

But if your concern is a mild black mold infestation, then you can try some proven homemade solutions for cleaning black mold.

What things to look for if you  want to find black mold in a building?

Black mold stains

If you notice black mold stains at some spot close to your window, then you should check the surrounding area for other black mold stains. If you miss checking all of the area correctly, some black mold stains may be left behind and they quickly develop into a more serious black mold damage.

When black mold infestation is found on time, the future bleaching process of the affected zone will be easier for completing.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?


Another way to learn whether there is black mold in your property is to check for signs of discoloration which  is caused by mold development. Discoloration usually occurs between the sash and the rail, at the corners of the window frame or close to the lip of the window where the window opens.

If you have certain issues with your walls, then black mold is likely to appear at the area close to the corners of the windows.

If your windows are colored and you find it difficult to tell whether there is discoloration or not, you can make a quick test for mold. You can make a bleach solution.

Combine 16 parts water with 1 part bleach. Dip a clean cotton swab into the bleach solution and then rub the spot that you think is affected by mold.

If the spot becomes lighter but it continues to appear after you have finished cleaning it with the cotton swab, then you can be sure that it’s mold. Another way to accurately test for mold is to get a mold testing kit.

There are different types of mold  and each type has a specific color. Cladosporium, Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Alternaria are some of the most common types of mold that develop in homes. These mold types usually have olive-green to brown color. Stachybotrys atra on the other hand has a dark or blackish green color.

Unpleasant odor

Another sign that your property is affected by black mold is when you sense a distinctive odd scent such as this of an old book in which notes of mustiness can be felt. You should be able to smell it without trying.

If you have felt such a smell, it’s recommended to leave the property empty for a few hours. Leave the windows closed and turn off the air conditioner, if you have left it working.

After a few hours enter the property again and check if the indoor space has the same unusual odor. If there is black mold development in the building, you should be able to sense this type of unpleasant mouldy scent even better than before.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

If there really is black mold development inside your home or commercial building, then you should take mold damage repair steps as quickly as you can. A very important thing is the fact that mold should be properly and fully cleaned right the first time so that its further spreading is stopped.

If you fail to properly remove all of the black mold in your property, some mold spores that are left uncleaned will scatter and begin a new mold infestation.

If you suppose you have a black mold in your property, don’t hesitate to contact a professional window cleaning company. Getting help from professional window cleaning teams for cleaning black mold damage will help you avoid further mold growth and save yourself health problems and future property damage expenses.

What works against black mold?

Fortunately there are some ways in which you can remove black mold in your home by yourself. Most mild cases of black mold colonization can be handled by the use of homemade cleaning methods. If you decide you remove the black mold in your building by yourself, there are a few steps you should follow.

You should prepare for cleaning black mold by getting a safety gear first which should include rubber gloves, goggles, respiratory mask. Black mold should not  come into contact with your skin’s sensitive parts. And for this reason wearing protective clothes is recommended.

Why is black mold in windows dangerous?

When you are  removing black mold from your windows make sure to open them as the increased ventilation will protect you and your property from the negative effect of black mold.

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