What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

Do you remember cleaning your windows and soon after realizing they need to be cleaned again? This is a common problem almost every homeowner has experienced once. But you can avoid it, if you follow several window cleaning tips we will give you here in this article.

To guarantee that certain windows are properly cleaned you need to make sure you are using the right techniques and tools.

Regular window cleaning is an important step in the proper maintenance of any type of property.

What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

Most common mistakes in window cleaning

Picking the wrong window cleaning tools

Newspapers and paper towels aren’t recommended for window cleaning in general. Cleaning with these items creates unpleasant results you will want to avoid.

Using a newspaper to clean your windows for example can leave an inky residue on the window panes and cause coloring of the frames.

On the other hand, paper towels leave lint on the glass surface which doesn’t make the glass look appealing.

You should better use a squeegee and a lint-free cloth for window cleaning as they don’t leave any lint or change the coloring of panes or frames.

Microfiber cloths or lint-free cotton rags for instance work well on different types of window glass. They don’t leave any streaks and don’t create stains on the window frames.

One of the key things you need to do to keep your microfiber cloths lint-free is avoiding fabric softener when washing them.

What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

Using unsuitable products

It’s very important to use  a cleaning solution that is suitable for your windows. Even if your windows have stubborn dirt, avoid the use of strong detergents that contain bleach or ammonia-based formulas. Always check the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions before using any  type of solution on your windows.

For example, cleaning solutions that contain bleach can cause serious damage to uPVC window frames and also create discoloration. Therefore either a commercial  cleaning solution or a homemade  cleaning solution should be used in such cases. 

What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

Lack of window surface preparation

By preparing the glass surface in advance you can avoid getting smudges on the window glass afterwards.

Before starting to clean any type of window you need to make sure first that the large particles of stubborn dirt are removed. These are dust, bird droppings, insects, cobwebs. 

By removing the outer layer of dirt on a window glass you prepare it for the next cleaning steps and make the entire cleaning process afterwards easier. This will guarantee you a smudge-free result in the end.

 One thing that will help you prepare the glass for the main cleaning is to clean the frames before the panes.

What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

Not getting ladder pads

Ladder pads are one of those useful tools everyone who performs regular window cleaning needs to have. They offer good protection against slipping and injuries as well as help you protect from damage  to the support surface onto which you are leaning the ladder on.

Ladder pads are recommended for cleaning all types of windows of either low, mid or high rise buildings. They are especially helpful for cleaning hard-to-reach windows.

Not cleaning in a gentle way

When cleaning window glass, vigorous scraping isn’t recommended. If you need to clean paint stains or etched dirt, using window scrapers or even razor blades is not a good idea.

What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

You should always avoid scraping  when cleaning window glass as this can cause damage on the glass surface.

It’s also a good idea to buy a special cleaning solution that is designed for the type of dirt you have on your windows. You can check the window manufacturer’s instruction guide to learn what is the best cleaning detergent for your type of windows.

In the case of laminated windows for example you can do serious damage on the glass, if you don’t apply the correct cleaning technique. That’s because these windows have imperfections (also called glass pickup). And when cleaned with scraping, window glass is likely to get permanently damaged.

What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

Using too much cleaning solution

Some homeowners use a large amount of cleaning solution or use it undiluted for cleaning windows. But there is no guarantee that using an unnecessary amount of a window cleaning detergent will actually lead to better results. 

The result of using too much detergent is a waste of money for cleaning products and a higher chance of streaks appearing on the window glass.

What mistakes we can make in cleaning the windows?

Not replacing the washing liquid

Trying to wash all of your windows in one go without changing the dirty water isn’t recommended. No matter if you are cleaning your windows just with plain water or water mixed with a window cleaning detergent, you need to change the cleaning solution a few times.

Whenever you are rinsing the squeegee or the microfiber cloth in the window washing liquid, all the dirt from these cleaning tools goes into the cleaning solution. And if you aren’t changing it often, that dirt is likely to end up on the window glass again and slow down the window cleaning process.

The frequency of water change depends mainly on the number of windows you need to clean and how much dirt your windows have.

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