Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Window cleaning is an essential part in the maintenance of any building. It offers several benefits to both your property and your guests or tenants.

Every homeowner will agree that it’s a challenging task to keep the exterior of a property perfectly clean all year round. But in fact window cleaning can become an enjoyable task for you as long as you are using the right cleaning tools and techniques.

When deciding which cleaning method to choose, you need to first determine how much dirt your windows have and how many windows you have. 

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

The amount of time you need to spend on cleaning your windows depends mainly on the type of windows you have, the cleaning tools you use and the level of dirt.

You can find the cleaning tools you need at most hardware stores or cleaning supplies stores

While there is no doubt that nothing compares to getting help from a trusted window cleaning company, there are still some ways in which you can achieve some decent results in your window cleaning that are similar to those achieved by professional cleaners. It’s possible to get perfectly cleaned windows by yourself.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

In this article we will present you some useful tips you can use to clean your windows efficiently. By following our tips you will be able to get great results in your window cleaning task.

Tips for successful window cleaning

Clean your windows twice a year

It’s recommended to clean your exterior and interior windows twice a year, for example in the beginning of spring and fall season. In this way you will prevent mineral deposits from forming on the window glass surface and make the windows more easy for cleaning afterwards.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Use lint-free cloth for cleaning

Newspapers and paper towels are not a good choice to use for window cleaning. When you clean with them they break down and leave behind lint and fibers on the window glass that doesn’t create a very good final look.

You should pick up lint-free microfiber towels for your window cleaning task. A microfiber  cloth is always a good choice  when it comes to cleaning window glass. It absorbs dust and dirt effectively and it doesn’t leave any lint.

It’s good to have separate sets of microfiber cloths for the interior and the exterior of your windows. That’s because the exterior windows tend to cover with a more stubborn dirt such as – bird droppings, pollen, mud, acid rain marks and water spots than interior windows.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Avoid cleaning on a sunny day

Avoid cleaning your windows in direct sunlight. Choose a cloudy day instead for this task.That’s because direct sunlight makes the cleaning detergent dry quickly and evaporate before you manage to rinse it away from the glass. As a result streaks appear on the window glass and they are usually difficult for removing afterwards.

Cleaning windows during cloudy weather can also help you find streaks on the glass more easily as the glare on the glass is minimized. Complete the rinsing and drying in a quick way to minimize the risk of damage for the window frames.

If you want to clean the blinds of your windows, there is a technique you can use. Get white cotton gloves, put them on your hands and dip them into a solution made of 50% water and 50% vinegar. 

After that slide both of your hands on each side of the blinds to get rid of the accumulated dirt. 

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Clean the window frame first

Before you start cleaning your window, you should make sure that the window tracks and frame are already clean.

That’s because when the window tracks and frame have dirt, window cleaning will become more difficult. After you apply a window cleaning solution on the window glass, it can get mixed with the dirt on the tracks and the frames. 

As a result it can turn into a sludge that will drip on the window glass during the cleaning. To prevent this from happening you can use a toothbrush, a cotton pad or a cotton swab with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. 

Apply this mixture inside the tracks and on the window frames and scrub it with the toothbrush. After that get a wet cloth and wipe away the residue from the mixture.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Use a squeegee

The squeegee is a really helpful cleaning tool in every window cleaning task as it perfectly removes all soapy residue from the window glass surface.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Using a rubber bladed squeegee helps you achieve that dream streak-free shine on your windows. Work with the squeegee from top to bottom on each window to remove effectively all of the remaining water and cleaning solution.

Using a magnetic window cleaner is also a good option, especially  when you need to clean hard-to-reach windows.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Use a home-made solution

It may sound surprising but you don’t need a special commercially sold cleaning detergent to achieve good results in window cleaning. A combination of dish soap and tap water can work fine against most types of window dirt without leaving  residue. 

In a case of a stubborn grime, vinegar is a good choice of an effective cleaning agent.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Use a sponge mop

If you have high exterior windows for cleaning, it’s recommended to use a sponge mop attached to a pole. You can use a soap water solution when cleaning with a sponge mop. It works well against the stubborn dirt that most often appears on exterior windows.

After you are ready scrubbing the windows with the sponge mop, use a hose to rinse them. Then get a dry sponge mop or a pole with a squeegee attachment to remove the excess water on the window glass. This will avoid the risk of having water drops drying on the window surface.

Spotless Window Cleaning - how to achieve it?

Use a lint roller

A lint roller can become a handy tool when it comes to  cleaning window screens on a regular basis. The sticky surface of the lint roller can be used in removing dirt and dust from window screens and preparing them for a deeper cleaning with soapy water afterwards.

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