How to wash windows with the “S” technique?

Regular window cleaning is important for the good appearance of any building. Crystal clear windows always make a positive impression and improve the appearance of your property.

Every home or business property owner will agree that perfectly cleaned windows make any building seem more attractive and welcoming.

Window cleaning is an annoying chore for most of us. But by using effective and correct cleaning techniques, this chore can become more pleasant and it’s achievable. One of them is the “S” technique which is completed with a squeegee. In fact the squeegee is one of the favourite cleaning tools of professional cleaners.

How to wash windows with the “S” technique?

There are many benefits of cleaning with a squeegee. One of them is that cleaning with this tool doesn’t leave any streaks and helps you achieve a shining window glass surface quickly. If you have never heard of the “S” technique for cleaning windows, we will recommend you to start using it, especially if you want perfectly cleaned windows without any streaks.

The “S” technique helps you achieve great streak-free results in a quick way when cleaning your windows. In fact this window cleaning technique is often used even by professionals as it guarantees amazing results.

It’s a versatile technique for cleaning windows and it proves to be more effective than the standard up-and-down cleaning technique.

Expert window cleaners usually move the squeegee across the window  in an S-like shape and they do this in a continuous way without lifting the squeegee.

How to wash windows with the “S” technique?

Because the squeegee is in a non-stop contact with the window glass surface, the window is perfectly cleaned and streaks are unlikely to appear. When cleaning exterior windows with a squeegee, you should work at all angles with the squeegee, so that all of the window glass edges are covered and well-cleaned.

The “S” technique has different variations  and it’s not too complicated. With some practice everyone can learn to include it in their window cleaning in no time. In this article we will explain to you the basic techniques you can use to clean your windows.

How to wash windows with the “S” technique?


What cleaning equipment you need for an S-technique 

  • Squeegee ( pick up a squeegee with a new sharp rubber and between 10 to 12 inches in size as it offers better cleaning and water removal from the window glass).
  • Cleaning detergent (choose a professional type of detergent or a standard dishwashing liquid)
  • Microfiber towel/cloth (make sure that you have plenty of lint-free towels at hand when you start with your window cleaning task)
  • Window mop
  • Scrubber
  • Bucket (a 5-gallon bucket is a good choice)
  • Distilled water (it’s a better option than non-distilled water as it doesn’t leave mineral deposits on the glass). 

How to prepare a window cleaning solution to use with your squeegee?

When it comes to DIY window cleaning solutions, there are many options you can try. Some of the easiest ways to make an effective cleaning solution is to combine a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and a couple of liters of water in a bucket.

If you are cleaning your windows in the summer, you can use cold water in your window cleaning solution. On the other hand, if you are cleaning your windows in the  winter, then you can add windshield washing solution to the cleaning solution which will prevent the water from freezing on the glass.

How to wash windows with the “S” technique?

The combination between vinegar and water is another great DIY option, if you want sparkling windows. You should know  that before you start cleaning your windows, you need to prepare the window surface in order to get an effective cleaning.  The more prepared you are before you start your cleaning process, the  easier it will be for you to complete your window cleaning.

Preparation steps for window cleaning:

Get a glass scraper to remove paint, tape or decals off the window surface. Work gently with the scraper 

How to use the “S” technique-steps

How to wash windows with the “S” technique?

1.Apply the water-detergent with the window mop or the microfiber cloth on the window glass and start scrubbing the glass.

2.You need the squeegee to make clean strips on the window glass. Get the squeegee and clean a starting strip which will help you start with the horizontal strokes.

Hold the squeegee at the top corner of the glass  in such a way so that only one of its tips comes into contact with the window glass. Move the squeegee from top to bottom to clean a narrow strip of glass.

  1. Move the squeegee across the left side of the window to the upper left corner. You need to work with the squeegee in a continuous way and don’t lift it from the glass until the window is properly cleaned. When you are in the middle of the swipe don’t lift the squeegee off the glass.
  2. Move the squeegee from the upper left corner of the window to the upper right corner. After that drag the squeegee down the window and when you reach the middle part of the window, move the squeegee in an arching way from left to right and then from right to left.

How to wash windows with the “S” technique?

As you are forming arcs with the squeegee,  make sure that each stroke of the squeegee overlaps  with the previous. Pull the squeegee in a steady way. The overlapping should be about one and a half inch from the end of the squeegee.

When you reach the bottom of the window, make sure to hold the squeegee channel in a parallel position to the top bottom part.

5.Remove the excess water from the squeegee by pressing it carefully to the window ledge.

6.Now get a microfiber towel and wipe out the remaining moisture out of the corners, edges, sill and ledge of the window.

6.If you are cleaning your windows from the inside, you can put some towel on the floor to soak up the water dripping from the window.

Useful tips for effective cleaning with a squeegee

How to wash windows with the “S” technique?

Avoid cleaning your windows on a sunny day as the cleaning detergent will dry more quickly as a result of the warmth and streaks are highly likely to appear. Wait until it’s cloudy.

When cleaning with a squeegee make sure to have with you two or three additional rubber blades just in case some of the rubber blades get damaged. And squeegee  rubber blades are likely to get different types of damage- slices, nicks, deformed points.

You cannot clean windows properly with a damaged rubber blade. That is why professional cleaners change their squeegees once a day. If you see that your rubber blade is worn out and it doesn’t clean properly, reverse the rubber blade so that its other side is exposed.

Regularly check the condition of your rubber blade and if it shows signs of wear, you should not wait to get a new squeegee.  If you notice that the squeegee you are cleaning with doesn’t offer great results, this means it’s time to get a new one.

You need to store your squeegee in a proper way in order to prolong its life. Make sure that nothing comes in contact with the rubber blade.

If you need to clean high-rise windows, then it’s better to trust professionals to complete this job for you. Cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings is a risky job, even if you own good quality cleaning equipment. Professional cleaning companies are equipped with all of the necessary cleaning tools and safety gear to achieve immaculate results quickly and efficiently.

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