How to clean skylight windows?

Regular window cleaning is an essential task for every homeowner who wants to keep their property in a well-maintained condition. This is also true for regular skylight window cleaning.

In fact, regular window cleaning not only makes skylight windows look good but it also decreases the risk of damage.

The dirt that accumulates over time on skylight windows can cause some damage such as flashing leaks and seal failure which can eventually lead to water damage inside the property.

One of the common signs that your skylight window is damaged is clouding between the panes and excess condensation between the panes as well as stains on the ceiling area near the skylight window.

Sometimes you can also notice that there are a lot of scratches on your skylight window or the window glass surface looks cloudy even after you have cleaned it. These are signs that your skylight window should be replaced.

Damage like this should not be underestimated and the best way to prevent it is by regularly cleaning your skylight window.

The windows of high rise buildings are difficult for cleaning. And the same is true for skylight window cleaning. If you want them to be sparkling, you need to apply some proven cleaning methods.

When there is dirt on your skylight windows, natural light cannot enter the room easily. Dirt, dust and cobwebs can appear on your skylight window and spoil your sky view.

When thinking about cleaning skylight windows, a ladder appears in the minds of  most of us. We assume that skylight window cleaning is a difficult and hard-to-do task but that’s far from the truth.

This is true to a certain extent. Thousands of ladder-related injuries occur each year and a large part of them include cleaning.

How to clean skylight windows?

Cleaning skylight windows involves some risk

That’s because when you are cleaning a skylight window, your gaze should be directed upwards and this compromises your balance on the ladder and it increases the risk of falling.

Cleaning skylight windows has its specifics due to their different location. If you have skylight windows you need a special

cleaning approach to get perfect results in your cleaning.

You need to clean it in a safe and effective way that is simple and doesn’t require much cleaning equipment.

Thankfully there are different useful ways in which you can clean your skylight windows in an easy and risk-free way.

You can clean your skylight window without risking your safety. We will offer you a few tips on how to clean skylight windows. By following our easy tips you can do this task by yourself in a way that works.

How to clean skylight windows?

Working tips and steps  for cleaning skylight windows

Cleaning skylight windows on the interior

Before you start you need to make sure that you have all of the cleaning supplies you need for your skylight windows.

1.      Get cleaning supplies

Things you need for skylight window cleaning:

How to clean skylight windows?

  • Extension rod/long broom or mop handle (make sure that it’s long enough to reach your skylight window)
  • Cleaning rags or towels
  • Dry cloth or absorbent cloth (microfiber cloths are a great option for cleaning any type of window)
  • Bucket
  • Duct tape
  • String
  • Mild soap
  • Distilled white vinegar (it’s optional)
  • Plastic tarp
  • Distilled water (distilled water is better than ordinary tap water because if you have hard water, mineral deposits can appear on your window glass)

    How to clean skylight windows?

    2. Prepare your working spot 

    Before you start cleaning your skylight window, make sure to put something on the floor underneath to protect the floor from falling dirt debris. You can either use a tarp or floor protector sheets.

    3. Remove cobwebs, dust and debris

    Before applying window cleaning solution it’s good to first remove the collected dirt on the skylight window. This will make your next cleaning steps more easy.

    4. Prepare a window cleaning solution

    Get a standard size bucket and fill it with around 4 liters of warm water and add a small amount of mild dish soap and stir it with the water. This dish soap solution will loosen the dirt and debris stuck on the skylight window surface. If there is stubborn dirt debris and grime on your skylight window, add ½ or ¼ cup of white vinegar to the dish soap solution in the bucket. 

    5. Clean with an extension rod

    The best way to clean skylight windows is by using an extension rod. Get a dry microfiber cloth and attach it to the tip of the extension rod or the mop handle.

    After that dip the extension rod into the cleaning mixture you have prepared in the bucket. Squeeze the excess water out of the extension rod’s cloth and start cleaning the skylight window.

    Start cleaning  from the top left corner of the window glass and then work horizontally and vertically with the mop handle back and forth until you cover the entire skylight window surface.

    If your skylight window has dirt debris that is difficult for cleaning, then you can try cleaning with a circular motion.

    6. Rinse the window glass 

    When you complete cleaning the skylight window from all of the dirt, it’s time to rinse it properly. Empty the bucket and fill it with plain water. 

    Change the dirty cloth on the extension pole with a new and clean one. Dip the extension pole in the water for one more time and wipe the skylight window and repeat this step until all of the dish soap solution is cleaned from the glass.

    How to clean skylight windows?

     7. Dry the window glass

    Remove the wet cloth from the extension pole and put a dry and clean towel or cloth. Wipe the skylight window with the pole by working with vertical and horizontal side-to-side motions. Stop when the window glass is completely dry.

    Cleaning skylight windows on the exterior 

    You can clean exterior skylight windows more easily with a pressure washer as it allows you to clean them from the ground. Otherwise you will need to climb on the roof of your building to clean and in this case you can also use an extension pole for an easy cleaning. The same cleaning steps for the interior skylight window apply also for the exterior skylight window.

    But as we know cleaning with a pressure washer involves some risk and it should be done with caution. Pressure washers should be used with the correct pressure setting, otherwise your skylight window structure is likely to get damaged.

    If you use too much pressure, you risk damaging the flashing and other components of the skylight window. And if you are using a low pressure setting, you won’t be able to clean your skylight window properly.

    Exterior skylight cleaning is more risky than interior skylight window cleaning as it requires. You need to invest in quality cleaning equipment and safety gear, if you want to have perfectly cleaned skylight windows.

    It’s recommended not to overreach when you are cleaning and keep your legs firmly set on the ladder or the scaffolding. Therefore for best results it’s recommended to get help from a professional cleaning company, if you want perfect results.

    Professional cleaning companies are equipped with high-grade cleaning equipment that enables them to complete exterior cleaning in a quick, safe and effective way. They will save you valuable time and effort and provide you with the results you need.

    How to clean skylight windows?  

    Additional cleaning tips

    If you want to clean your skylight windows by yourself, you should know that they are different from the standard types of windows. Instead of glass skylight windows are often made by acrylic or another type of plastic and they also have a protective film coating.

    Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, abrasive glass cleaners or alcohol for cleaning a skylight window glass as these types of window cleaning products can damage the surface of skylight windows.

    If your skylight window is located too high and you can’t reach it even by extension rod, use some other item rather than a ladder.

    How to clean skylight windows?

    When cleaning interior skylight windows a good option is to use a stable and wide surface. You can either use interior scaffolding or an exercise platform. Just make sure that the surface you will be standing on is sturdy and enables you to reach your skylight window with the extension rod.

    As a conclusion, no matter what type of window you want to clean, don’t forget to check and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the cleaning detergent and cleaning tools you are using.

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