How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

Who doesn’t like sparkling clean windows? Every property owner will agree that having clean windows is beneficial to both home and office building owners. Clean windows introduce more light into a building, improve its curb appeal and also make a positive impression upon customers, visitors or tenants.

Regular window cleaning is an essential task that is part of the proper maintenance of any type of building. Well-cleaned windows bring positive benefits not only to your building’s appearance and condition but also to your health and well-being.

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

Most of us consider window cleaning an annoying and time-consuming task. It’s true that window cleaning can be time-consuming but that mostly depends on the cleaning tools and techniques used in the process.

Window cleaning is important for the proper maintenance of any building and it should not be skipped. When done regularly window leaning can prevent damage to your windows.

No matter if you need to clean the windows of a high-rise or a low-rise building, it always pays off to invest in regular and proper window cleaning. It can influence in a positive way your business as well as your employees.

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

The things are different when it comes to cleaning high-rise buildings. It’s one thing to wash the windows of a three story house and completely different to wash the windows of a high-rise building for example.

It’s recommended to clean your high-level windows several times a year, while lobby windows and ground level windows need to be cleaned more often. Window cleaning equipment has changed considerably since the 1950s and the cleaning experts are continuously improving them. 

Before 1950 when windows could be opened and all high-rise buildings had flat roofs window cleaning was an easy task for professional cleaners. The 1950s are marked by the introduction of the glass curtain wall building, which made cleaning the exterior of high-rise buildings more difficult.

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

The architecture of buildings also changed as architects started to build high-rise buildings with different types of domes, slopes and recesses rather than with a flat-roof building shape.

Buildings started to become higher and acquired more complex structures. This made the appearance of high buildings more attractive but it urged window cleaners to change their window cleaning techniques to adapt to the new circumstances.

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

Cleaning high-rise buildings is a risky job and the use of safety equipment is required. That’s true especially when talking about skyscraper buildings .Skyscraper window cleaning is considered one of the world’s most dangerous jobs.

Cleaning any type of building requires the right tools and cleaning products for achieving desirable results. Window cleaning equipment  comes in different shapes and sizes. The choice window cleaning tools depends on the type of  windows we plan to clean and the height of the building.

What tools professional cleaners use for cleaning skyscraper windows?

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

The teams of professional window cleaning companies use a wide range of cleaning equipment and tools which they carry around while working on buildings. The good window cleaning companies use in their work the latest window cleaning technologies.

Because window washing involves cleaning windows at great heights, preparation is one of the keys to the success of this job.

What techniques and equipment professional cleaners apply to clean windows of high-rise buildings?

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

The workers of professional cleaning companies use special cleaning equipment and tools that allow them to clean a building’s exterior in a quick and effective way. And these tools also provide cleaners with protection from any potential incidents. A standard professional window cleaner’s kit includes safety rope, descent mechanism, rope protector, suction cup,  lanyard, a rope-grabbing tool, scaffolding.

A window cleaner is attached to an anchor that is mounted on the building’s roof while cleaning the windows of a building. As you know when cleaning the windows of a building window cleaners proceed through each floor by descending from the roof to the ground level. They pass through each floor one at a time. 

One vertical cleaning operation from the roof to the ground is measured by the height of each drop which depends on the type of building. The purpose of the anchor is to allow workers to clean the windows in a safe and fast way during their vertical descent.

Professional window cleaning can be done in different ways depending on the company’s choice of equipment and the building’s structure. There are some window-cleaning mechanisms that most cleaning companies use.

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

Mobile elevated work platforms (MELP)

MELP can be used to clean windows of different buildings

Wash and reach systems

These window cleaning systems are operated from the ground and offer the highest level of safety in comparison to the others. They use water filtration technologies that ensure a perfect end result.

Access and descent rope systems

These systems offer an effective solution for cleaning high-rise buildings. Their mechanism includes ropes in combination with latchway systems and existing eye bolts.

Bosun’s chair

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

This type of modern window cleaning mechanism is designed for a single worker. By using Bosun’s chair window cleaners can access hard-to-reach spots of a building without compromising stability or comfort. It’s suitable for prolonged window cleaning tasks.

Boom lift

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

It’s one of the first window cleaning mechanisms used by workers. A boom  (or boom lift) is a permanent system with a scaffold  that is fixed on the roof of a building. As the scaffold can carry more than one worker, it can be used by a  group of window cleaners to clean a specific area.


How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

This type of window cleaning mechanism has been increasing its popularity in the recent years. It’s similar to a Boom lift as it can carry multiple workers but it consists of a platform that is mounted on a rail on the building’s roof. It can move left and right over the building’s façade which allows cleaners to reach easily different areas.


How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?

This crane-like device is one of the cheapest window cleaning mechanisms. It’s mounted on a building’s roof and it allows a group of cleaners to clean different exterior zones of a building.

Benefits of hiring professional cleaners for your high-rise windows

How do we clean the windows of the highest skyscrapers?


Even if you have bought some quality window cleaning equipment, getting help from the pros in your window cleaning task will guarantee you quick results.


Reputable professional window cleaning companies have experience in different window cleaning projects. This means that they have cleaned different types of windows at  various heights  and places and know exactly what cleaning tools and methods to use for every type of building.


There is no doubt that cleaning high-rise buildings requires not only specialized equipment but also certain skills. Getting help from a professional company is a wise choice, if you want the windows of your high-rise property to be perfectly cleaned without  the risk of injuring yourself.

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