One very important thing from cleaning the car is precisely the cleaning of the windows, because any person who is in or outside it will notice the dirty sections of it. 

It’s also a very difficult thing to clean the windows whether it’s going to be at home or in the car except that it’s hard work and it’s touchy. 

One of the very important things is that when the driver sits behind the wheel, the glass must be cleaned well in order to be able to see very well and there are no accidents on the road. 

Helpful tips 

One of the main and very useful tips that are used in cleaning the windows, is cleaning them with a newspaper. A lot of people really use this kind of cleaning. 

You can also put detergent and clean well as it is nice to clean in one direction, so that you can get this job done faster and to clean the window really well. If you use these two tips, you will certainly succeed in successful window cleaning. 

We live in a very modern world, and if you do not have newspapers or want to try something new, microfiber towels are a very good substitute for newspapers. Even many people prefer these towels, which really do work wonders over newspapers. 

But this is up to the preference of the person himself, and each one can make his own personal coiche. Another very easy and quick option is to trust Skyscraper Window Cleaning as they will clean every single window without you having any merit for that. 

They are some of the most established and good at cleaning windows. Whether it will be on your car or on your apartment or your business building, it does not matter. 

This company specializes in window cleaning, and indeed a lot of people trust their work. Therefore, if you want to clean your windows perfectly while drinking your coffee, they are your trusted cleaner who will clean your windows and they will light up. 

Cleaning is very important, both in our home and in our car. Whether it’s windows or something. Therefore, we should always use the best preparations or tips so that we can clean everything properly.

Park your car in the shade

Car body parts quickly absorb heat, and when left in the sun, they become hot to the touch. If your car is like this, park it indoors and wait for the body to cool down. 

If your car is too hot, the detergent or water will evaporate too quickly, so you have time to clean the windows.

Collect your cleaning tools 

Ammonia detergents for cleaning windows, like most household cleaners, can damage the stain and dry the rubber seals in the car. 

You need to go to the nearest hardware or car store to buy a detergent specially designed for car windows. If you are buying a concentrated formula, you need to dilute it with distilled water for the best results. 

Clean the windscreen and rear windscreen

Due to their size and inclination, the windshield and rear window can be the most difficult parts for cleaning a car. Prepare the detergent and spray a nice amount on the windows. You can also use a bucket and apply it with a sponge. 

Then use your clean cloth to wipe the windshield and rear window. Direct the stubborn insect stains on your windows. If your cleaning solution and cloth do not look effective enough to remove withered insect remains, you will need to take drastic action.

There are products specially designed to clean insect splashes on car windows, but you can facilitate cleaning by covering the stain with a cloth soaked in detergent, and then just wipe a microfiber cloth on it. 

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